‘Big Love’ to Feature Mormon Temple Ordinances In Show

I find this very disturbing.  That a television show would willfully violate what we hold and sacred and dear.  It is further demonstration of what religious intolerance there is in this country. When I was trying to prepare for the temple,  I went up there one day.  I inadvertedly went towards the temple instead of the Visitors Center where I was able to enter.  As I walked towards it, I realized I was about to go into the temple and quickly turned around and went back the other way. I later learned that I wouldn’t have been able to enter without a temple recommend anyway.  That was not the point though, the point was that something in me felt a reverence for that building and instinctively I wouldn’t allow my ownself to enter because I knew I wasn’t worthy…yet.  I respected what the temple meant even if I didn’t completely understand it at the time.

When I did a talk for Silent No More at a Catholic church, everyone was lining up to take communion.  I stood there reverently as they all went up there and partook of it. I did not however because I felt it would be betrayal to both their religion and mine. I had enough respect to know this wasn’t simply a drink of wine and a wafer but it meant much more. So I abstained from participating in the ceremony.  Not because of any ill feelings towards the Catholics but the exact opposite.  Because I respected them enough not to make light of their ceremonies.  I could’ve said well I am not taking my sacrament today, I might as well take theirs but I did not.  I think they might’ve allowed me because someone up there motioned towards me as if to say, “Would you like to partake?” I simply let them know that I was passing.

Everyone here knows how much I despise the religion of Islam.  I think it is absolutely putrid, however even I wouldn’t denigrate a mosque or the ceremonies practiced within. (unless we are talking beheadings here!)  Not because I hold Islam in any great regard but because of what it is supposed to represent-a house of God. And even if I have trouble with their Allah, I have enough respect for my God to have him handle them-not me.

Yet somehow we think it is okay to violate the things LDS believers hold dear.  It is okay to bash Mormons, it is okay to send death threats to our prophet. It is okay to ridicule and poke fun at what we believe.  No television station would think of having Muslim rituals revealed on their show.  People are always saying-we are secretive.  We are not secret but there are certain things one does not talk about because they are holy, personal and between God and us.  Should anyone want to learn what goes on in our temples, you are more than welcome to join the church, become temple worthy, get your recommend and go. However, maybe people will realize what Big Love is doing is wrong and will not watch out of their own conviction.  Not because they believe what we believe but because they honor privacy and know if ours can be violated so can theirs.  Remember Big Love is not a documentary and it is not trying to educate people about our religion but are just looking to make a buck and if they have to resort to crossing such an unthinkable line then so be it.

We will go on and we will continue to do temple ordinances. God’s Plan of Salvation will not be deterred but it is a shame such people have more respect for jihadists then they do for a truly peaceful religion that simply wants to worship our Lord, Jesus Christ and do his work here on Earth.


13 thoughts on “‘Big Love’ to Feature Mormon Temple Ordinances In Show

  1. The thing is, there aren’t particularly private ceremonies in Islam or Catholicism. TV does indeed show Muslims praying at mosques, doing ablutions, etc… TV shows also show people in confessional, something which Catholics consider very private indeed. So, I must respectfully disagree with you that Mormons are being treated any differently in this regard.

  2. It is a rare day that anyone really portrays religion accurately even if the motive is pure. However the hostility of religion these days makes me even more suspect when I partake of religion reporting. I generally do not.

    I rarely if ever watch TV these days. It is for the most part a pile of garbage. I have no idea what Big Love is. If it is on cable I will thank God that I’m not paying to see it.

  3. Hey there,

    I don’t know a lot about Mormons, but do read the Bible and find it quite enlightening.

