Ann Coulter vs. Joseph Farah

Joseph Farah has pulled Ann Coulter from his Taking Back America conference due to her appearing at a pro gay conservative conference. Ann said they never had confirmed it to begin with and now the name calling begins. Farah has been at the head of the “birther” controversy so he is a “radical”! Actually, there is no controversy-SHOW ME YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE ALREADY OBAMA!!!! STOP HIDING IT!!!

If there is a controversy it is why a lawyer like Ann Coulter who clearly does know the Constitution isn’t first and foremost in coming against Obama to prove his eligibility and why she wasn’t talking about it before the election!  I like Ann I really do, but to call the movement to make Obama pony up his birth certificate nonsense makes me wonder what side she is really on sometimes!

In any case here is a poll. Who do you think is right in this case?


One thought on “Ann Coulter vs. Joseph Farah

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