We Don’t Need Support-We Need A Man

There is a young, Black conservative named Afrocity Brown who has her own blog and who I am a Facebook friend of, she posed a question the other day, “Are mothers more necessary than fathers to children?” Everyone overwhelmingly said that both mothers and fathers are necessary to bring up a child right. Of course, there is always one in the crowd who had to spout off about how gays and lesbians are just wonderful parents and all single mothers need is some support and their children will be just fine. Well this is my response to her!

Support? I don’t need support, my son doesn’t need support, what we need is a husband, a father. We need someone who is going to be there 24/7/365 days a year. We need someone who is in the trenches with us, who has our backs, who will walk across the ends of the Earth to save us. We need a protector, a provider, a man of God, not support. I don’t want a “male role model” for my son-I want a Dad! I want someone who rushes home to play ball with him before it gets dark. Someone who gets the whole “What can I pretend to blow up today?” thing. I need someone who speaks his language also known as “6 year old boytalk” because I am terribly deficient in that area! I need someone to tell me when I need to back off and someone to whip his butt when he gets out of line. I need that voice, that manly, authoritative voice that every child on Earth responds to, especially rebellious little boys! I need a man, a real man, not someone who shows up occasionally. Not someone who will spend time with him when they can fit it in their schedule. Not some second rate father figure but a real, honest to goodness, father!

As for me, I need a husband. Not a boyfriend, not a companion but a husband. I need a man who will lift me up when I am spiraling downward. I need a husband who thinks that the sun rises and sets in my eyes, a man who laughs at my jokes and makes me laugh. A man who thinks the best spot on Earth is in my arms. I need a man who loves me, loves God and Jesus Christ, who will drag me to church when I don’t want to go. I need a man who will keep me on my toes and who is a little bit smarter than me but never makes me feel dumb. I need a man who will pitch in and help me raise my son according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I need a man who wants to spend time and all eternity with me…yes ME!!!! Support? No, I don’t need the occasional support, I need devotion, commitment and unending love. I need anything but support. I got bras for support. I need a man!


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