Adoption: The Real Choice


My family

The Leichnitz Four with our parents. Jeff in the white shirt


Those in the abortion fight try to act like there are only two choices a woman can make when she is faced with a “crisis” pregnancy. Those choices being keeping the child or aborting it. Yet adoption seems to be thrown out as an option entirely.  You will hear women say, “I could never give up my child.” But you could kill your child, is that it? “What if ended up in a bad home?” And killing it is better than a “bad home.”


I am adopted so I take issue with all the reasons one has for not giving up Jeff and Seththeir child for adoption. But I am not going to tell you my story. I am going to tell you the story of my brother, Jeffrey Alan Leichnitz. He recently passed away on December 18th, 2015 and though it cut like a knife when I first heard the news and I am not sure how I am going to get through my difficult times without calling up my brother, I know one thing: his story needs to be told.

Jeff, Veronica and Seth

Jeff was an incredible man and he had such love for everyone he met. He had a way of touching people’s lives and leaving them better than how he found them. That was true of me. Jeff was my first friend and my longest as well. I thought a lot of my brother, in fact, here is an article I wrote about him five years ago:    Yet there would be no relationship had his mother not given up for adoption. He first came into the Leichnitz home when he was a mere nine days old. However, it would take two years of court dates and fighting for him before he was finally allowed to be adopted.

For many people that is a real fear, having a child come into your home Jeff, Veronica, Adonai and me.learning to love them and then have the state take them away. Of course, that is a possibility even if the child is biologically yours as well. Jeff and I were both fought for and we both ended up with loving parents. Adoption gave my brother a home. It gave him two sisters and a brother who all loved him dearly. I was the closest to him, but all of us loved him.

JeffRight before he died my sister-in-law told me that he told her, “I miss my Mom.” and when she responded back that she also missed her mother as well, he told her, “No, you don’t understand, I really miss my Mom.” He wasn’t talking about hs birth mother, he was talking about our mother. The woman that raised us and loved us. The woman that went out to see him in Oklahoma. The woman that worried about him. No matter what scrapes they had along the way, the truly loved one another.

The love of the Leichnitz clan created a truly great man. He was a man that loved his family. He was a man that loved Jesus Christ and dedicated his life to walking the walk. He was not a perfect man, none of us are, but always did his best to become a better man than he was before.  A friend of my brother’s, David Webster, wrote my brother helped him get is business up and running. because that is the kind of man my brother was. To paraphrase Frank Capra: To my brother, Jeff, the richest man in town!

I could go on forever, but I think you get the point. But if you want to hear more stories, watch this video: In the end, I would like to make clear, when you adopt a child, you are adopting the Jeffs of the world. You are making a difference in one person’s life forever and then they can make a difference in the lives of others.  You are not taking in someone else’s throwaway, you are actually getting the gold they could not keep. There are those of us, who cannot adopt as much as our heart desires wants to, it breaks our heart to not be able to take in a child. But for those who can open your hearts and  homes to the Jeffreys of the world. You will not regret it.


A Month of God on Facebook

On my Facebook account, I have decided the next month will be dedicated to conversations between me and God. If I want to talk about a movie I saw I will do so to God. If I want to talk about the political situation I will do so with God but otherwise it will be just me and God chatting with one another.  Of course the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ will also be in the mix giving me a chance to talk to more than just Heavenly Father. But I am doing this experiment to have God be the center of my life, to have my focus be on Him and not the extraneous nonsense in the world.

I will still comment on other people status’ and I can post on other people’s walls, but my status has to be directed to God (or anyone in the Trinity) only. It is only day two and I am already wondering can I do this? Can I really not break the rules and just go into a rant about what is on my mind without directing it to God? I will also have his replies to me. Of course, I am trying to keep it in line with what I think God would really say in the situation but sometimes it is just me being a smart aleck.

Some of the posts already are funny, some are sad, some are happy, some are…well they’re just “are.”  July 29th will be my last official day with my month with God. But who knows it might go longer than that. But I think it is important to remember God is in control. That we are not down here alone, that we have each other and Heavenly Father,  Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to help us get through.

