The Lies of Tom Gregory

tom-gregoryTom Gregory has recently wrote an article entitled “Sean Penn’s Suit Against the Mormons.”  In it he talks about anything but Sean Penn suing the Mormons.  The whole article was laughable but this part really got me.

“Standing before me like a vision from Déjà vu hell were two young men clad in dark suits, white shirts and boring ties. “Hello” they said. “Yes?”, I said as I bucked up for the smack of irony that about to was about to knock the wind out of me. “We’re missionaries from the church of Mormon, we’d like some of your time to talk with you about eternal peace.”

If you are going to lie you should at least do something research first. No missionary from my church has EVER claimed to be from be from the Church of Mormon.  We are the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and any missionary introducing himself to an investigator would introduce himself as such! Our scripture is called The Book of Mormon but we are not the Church of Mormon. That tells me right there that this incident never happened! Moreover they are more likely to say they would like to talk to you about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation, then they are about “eternal peace.” The man is a total liar!

His next lie was typical liberal drivel about the world being overpopulated:  “Over population, not sex is the critical issue today. This danger of a population out of control darkly looms over countless scientific models; but scientific sense never prevails against fundamentalism, the Pope, or rapture.”

Actually it is depopulation that is the problem, not overpopulation. Ask Russia if they are overpopulated. More people die in Russia than are born every day.  Former President Vladimir Putin went so far as to threaten childless couples with higher taxes and wanting to provide economic incentives to those who would have children. Doesn’t sound like a country worried about overpopulation does it?  In fact, it is only the left that keeps perpetuating the overpopulation myth.  Everyone else knows that it is depopulation that is destroying us.  This is from the UN website: 

The International Conference on Population and Development (Cairo, 1994) served as a powerful impetus for countries all over the world, including Russia, in developing and pursuing national population policies and addressing demographic challenges (that is governmental code for “We’re running out of people!”) within concepts of long-term social and economic development of states.

The rest of it is a bunch of rantings of an insane person. Really, Tom get some Prozac already and seek some therapy. You know those Mormons you hate so much? Well if you join the church-they will pay for therapy for you! You might want to get on the horn and join up today!


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