Dolly Parton and the Gay Elite

dolly-parton Dolly Parton, who is definitely the queen of country music, has again had to answer questions about her sexuality.  What bothers me about this is not that  Dolly may or may not be gay (she’s not by the way, she has been married for 43 years. ) but how the gay community in this country continually tries to use the threat of homosexuality against others.

Dolly will be the first one to admit she has no problem with gay people peter-labarberaand I believe her but the gay community  has a huge problem with itself.  Why else would they try to label people “gay” that they don’t like.  Take Peter LaBarbera of Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality. Peter is a former All State agent that was fired for writing Christian commentary about homosexuality on his own time.  Since then he has taken up to revealing the real purpose behind the gay agenda in this country.  Yet every chance they get they try to label him as “gay.”  If being gay is so good and wonderful, why do they use it as an insult against their enemies?  I believe my Blackness is special and even adds to my worth.  There is something intrinsically beautiful in it and you will never hear me go around saying to my enemies,  “Oh you are such a Black man!” If I love that part about me why would I use it disparagingly against another? Yet gay people, especially the more militant ones use it to shut down communication from their opponents. They think if they level the charge of homosexuality that will stop the person in their tracks because they won’t want anyone thinking the other side is right.  Yet the ploy wouldn’t work at all if the person leveling the charge didn’t believe that homosexuality was wrong!

Yet there is a flip side, with Dolly I believe they want her to be gay because they love her so much.  So if someone like Dolly could just be gay too their world would make more sense.  Sure they got Elton and Ellen, even Portia De Rossi, but with the gay community it is all about numbers. They need as many people to be gay so they can normalize it, so they can gain even more political power than they already have with their limited numbers.  They want us to  go: “Hmm if a down  home, country girl like Dolly is gay,  I guess it ain’t so bad. ” It is even more important for Dolly to be gay then it is for Elton or Ellen because people who listen to country are overwhelmingly conservative. Therefore if they can get an icon like Dolly to be on their team, it would mean having an in, in the last bastion of conservative entertainment-country music.

Dolly is a class act, so she just laughs it off and goes about her life.  Which is exactly what she should do.  My problem is how they continue to dog her with this rumor. This isn’t the first time she had to answer it.  If it was just about Dolly or Peter, I wouldn’t care.  My beef is how gays try to play both sides of the field.  We hate you, so you’re gay! We love you so you’re gay! Make up your mind. The truth is homosexuality is not a permanent state.  The truth is there is something inherently dysfunctional in homosexuality. The truth is this war we are in right now has nothing to do with equal rights.  This war is about total domination and utter annihilation of moral codes starting with religion! This is not a fight between gays and straights, it is a fight between God and Satan….very simply put.

Dolly is a fantastic artist and I would still love her music even if she was gay (I still listen to Elton John) but  I might just pray a little harder for her if she was.  In the meantime, the Gay Elite needs to respect the privacy that it is always saying it wants for itself.


18 thoughts on “Dolly Parton and the Gay Elite

  1. You’re absolutely right about the gay effort to “normalize” their inherently abnormal lifestyle.

    I love your blog’s new look, BTW!

  2. There’s also an aspect where some wish someone were gay because they are attracted to that person. Then there are some who just think that someone is/seems gay. For example, Jeremy Roloff just seems kinda gay to me. IMHO, if someone is or isn’t really doesn’t make that much of a difference. If I hear that someone is gay, I think to myself “that’s nice” and move on. I suspect that’s true for many others.

    As far as LaBarbera goes, I’m not that familiar with him so I’d have to hazard a guess. I think the assertion is that he is, but hates that aspect and does everything he can to hide it including attacking others. I don’t think it’s meant as an insult per se. It is kinda absurd, but there it is. It’s absurd, but there it is.

  3. BTW, I and many others aren’t interested in whether gays are “normalized” so much as respected like any other human being. I think that’s the desire for almost all of us. There’s just so many that go about it the wrong way.

  4. If I hear that someone is gay, I think to myself “that’s nice” and move on. I suspect that’s true for many others.

    I think that only if it is true. For instance, when Lance Bass came out as gay. I was like “Really dude? Tell us something we don’t know. I could’ve told you that you were gay-duh!” My problem comes when they try to make everyone gay, whether they are or not. There is a moral component to homosexuality whether it is politically correct to say so or not and so calling someone gay is not the same as calling someone “weird” let’s say. There is nothing immoral about being weird. God never condemned anyone for being weird. There is not a specific behavior attached to being weird. And no one ever died from AIDS because they were weird. So while I respect your opinion and I appreciate the civility of your discourse, if there wasn’t something truly uncomfortable about being thought of as gay, Dolly wouldn’t have said a word.