A month of God-will it change my life? Don’t know, but I think it will change how I see God.

Satan Lives At Union Station and Other Kid Wisdom

The older my son gets the more intrigued I get by the way he sees the world. While he does definitely have some of me in him, [“The bad guys are Democrats!” he will utter as he is playing his Nintendo DS for instance] there is also a lot of “wisdom” that is solely him and that I get a kick out of.  All mothers have stories like this. Your kid will say something and you will go, “Hmmm, that is a good point, I never thought of it that way.” So I am going to share some of my child’s wisdom with you.

Satan lives at Union Station

Since that is the title of this piece, let’s start there. Why does Adonai think Satan lives at Union Station?  Well it makes sense when you break it down. Hell is a place below us and Satan lives in Hell.  Union Station is also underground or below us and since Satan lives below us it must mean he lives at Union Station.  Given some of the characters I have run into at Union Station, he just might be right.

Liberals would

As I was walking my son to school one day, we saw a pair of pants in the middle of the street. Not on the sidewalk or near the curb but in the middle of the street. I thought it odd, I had never seen clothing  just lying in the middle of the street before like that.  So I asked rhetorically, of course, who would get naked in the middle of the street? His reply was “Liberals would.” I almost died laughing.  Again I had to agree with him. If anyone was going to get naked in the middle of the street, it would be a liberal.


This is not so much “wisdom” but what he used to call our skeleton. Instead of skeleton, he called it skeleskin. Also when you break it down, it does make a lot more sense. Since the skeleton is beneath a layer of skin, it should be called skeleskin.  That is one of my favorite words he created. That and padwin for pattern. Okay padwin has no logic to it whatsoever but it sounds so cute!

We’re Being Read

This was probably the spookiest of them all.  One day, he couldn’t have been more than 2 years old, we were walking down the street and he told me. “Mommy, we’re being read.”  So I asked him what he meant by that. He went on to explain “We’re in a book and we’re being read.”  So I asked him who was reading us. He answered back, “God.”  Now I had never addressed the Book of Life with him and neither had anyone else in his life.  Yet here he was quoting scripture.

He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.                                                                   ~Rev. 3:5

Then again children intutively understand God alot more than adults do as they are much closer to him then we adults will ever be. We lose that intimate relationship as we age but as a child we have perfect faith in our Father in Heaven so it does not surprise he would use my son to quote scripture at me, even if he does not know it.  I don’t know what God wanted me to take from that, maybe that he is looking out for us and not to fret because we are always “being read.”

In any case, I just wanted to share my son’s wisdom with you. And I would love to her about your child sages as well. So fill me in.

We Don’t Need Support-We Need A Man

There is a young, Black conservative named Afrocity Brown who has her own blog and who I am a Facebook friend of, she posed a question the other day, “Are mothers more necessary than fathers to children?” Everyone overwhelmingly said that both mothers and fathers are necessary to bring up a child right. Of course, there is always one in the crowd who had to spout off about how gays and lesbians are just wonderful parents and all single mothers need is some support and their children will be just fine. Well this is my response to her!

Support? I don’t need support, my son doesn’t need support, what we need is a husband, a father. We need someone who is going to be there 24/7/365 days a year. We need someone who is in the trenches with us, who has our backs, who will walk across the ends of the Earth to save us. We need a protector, a provider, a man of God, not support. I don’t want a “male role model” for my son-I want a Dad! I want someone who rushes home to play ball with him before it gets dark. Someone who gets the whole “What can I pretend to blow up today?” thing. I need someone who speaks his language also known as “6 year old boytalk” because I am terribly deficient in that area! I need someone to tell me when I need to back off and someone to whip his butt when he gets out of line. I need that voice, that manly, authoritative voice that every child on Earth responds to, especially rebellious little boys! I need a man, a real man, not someone who shows up occasionally. Not someone who will spend time with him when they can fit it in their schedule. Not some second rate father figure but a real, honest to goodness, father!

