Another Reason Stimulus Is a Bad Idea!

In order to keep up with all the bad news coming from the Obama camp, I would have to be a Stepford wife and have no need of sleep. Just when I think I am done for the day, something else comes out. This man is just intent on keeping me busy, I should have severe carpal tunnel syndrome any day now. Okay with my rant out of the way, let’s get down to business.

Obama is forbidding religious schools from receiving any stimulus money designated towards improving schools.  According to a report by One News Now, “Specifically, the provision reads that stimulus funds may not be used for “modernization, renovation, or repair of facilities — (i) used for sectarian instruction, religious worship, or a school or department of divinity; or (ii) in which a substantial portion of the functions of the facilities are subsumed in a religious mission.”

So basically BYU, Patrick Henry and other religious colleges and universities can kiss that money good-bye. But considering BYU in Provo, Utah has been around since 1875 I don’t think Obama’s slap in the face is going to even faze them. Now, I am not aboard with stimulus anyway.  However, it is not even about that, it is about Obama lying….again. During his campaign he talked about how important faith was in his life, how he was a follower of Jesus Christ and then the minute he gets into office he starts going on Arab tv “to reach out to Muslims” and let them know “the U.S. is not your enemy.” and now he wants to eliminate all financial help to faith based colleges and universities. When Bush was in office, faith based initiatives received more funding not less.  So killing babies across the globe is fine but not receiving a religious education. Using your tax money to take down the Third World population, not a problem. Using your tax money to  help those get an education that is not liberal indoctrination-not fine.

Just another reason why Obama is shaping up to be the worst president we have ever had. He has no integrity and has no intention of helping those who truly need his help most of all. But we shouldn’t be fighting to get the money anyway,  because it comes with too great a price. Our freedom, our self respect and worshiping God the way we see fit are all too important to sell at any price.


3 thoughts on “Another Reason Stimulus Is a Bad Idea!

  1. understand the intent of the program. A fellow from the college I attended was the one that presented the idea to Pres. Bush. The idea was to level the playing field for people of faith. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Obama has basically said that he would consider a restriction where people that receive the funding had to hire people that did not share their faith as a condition to receive the funds. If that happens the faith-based term is meaningless because the organization would be secular.

    The rules will change depending on how favorable or hostile an administration is to faith. You are seeing Pres. Obama practicing his faith, which is what he said he would do. He believes that all paths lead to the same God. If people filter his policies through this belief system it makes complete sense what we are seeing. His church is universalist. They call themselves Christian but their beliefs do not line up with the Bible.

    I absolutely agree that religious people should leave government money alone. There are too many strings attached to it. Believe God for your funds and keep the government out of religion.

  2. It seems some people would only be happy if the stimulus money was being used to build churches. Should the government be in the business of deciding which religions, denominations, sects, or cults are more or less worthy of receiving federal aid? I think this matter was settled in the writing of the Constitution.

  3. Hey Mr. Laurie, did you even read my article or did you have your opinion ready regardless of what I said. Did I not say the religious institutions should not be fighting over the money anyway because it comes with too big a price? Yes, I did.

    And where does it say anything about churches, these are religious schools and universities that shouldn’t be singled out just because they do have a religious background. If you are going to give money to colleges and universities then give them all of them and discriminating based on their religious affiliation is wrong. And while I believe religious schools should stay as far away from government funding as much as possible, just because the government always screws things up when they get involved. It should be up to individual school to accept the funding or not.

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