1984-The Movie

1984-Reagan was re-elected president. My father had been killed by a drunk driver and I was locked up.  It was my own Orwellian nightmare. George was right, 1984 was going to be one sucky year!

That being said I will review the movie after I watch it all. Hope you enjoy it!


One thought on “1984-The Movie

  1. It’s a great movie and a great book.

    George Orwell was a socialist and a pacifist, but he recognized the inherent evil of Soviet and Chinese-style socialism. The trouble is that he went to his grave not understanding that socialism ALWAYS devolves into oppressive totalitarianism.

    Why must that be so? A command economy can be as efficient as a capitalist economy. Yes, it can, IF if makes all the right decisions. In order to do so, it must be:


    Omniscience (knowing all) REQUIRES socialism to gather as much information as possible in order to avoid wasting resources. It does so with intrusive invasions of privacy and, ultimately, Secret Police.

    Omnipotence (all powerful) REQUIRES totalitarianism. The government MUST be able to implement whatever it takes to enhance efficiency.

    Benevolence (maximizing social welfare) is a trait never seen in omniscient, omnipotent human rules. Lord Acton’s warning should convince us these three can never share a bathtub.

    Capitalism requires NONE of these to be efficient. The free market acts like a super-computer, instantly calculating social welfare maximizing solutions and allocating resources efficiently through the price mechanism.

    Now NO ONE with any intellect believes that free markets are perfect. Economists know very well of common, widespread cases of market failure such as public goods, externalities, asymmetric information, incomplete markets, etc.

    But despite the existence of market failure, the super-computer of capitalism gets FAR CLOSER to an efficient allocation than a command economy ever will.

    Despite socialist propaganda about equity, fairness, liberty, cooperation, justice, and a better standard of living, there isn’t a single instance of large-scale, sustainable socialism that has ever succeeded at reaching those goals.

    Capitalism works precisely because it gives people incentives to SERVE OTHERS. That’s right! Far from being a system of greed, money flows to people who recognize what other people want and need and supply them. It does not require that the entrepreneurs “intention” be to benefit others. It only requires him to “respond” to the desires of others. As Adam Smith explained, it is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the baker, and the brewer by which we enjoy our meal.

    If anyone demonstrates an instance (including this one) of capitalism seemingly falling apart, you can ALWAYS find the filthy fingers of government all over the murder weapon. In this case, the weapons of mass destruction were home mortgages and government’s strenuous push for higher home ownership was the attack.

    If anyone demonstrates an instance of socialism seemingly succeeding, they are likely showing the rusty shell of socialism being driven by the engine of capitalism.

    Oppression or freedom. Poverty or prosperity. Entitlements or rights. It’s YOUR choice. Choose wisely.

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