    As for the respect, it has to go both ways. You are obviously an intelligent, thoughtful person who can fundamentally disagree with someone and still maintain both your dignity and theirs. Too many of those in the gay community are not that way and unfortunately they are the most vocal and garner the most attention. And while you may not be looking to “normalize” it, I believe that is ultimately the goal of the Gay Elite. In closing, respecting someone doesn’t mean agreeing with them. I will never agree that homosexuality is some benign lifesytle choice. Neither will I believe it is an inherent inborn condition that can’t be changed. What I believe is that sexuality left to our own will and not God’s will destroy us everytime, straight or gay-it is just that homosexuality speeds up the process. Trust me, I don’t hate you or anyone else who is gay but my heart does break a little more and I cry a little more and I wonder why no one is concerned with the massive deaths rampant homosexuality unleashed has brought us. And I wonder what it is all for? I think you and every other homosexually inclined person deserves better and I get angry that this killer is robbing us of our best and brightest. God bless you and you will be in my prayers.

    White Lily, thank you so much for your constant encouragement. I truly appreciate it. I am glad someone is listening. God bless you for always making time to read my writings, it makes the effort all worth it.

  5. GayConservative,

    I wasn’t trying to be offensive in calling the gay lifestyle abnormal, but merely calling it as I see it. I can respect individuals, gay or not, for who they are, regardless of their sexuality. I believe that I can be tolerant of homosexuals, and respect their right to choose how they will live their lives, without accepting whatever choices they make as “normal.”

    I’ll admit that when, quite often it seems, some gays get really aggressive in their efforts to force society in general to accept their behavior as normal, mainstream or morally equivalent to a heterosexual lifestyle , I do tend to get a little on edge.

    You are free to make your own choices and live your life in the manner that you choose, as all people should be, whether I approve of your choices or not. And I’m sure that you have much to offer as a person, regardless of your sexuality. I hope that clarifies where I was coming from with my previous comment.

  6. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor :)

  7. I think it is very sad when writers generalize in the manner you have in this article. “The gay community” does not do anything en masse such as you state here. You say “they” in ascribing actions and motivations to a whole bunch of unidentified folks while providing absolutely no facts or citations to trustworthy sources to bolster your arguments. I don’t know who “they” are. I’m sure that as a person of color you wouldn’t appreciate a writer ascribing all sorts of behaviors and intentions to you just because a person whose skin resembles yours engaged in specific conduct. You need to show the same respect and courtesy to other societal groups. The power of your writing is sorely diminished by your use of stereotypes and generalizations.

  8. First of all, these are my personal editorials, they are not articles for newspapers or whatever so if I decide to cite citations it is entirely up to me but I don’t have to. This is not the Wall Street Journal, I am under no obligation to provide additional facts, because it is the world the way I see it and when I have provided facts-they only get shut down because they don’t like them. So I am through researching every little thing because no one cares about the time and energy I take in running down the research, so if you want to do it and I think you should-Godspeed.

    Next, my point was why is it okay for the Gay Elite to generalize about Dolly and call her something she is not? Why don’t you get on the people who continue to call her a lesbian when she has already answered she isn’t. Where is your condemnation for that? And yes, when talking about specific behaviors I think it is okay to generalize! I am talking about people who practice a specific behavior and how it then carries over into other behavior. Since when did we get so scared to talk about behaviors. If you are gay, it is not because you are gay by birth, it is because environmental factors, personal choice and other things colluded to bring this specific behavior out in you. Should I back off because it hurts someone’s feelings? I can care less about their feelings. I care that gays are killing themselves through suicide, drugs and sexual diseases, that takes precedence over their feelings and I care about their soul being in jeopardy from bringing this evil into their lives and it saddens me that you are too worried about being politically correct to care about the devastation that is the gay lifestyle.

  9. No, it’s not the Wall Street Journal. But if you want your readers to take you seriously, some citation to facts would go a long way in establishing your credibility.

    As for sexuality, it is no one’s business. Whether we’re talking about Dolly Parton or the Dalai Lama. There are lots of folks speculating about Adam from American Idol’s sexuality right now. I read a quote from him: “Keep on speculating.” I applaud him for that. Because it is a private matter and no public figure should be subjected to speculation or judgment because he/she chooses to reveal his/her sexuality or not. Moreover, not all Christians — including me — believe that anyone’s soul is in jeopardy as a matter of sexuality. Quite the contrary. I think the Divine Creator who provides our every daily need is intolerant of judgments being made about others and has no stomach for discrimination, harassment, retaliation, ridicule or other inappropriate behaviors being directed toward people who are different than ourselves.

    You are entitled to your own beliefs and to give voice to them. Of course, so is everyone else. Most people have now come to understand that sexuality is not a choice or lifestyle but is, rather, an immutable characteristic akin to skin color or gender.

