Betraying the Manger.

In Asterdam, there will be a “Pink Christmas” in which two Josephs and two Marys will be by baby Jesus’ side in a public Nativity scene. Okay these people are really starting to tick me off! Is nothing sacred to them! I get absolutely livid when they try to make Christ gay but now they are attacking his whole family? Obviously Mary and Joseph weren’t gay! But they are so demented and so empty that they have to attack the Holy Mother!!!!!

“The live Nativity is scheduled to begin Dec. 21. Van Dalen told the AP that Christians should not take offense to the festival, because it is only intended to be a “wink” at heterosexual assumptions and promote Amsterdam as a “gay” capital.

“Christmas is about more than religion, it’s also about love and families, not to mention shopping,” he said. “Two men or two women can form a family too these days, even one with a child.”

Excuse me you are attacking my religion and I am not supposed to be offended? You are debasing my Holy Mother and my Savior’s Earthly Father and I am supposed to chuckle about it! And just because you are so materialistic and sinful that all you care about is shopping, doesn’t meant the rest of us do-it is about Christ to me! Christmas is ONLY about Christ period!!!! Some of us don’t have families we are close to but we have Christ. Some of us don’t have love but we have the love of Christ! Some of us can care less about shopping because we are too busy trying to make from one day to the next but we have Christ!!! And for you to demean his birth, to demean his parents like this is completely unacceptable. This is not a wink at anything, it is a mean-spirited and deliberate stab at Christians everywhere! And I am tired of taking it on the chin and being good sport about this vileness that is happening with more frequency. If you want to be queer, I don’t care but you leave your perverted lifestyle out of my religion!

For full details go to: Perverting the Nativity Scene


2 thoughts on “Betraying the Manger.

  1. Then we are even because I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you have no regard for the Blessed and Holy Mother of Jesus Christ and his loving and amazing earthly father in Joseph. So yes, I get “hateful” when people mock this girl who had to endure and suffer to bring my Saviour into this world. I get “hateful” when the forgotten figure, Joseph is openly ridiculed after he brought up a son that was not his own. After everything Joseph gave when he could’ve walked away I will not have him be made into a joke. The Holy Family is sacred and I will never condone blasphemy of any of them. So if that makes me hateful then yes, I am hateful and I express no regret nor remorse for such hatred. For hatred of evil is nothing to be ashamed of!

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