A Month of God on Facebook

On my Facebook account, I have decided the next month will be dedicated to conversations between me and God. If I want to talk about a movie I saw I will do so to God. If I want to talk about the political situation I will do so with God but otherwise it will be just me and God chatting with one another.  Of course the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ will also be in the mix giving me a chance to talk to more than just Heavenly Father. But I am doing this experiment to have God be the center of my life, to have my focus be on Him and not the extraneous nonsense in the world.

I will still comment on other people status’ and I can post on other people’s walls, but my status has to be directed to God (or anyone in the Trinity) only. It is only day two and I am already wondering can I do this? Can I really not break the rules and just go into a rant about what is on my mind without directing it to God? I will also have his replies to me. Of course, I am trying to keep it in line with what I think God would really say in the situation but sometimes it is just me being a smart aleck.

Some of the posts already are funny, some are sad, some are happy, some are…well they’re just “are.”  July 29th will be my last official day with my month with God. But who knows it might go longer than that. But I think it is important to remember God is in control. That we are not down here alone, that we have each other and Heavenly Father,  Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to help us get through.

A month of God-will it change my life? Don’t know, but I think it will change how I see God.


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