  10. This “Blog” is incredibly flawed and biased! If these are your true “opinions” and “beliefs” then you have a long life of learning ahead of you! Homosexuality is neither a choice nor a lifestyle as someone else pointed out, but rather a sexual identity in which someone is born with. The fact that you compared straights and gays as being in a war of “God and Satan” is disgusting in every sense of the word. Simply implying that someone loving someone of the same sex should disqualify them as being a good moral HUMAN BEING is ludicrous! Also stereotyping makes you come across ignorant. I suggest you do more READING and less WRITING and maybe you might actually grow a better understanding of the world in which you live in.

  11. Wow! I’m biased, what gave that away-the fact that it is named Black N Right? And you are the one that is truly ignorant. Show me one study that has proven that homosexuality is an inborn quality and so what if it was! Alcoholism has been associated as being inheritable, do we forgive drunk drivers and give them a free pass because they have an “inheritable condition?” Serial killers are sociopaths, meaning they don’t have the capacity to feel emotions like normal people, do we let them go around killing people because they have a “mental illness?” I was born epileptic does that give me the right to get behind a car, have a seizure and take out a family of four? So even if homosexuality was somehow inborn, they don’t get a free pass on spreading AIDS (Go check out the statistics for yourself, 70 percent of AIDS sufferers are gay men!), they don’t get a free pass on tearing down marriage and they don’t get a free pass on hurting others by calling them gay and lesbian. Unlike you people I think of gays by their human standard not their sexual preference, I can care less if you want to have sex with dogs. Just leave my dog alone and don’t try to push it in the schools. And because I think of them as human beings and not some pitiful victims I hold them accountable as I would hold anyone else accountable for what they do.

    And as far as being a good moral human being, we all fall short sometimes but if you are truly moral, you get back up and try not to do the same behavior again. There is a morality that goes along with homosexuality and there is an acceptance of immorality, such as promiscuity, drug addiction, alcohol abuse among others that goes along with the gay lifestyle. The thing is they can leave that lifestyle if they want to, many have. Many have found freedom through Jesus Christ. It is not impossible for anyone and all are welcomed to accept Christ as their Savior and he will remove the demons from them. And if you don’t believe that, that just shows your ignorance on the power of Christ.

  12. Your comment appears to confuse the Jesus of the New Testament with the God of the Old Testament. In other words, you don’t differentiate between law and the Gospel. Jesus said, “Judge not lest you be judged.” He also hung out with sinners, not saints. Cases in point: He spoke to women like human beings, not the property that they were in those days. He spoke to children like human beings, not the property they were in those days. He was not afraid to be seen consorting with society’s undesirables. He loved them and warned his disciples about trying to appear pious in public while maintaining a hard, ungiving and unloving heart.

    I always get a big bang out of people who assert that a person whose sexual orientation is gay or bisexual can actually change through prayer or belief in a particular set of religious beliefs. God made every being on earth and if you ever sat down and had a meaningful conversation with someone whose orientation differs from your own, you would learn that our GLBT brothers and sisters are born that way. They discover their sexuality the same way that heterosexuals folks do (stop and remember those days) and know their orientation at a very early age. There is no doubt in my mind that sexual orientation is an immutable characteristic. In other words, it is a characteristic with which we are born just like eye, skin or hair color.

    I am a Christian and I believe in the power of prayer. However, I was raised in and a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America until 2.5 years ago. One of the main reasons I left the church was its failure to take a brave stand on GLBT issues, including its reluctance to ordain and marry those folks. What I did learn in the church, and will never forget or abandon, is the fact that God gave us free will and a brain with which to analyze situations and make good choices.

    Thus, it is very apparent to me that the power of prayer is an awesome thing — within reason. I can pray over my dog, Sophie, from now until doomsday. She is never going to turn into a cat, no matter how hard I pray. And praying over my GLBT brothers and sisters that their sexual orientation be changed would be akin to that effort — just as pointless and laughable.

    Good luck to you.

  13. I think some of the gay community was upset when Dolly said that she was “accused” of being gay. That offended some of them because they thought that she thought it was a bad thing because she phrased it that way. I honestly don’t think anyone (but maybe her husband) knows what Dolly thinks of the gay community all we know is that she doesn’t stand back in judgment of them.

  14. Homophobes are the ones that label people they view as “gay.” Your entire article is crap. Where did you get your information?

  15. Thank you JHS. Finally somebody who has some knowledge in this area rather than spouting random bigoted non-sense.

  16. No, it is not homophobes that label people as gay it is gay people themselves. I have enough gay friends and family members to know this to be fact. It is gays themselves that label themselves Queers, drag queens or any of the other random names they come up for themselves. Unlike you, I don’t need to be fed information, I have this supernatural ability to “observe” my surroundings. To see and hear and take in information from the people I know and then form conclusions about that information. It is called having a mind. You might want to look into it.

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