    When you say temple, I think in terms of the old testament and think priests/rituals/atoning sacrifices… what is the Mormon temple for? Also, why is one worthy or unworthy to enter it and how does one become worthy or unworthy? (forgive my ignorance in these matters)


  4. Hey Ryan,
    There is nothing to apologize for, I welcome questions about my religion. The temple is where perform certain rituals like baptisms for the dead, sealings and other ordinances. A person can be sealed to their parents and their spouse. You become worthy by obeying the commandments and the Word of Wisdom (The Word of Wisdom is the reason we don’t drink, smoke or ingest caffeine). You have to be interviewed and asked questions concerning your worthiness. From those questions you are then considered worthy or not. However, even if you are not worthy not it doesn’t mean you will never be. It just means there are some things you have to work on first.

    The temple is separate from our church, anyone can attend our services and all are invited. However, the temple is where sacred knowledge is imparted and so you must prove your are worthy of acquiring further knowledge. Think of it this way. Anyone can go to the doctor, in fact the sicker you are the MORE you need to go. No one is denied emergency care-that is the church. It is where you go to get better. However, you just don’t invite anyone into your house. That is a special place and people need your permission to enter it. Well the temple is the same way. It is God’s house and so you need permission to enter. God wants everyone to enter it, he just wants you to be prepared when you do.

    I hope that helps. If you have any more questions I would be glad to answer them. You can also go ot LDS.org on my blogroll and it will help you with any questions you have as well.

  5. Amen to that sister! I don’t have cable either and in this case I am happy I don’t. And you are right everything about religion is suspect nowadays, there is no partiality. So sad.

  6. Well I don’t know anything about Catholicism or Islam. So I cannot speak about their inner workings. The difference is when a confessional session is being shown on television it is fictional. They are not using people’s actual confessions which would be unthinkable. If they did some hidden video show with people’s actual confessions I would be outraged as well! In that case they are taking something private and making a mockery of it. Moreover it is about respecting our privacy and our right to keep these things for only those who have shown they will respect such ordinances. I have just gotten word that Big Love is due to be canceled at the end of this season anyhow. So I guess in the end, we won anyhow.

  7. Is Big Love a reality show? I have no idea what the point of the program is. Sounds like total madness to me.

  8. No, it is not a reality show, it is a show whose main characters are polygamists. From the onset it said it wouldn’t try to equate modern Mormonism to what was being portrayed on the screen but that promise was short lived. And if it was just the same old drivel being produced I wouldn’t care. I just want to protect what is practiced inside the temple. In the end, it might work against them. Look what happened when the gay activists tried to storm our temples after the Prop. 8 decision. Our attendance doubled! Not only that we had more people of all faiths coming out on our behalf and none on theirs-well at least not anyone with a lick of sense. So while they keep trying to tear down my church, we keep going on and keep growing. Nothing Hollywood can do will ever impede our progress.

  9. I think people of sincere faith will continue to see increase in attendance because of the madness going on in the world today. Persecution may be painful but tends to increase adherents of the faith. I’m not Mormon but I and many non-Mormons I know fully supported you all in what was unfairly happening to you when we have the right to freedom of religion. I still do not understand why Mormons were singled out in the Prop 8 fight when many religious groups were for it.

    Thanks for the update about the show.

  10. I read the article and I have to say, if you have to apologize in advance you probably shouldn’t do it. I asked my five year old if I apologized first and then proceeded to hit him would that be okay? He said “No.” So if a five year old can understand that then I don’t know why HBO can’t.

  11. When I saw the headline of the blog I thought ‘oh well’, so what? It meant nothing since they were not going to pull the scene from the episode.

    It would have been one thing if they did not have that understanding until after the program aired and got complaints about it. Issuing an apology at that point would have made sense. I guess they felt that doing it beforehand would silence the critics. I have a feeling they just asked for more criticism.

  12. Hi there.

    I’m LDS also and I’m wondering why you hate Islam. We are taught to love all people, no matter what their religion. I know you didn’t say you hate Muslims, and that would be different. Do you hate Muslims? You have problems with their Allah? But their Allah is our God. How can you say you respect their religion but say that you hate it? How can you respect something you truly hate?

    Just wondering.

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