Hilary Clinton-Secretary of State?

See Hilary is shocked too!

See Hilary is shocked too!

Well it has been officially confirmed that Hilary will become our next Secretary of State. I guess two adages are at work here. On Hilary’s side it is “If you can’t beat them, join them.” On Obama’s side it is “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” The America-haters are always whining about our worldwide perception-that America is hated the world over. [Yeah jealous people usually do hate the object of their envy.] And you think having Hilary as Secretary of State is going to help this? Come on. It would be like wanting to show the world a more genteel Black man then picking Mike Tyson for your poster child.

Oh my goodness! What did I do?

Obama: Oh my goodness! What did I do?

One complaint coming from the Democrat’s camp during the campaign was McCain’s temper. That he was too volatile to be President. So Obama goes and nominates a woman who has been known to throw things at her husband’s head, that should go over real well at international diplomacy meetings. Then again maybe throwing items at Kim Jong II is not such a bad idea. And we know she is just the gal to do it.

If I could only grab some popcorn and watch these two crash and burn without taking our country with them, I would almost be enjoying this. Ah yes, all that running a campaign, becoming a Senator only to end up just another Secretary-I wander how that jibes with her feminist notions. Hmmm, you think as Obama’s Secretary of State she will be required to get him coffee while he pats her on the bottom and tells her “Good girl. Now type up a memo to Al Qaeda for me, it is time for our sit down with no pre-conditions. And oh see if you can get Kool and the Gang to play at our next White House dinner, thanks a million babe.”

In any case, you America-haters if you think America is in bad shape now, just wait until your chosen ones really screw us up.  But don’t worry too much the conservatives of this great land will always be there to save you from your boneheaded ideals and  mindless leaders, we always do.


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