In Jesus Name

I am hesitant to write this. Not because  I am upset by the following but because I don’t want LAUSD getting on my son’s school for proudly proclaiming the name of Christ during this last Christmas program.jesus_185_small

I went to my son’s Christmas program on December 19th.  As I looked over the list there seemed to be nothing that directly mentioned Christ no one singing Silent Night or Little Town of Bethlehem.  Everything seemed generic. We had Frosty the Snowman, Winter Wonderland and my son sung Jingle Bells. He did great by the way.

So imagine my surprise as they are talking about the History of Christmas, I actually hear the words Jesus Christ uttered out of one of the children’s mouths!  Did they just say Jesus? No, couldn’t be!  Jesus Christ in a public school? You mean they are actually going to honor my Saviour? I was floored. Then I heard his name again….and again.  Jesus was mentioned 3 times  during the course of the Christmas program.

mary-and-jesusI guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised, they do start their day out in many of the classrooms by doing the pledge of allegiance and school children are heard to utter: one nation under God.  However, it is one thing to mention God within the walls of the classroom, it is another thing to proudly assert his Holy Name during a Christmas program in which all parents are invited. It is not that any of the parents are going to get angry. Most of them are Hispanic. Hispanics are overwhelmingly Catholic.  So we know no parents are going to be filing suits over this. However, with Jesus Christ being evicted from valedictorian graduation speeches and from drawings done by  young children, it warms my heart to see Jesus being allowed back in the schools at all.

So for once I will give the public schools their props. I am sure I will find fault with them later but for one day they truly did the right thing.  And while Jesus’ birth was dealt with by using the disclaimer: Some people believe… least it was discussed at all. It took  a generation to remove him maybe my son’s generation will put him back. They are on the right track.  God bless my son’s school for allowing His Son’s Holy Name to be heard at all. Merry Christmas everyone!


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