As for me, I need a husband. Not a boyfriend, not a companion but a husband. I need a man who will lift me up when I am spiraling downward. I need a husband who thinks that the sun rises and sets in my eyes, a man who laughs at my jokes and makes me laugh. A man who thinks the best spot on Earth is in my arms. I need a man who loves me, loves God and Jesus Christ, who will drag me to church when I don’t want to go. I need a man who will keep me on my toes and who is a little bit smarter than me but never makes me feel dumb. I need a man who will pitch in and help me raise my son according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I need a man who wants to spend time and all eternity with me…yes ME!!!! Support? No, I don’t need the occasional support, I need devotion, commitment and unending love. I need anything but support. I got bras for support. I need a man!

Obamacide Video

This video is very powerful. It talks about how we are becoming God’s enemy. It is very true, though true hope-hope through Jesus Christ not Obama-is not all lost. We can reclaim our Christian heritage. We can reclaim our country. We can let the liberals, communists, fascists and other haters of Man’s freedom know “we will not go quietly into the night but will rage against the dying of the light!” [A paraphrase of Dylan Thomas’ “Do Not Gentle Into That Good Night”] The light is dying in this country and it is time for us to rise up and say “We will fight against your evil regime!”  At no time in American history have we had a president so bent on destroying America, so bent on dismantling our republic and replacing it with an oligarchy and removing every single liberty that our brave soldiers past and present have fought for. These are scary times but as long as we put our faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father we will come out victorious, even if our country won’t.

A Real Feminist Would…..

I am so sick of feminism being associated with these hateful, leftist women emma-smithwho want nothing more than to tear donwn the traditional family, our country and even God himself. I am part of an organization that was built on true feminism-The Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These women knew they were daughters of God and acted accordingly. So in line with the true feminism of the past, I have decided to write a short essay on what a real feminist would do today.

A real feminist would……

sonogram-pic61) Fight to end abortion.  No true feminist would ever pit mother against child and would help the mother improve her lot so she could raise her child more successfully. She would know abortion is about man’s freedom, not hers and she would fight the greedy profiteers who get rich off women’s pain.  A true feminist would abhor abortion as a man’s way of ditching his responsibility to the woman and the child.  She would not view it as a woman’s right at all but as women being failed.

2) Fight for school choice. She would want all children to be able to go to the best schools and would allow parents to pick the schools instead of school districts.   Her allegiance would not be with the failing schools, the inept teachers and bureaucrats but with the parents and the children. She would encourage homeschooling and allow parents the opportunity to educate their own children without government interference.

you_may_now_kiss_the_bride3) Fight for marriage which provides women and children the best opportunity for grow.  She would know that women are safer in a marriage than they are out of it.  She would fight for true marriage equality which keeps the woman a necessary part of marriage through heterosexual unions and would fight gay marriage which removes woman as a necessary part of marriage.  She would understand authentic marriage is already equal and gay marriage is a discriminatory practices that relegates women to second class citizens unworthy of marriage.

4)  Fight for capitalism.  It is not socialism that brings people out of man_throwing_moneypoverty, rather it keeps them in it. It is capitalism that allows people to be successful and promotes individual effort. It is capitalism that rewards creativity, ingenuity and self-reliance. It is capitalism that allows us to have choice-Pepsi or Coke,  Dell or HP, Big Mac or Whooper.  Without the competition that forces companies to produce better products at reasonable prices we would all live under monopolies and be forced to buy from a solitary company (mainly the government) that never had to produce a quality product because they knew we had no other choice.

5) Fight for the rights of men. That’s right-men. They wouldn’t allow their brothers, fathers, sons, husbands and other important men in their life to be degraded and abused.  They would see that men and women are not enemies but complementary units needed not only to survive but thrive. They would understand that by working with men and not against them we achieve a level of excellence we cannot achieve otherwise.  That their strengths does not make us weak.  That by building all people up, men and women, Black and White,  Jew and Gentile, that we are building up God’s kingdom on Earth.  We are building a nation of supreme beings. We lose ourselves not because we reach out to men but because we cut ourselves off from them.

old-new-testament_bxp255616) Most importantly, they would fight for God and the free expression of religion, most specifically Christianity.  The belief in Jesus Christ has done more to uplift people than any liberal social program has ever done.  The belief in God has caused people to leave behind life long addictions and change their life. That no one has ever been able to top the Ten Commandments as the most complete guide to living a moral life and achieving happiness.

