All Ning Sites Are Down?

Ning's logoSo I go to check my Ning site, “A Black Conservative Digest” and it can’t be found. I go to Ning-nothing. I go to Smart Girls Politics, also down. I go to NO WE WON’T! want to guess if that was up? Nah, it was down too. So I am wondering, if Obama’s cyber czar who we know nothing about has decided we just don’t need Ning!

I mean Obama couldn’t been to happy with Gallup today when he read Obama readingthat Americans are more conservative in all fifty states than liberal. Maybe he thought too many of us were getting together sharing ideas, forming plans, educating each other and that just has to stop. Maybe it is just my computer and for whatever reason it is not picking up Ning sites. Or maybe it is just Ning acting a bit whacky. There are plenty of reasons not one Ning site is working but come on you liberals have conspiracy theories coming out the wazoo, this is mine.

Then again I went to and that didn’t come up. No 1984 for me.  I went to Online Literature and was told that site might harm my computer? Really? A Literature site-we all know how devious those literary people are! Ah man, I just unplugged my internet and plugged it back in, now my site is working. Just as I was working on a good conspiracy theory. Dang it! Well there are plenty of computer mishaps just waiting to happen and I am sure Obama will be responsible for at least a couple of them, I just have to wait and be patient.  I hate it when truth messes up a perfect good plot, but what are you going to do right?


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