Silencing Christians: The Live Version


Don Wildmon

American Family Association (AFA) has put together an one hour video detailing the refusal of the media to portray the truth about homosexuality and thereby silencing any legitimate Christian protest against the behavior. When AFA tried to shop the film around, surprise, surprise  there were no takers and the few that did initially agree to air it eventually backed out.

To be fair if someone came to me that had a film that was about the evil Denas of the world and I owned a station, I probably wouldn’t run it either.  However, all this does is prove them right. Tim Wildmon, son of Don Wildmon-the Founder of AFA-had this to say about the controversy:   “It’s ironic that the very issue we’re bringing up — that Christians are being rendered speechless when they talk about this issue — is actually happening to us when it comes to the program itself,” he observes.  Why are stations responding that way? According to Wildmon, they are reacting to complaints from homosexual activists about airing Speechless. “[The stations are] just giving us the runaround,” he says. “They’ve heard from a few of the homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered supporters out there — and so they haven’t heard massively from our folks yet.”timwildmon

It is time these two stations which are WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, MI and WSYX-TV in Columbus, OH did hear from our side. It is time that these malcontents didn’t get to dictate what we see in regards to the truth about the aberrant sexuality. It is time that Christians stopped believing the lies of Satan and started receiving the truth of Christ. Jehovah/Jesus didn’t call homosexuality an abomination just because he wanted to tick off people nearly six thousand years in the future.  He did it because it is not in design with our bodies and leads to a break down of all its natural functions. That is a biological reality whether the gay people want to accept it as so or not.

We need more people like the Wildmons willing to take the bull by the horns in this case and show the truth of this perverted  movement.  May God bless both of them for trying to bring the truth to us despite the deafening silence.


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