Ah, yes this is what a real feminist would believe and fight for. Too bad there are not more of them. We need all the real feminists we can get.

Coach Gets Fired for Winning Game!

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This has to be the most stupidest thing I have heard in a long time and it is  exactly what is wrong with this country today.  We want everyone to be a winner! Well guess what not everyone is a winner! There are losers too! Get over it. It is called life.

The story goes like this a girls basketball team in Texas called Covenant School cleaned the clock of the other team,  Dallas Academy.  They won 100-0! They didn’t cheat, they didn’t  constantly foul the opposition or play unfairly in any way. They were simply the better team but because the other team has girls with learning disabilities they were supposed to go easy on them! Don’t give me that-the other team sucked plain and simple and learning disabilities has nothing to do with it!  People in wheelchairs play basketball better than these girls! If this was the NBA or even the WNBA would people be calling for an apology? NO! And you are going to tell me not one person in either of those leagues has learning disabilities! Give me a break! It is absolutely dispicable that the coach, Micah Grimes would be fired because he refused to apologize for winning the game! He should be praised for having such an awesome team and I am going to write these numbskulls on his behalf and let them know they are the ones acting un-Christlike and it is absolutely appalling this should even be an issue.  I hope this coach goes to a better school that actually appreciates excellence. He deserves it.

What upsets me even more than the unjust firing and criticism is that they are trying to use Christ to make these girls feel bad for winning! Well their behavior was “un-Christlike.” parents are saying.  What? What Bible are you reading because I have yet to read anywhere where Christ says, “Thou must let other people win and you must lose!”  First of all,  MY CHRIST does not promote mediocrity! He expects greatness from his believers and nothing less will do.  Not only does he expect it, he willingly bestows it! And what makes  you think he wasn’t cheering his girls on to victory?  He wasn’t disappointed with those girls! He is very disappointed with the parents! Christ was probably saying about the winning team “Look at those girls play! They are extraordinary! I don’t think I have ever seen such amazing players.  They do me proud!”  For the losing team he was probably saying, “Wow, they really do have some heart don’t they? Here they are getting slaughtered but they don’t give up.  They do me proud.”  Christ was proud of both teams.

At the heart of this is sexism. If this had been a boy’s team do you think they would be asked to apologize? NO  WAY!!!!! But girls are not supposed to be competitive.  The girls were mean.  No, they weren’t, they played the game and they won! If the other team lost (and by the way, they have never won a game!) then they should practice harder, they should learn the fundamentals, they shouldn’t expect people to hand them points! That is un-Christlike, that is called cheating when you deliberately let someone win! It is called putting the fix in, rigging the game and in the pros you can go to jail for that! Is that what they want? For their daughters to cheat?

When I play games with my son, I never let him win.  I play to win.  However, he has won plenty of times in various games, but the victory is real! He won because he was better and I truly lost. I try to teach him strategy and how to think one step ahead but I have never handed him the game.  Does he get upset when he loses? Yes, so what! He has to learn losing is a part of life and as long as you continue to give it your best shot that is all that matters. I am not raising some little wimp who can’t handle life’s rejections! I rather him have a temper tantrum at 5 because he doesn’t get his own way then at 55!

One parent complained that the closer the girls got to getting 100 points the more the crowd cheered! Yeah, that is what they are supposed to do! Their children were playing great and they were supporting them, you might want to learn about that instead of berating the winners! They also complained that the girls kept making three points shots! Again, they were doing what they were supposed to do! This whole thing makes me sick! I can’t stand this attitude that winning is not important and that we shouldn’t encourage it.  It is for this reason we are failing as a nation! Winning is important, just ask Christ! Because if Christ doesn’t think winning is important come Armageddon, we are all in trouble! You better hope he crushes the opposition or we are all doomed to hell my friends!  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

For full article go here:

Coach fired after refusing to apologize for winning game