Marvin Perkins to Speak in Long Beach

marvincover1If  you go to my entry entitled “A Black Mormon and Proposition 8you will meet Marvin Perkins.  He is an author, who co-wrote a book called, “Blacks in the Scriptures.” Which you can also get on DVD.   He will be speaking in Long Beach, California next Sunday at 6:30pm. I will be trying to attend the fireside (a fireside is basically church at night, for those you not in the know.) since I am very much interested in hearing what he has to say. Especially since being a Black Mormon seems to be an oxymoron for most people.

I know people ask me how can I be a part of a church that has had such a racist past associated with it.  My new answer is going to be, “Darling I was a Democrat for most of my life and we all know you don’t get more racist than that!” Heck, if I only went to places that I was sure were  100% non-racist I would never leave my house!  And considering I was being bussed in 1978 to a predominantly white school, that tells me the church was no more far behind on the times than the rest of the nation!

Anyway, I am getting off the subject. Back to Marvin Perkins, when I first saw the video about him speaking in defense of Proposition 8, I knew this was a courageous man.  A man who put God before his own comfort and own priorities.  And while we have taken the majority of heat for the passage of Proposition 8, my church and its members have acted nobly and without retaliation! And since he and my friend Marjorie Christopherson were the two most visible faces of Proposition 8, I would like an opportunity to thank him for standing up for what is right, like I was able to do with Marjorie.

May God continue to bless this man, as he continues to bring the restored Gospel to our people, so they too can be integral in building the new Zion.

Fireside Information:

When: February 22, 2009

Time: 6:30pm

Where: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

3701  Elm Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807

For more contact information contact President Thompson at:


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