Open Rebellion Welcomed Pro-Life Icon, Jill Stanek

jill-stanek-and-meOn September 6, 2016 Madisons CPC’s  Open Rebellion Radio Network welcomed Jill Stanek on their radio show with Danielle Pechette Graham and Dena Leichnitz.  It was an amazing conversation. Jill started out as your average pro-lifer but something horrible and tragic would take place that transformed her into  a staunch advocate of protecting unborn children.

Jill was working at Christ Hospital as a registered nurse and had been there for a year when she learned that there were abortions going on there. But not just any abortion, what was going on was basically infanticide. The children would not be aborted in utero but would often be born alive and then left to die. Jill held one of these children for forty five minutes and at that point she became pro-life in a way she never had before.

She talked about how children with birth defects whether it is Down Syndrome or children with severe heart defects are often given the only option of abortion to deal with the pregnancy but many parents are beginning to speak out about this: “Many parents are coming forward and saying these kids are a blessing and not something to be aborted.” Jill has been named as the national chairman of Susan B. Anthony’s List which Jill refers to as the opposite of Emily’s List for Democratic women. It is also different in another way, Susan B. Anthony was a real woman who had real accomplishments in securing rights for women. EMILY stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast. Which shows it is not about women, their rights but about securing money for the politicians they want in office, nothing else.

Jill talked about how we are winning the culture war when it comes to the pro-life vs. pro-choice side  of it. According to Jill the number of abortion clinics has decreased. At our all time high it was around 2176. Right now, it is about 728. We have passed approximately 334 pro life laws and abortions have gone down from 1.6 million to 1 million even. Even though that is still way too many, the overall progress is good. Jill confirmed more people are becoming pro-life. It won’t be much longer until abortion is a thing of the past. And while women may still abort their children should abortion become illegal, at least we won’t have the state justifying it any longer.

Listen to Jill on Madison’s Open Rebellion Radio Network at and learn what you can do to make a difference in saving the life of a child.




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