Unhappy Voters, Happy Country?


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With the growing discontent among voters, especially with the two party system that seems to mirror each other, how can we turn that around and become a happy country? First of all, what are we? Are we happy, upset, discontent, and just out all angry? What is the pulse of the American voter

While I am not a liberal and don’t go around speaking for everybody, I will say the growing frustration among the American populus doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can actually be a catalyst to making improvements within our country. Some of the improvements I would like to see are the following.

1) Education becoming more valued. I think Americans take their education for granted. It is time we start realizing while we were being apathetic, our children were being dumbed down. We need to empower parents (after we educate–not indoctrinate–them, of course) to make decisions regarding their child’s future. By letting the state have control over where our children go to school, what they learn and how rapidly they can advance, we have severely damaged our children.  There needs to be more done in the way of school choice. Whether it is vouchers, promotion of homeschooling and creating a competitive environment in which schools compete for students to better serve the children, we need to stop looking to the same old liberal doctrine that has created this mess to begin with. We need to eliminate the Department of Education and get the federal government out of the education business. At least in terms of K-12, for postsecondary colleges we need to do better to make sure people are learning the courses they need to be gainfully employed. We need to abolish the No Child Left Behind Act and really get together on a local level to get rid of bad teachers and court good ones.

2.  We need to protect human life from conception to natural death. Nothing we can do is more important than this. If we don’t protect life at all stages, it is up for grabs at any stage. By making sure this fundamental right is granted and that all people have the right to be born, we secure the rest of our rights as well. There can be no rights without the right to life. We must continually press on and fight for the rights of the unborn, disabled and elderly who are often the target of a hateful Leftist regime who sees no innate value in their lives. This is not a political issue, it is a human issue and anyone who cannot understand that doesn’t deserve to be called a human being since they see fit to strip that title from others.

3) We need to secure marriage.  Marriage, in and of itself, is very equitable. It says one man HAS to marry one woman and both parties are entitled to the full rights and benefits of such union. There is no discrimination in marriage as it currently stands. In fact, it is the gay community who wishes to discriminate and make marriage unequal and who promote inequality, not equality. We need to secure marriage because it offers the best hope to families. It is the safest place for women and children. By working to make sure marriage stands between one man and one woman we are actually producing a benefit to everyone in society, even gays, for when societies are stable and not fraught with contention, everyone is more free.

These are the things that inspire me to continue to speak out and try to make a difference. We each need to recognize if there are overwhelming ills in our society, it is because we have allowed them to go unchecked and have neglected our responsibility to correct them. Right now, everyone seems to be divided and fighting amongst themselves. However, if we are wise we can use that unhappiness we feel to motivate us into action and to help move America forward. We  need not settle for what the Republicans and Democrats says are the best and the brightest. The time has come to make a difference. The way you do that is by starting small. Get involved in your local community by volunteering at schools, churches, and local neighborhood councils. You can write letters to your representatives, better yet if their office is near you, drop in for a visit. You can sign petitions or do a 101 other things that will make an impact on your life.  I think we are at this point, where people are seeking out ways to make this a happy country once again. If enough people get involved and start being of service, we won’t need the politician’s paltry band-aids for our ills, for we will have the medicine that can save our lives. That medicine is called Unity. You know as in the UNITED States of America!


Scott Brown Wins but Will America?

Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley yesterday in a special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat. Evenwith Obama and the Kennedys behind her she could still only garner 47% of the voters support.  Scott received 52%-and while hardly a landslide, it is a pretty significant indicator that the arrogance and elitism of the Democratic party will not be tolerated any longer. More than anything, it was Coakley’s snobbery that did her in. Incidents like this did not certainly help her.

Asked about why she was not spending more time with voters, Coakley jabbed at Brown for having greeted hockey fans who attended a special outdoor game between the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers.

“As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?” she said.

Such one-on-one interaction with voters is the lifeblood of this state’s politics, and mocking the idea of braving the cold at Boston’s iconic baseball stadium seemed bizarre given the tens of thousands of voters who did just that to see the game.


I know because Obama recovered from his clinging to guns and religion gaffe that you thought you too could get away with such mocking of the voting population but hate to break it to you Coakley he is always going to get away with stuff you never will be, so don’t even try it. I guess she learned that lesson a bit too late.

But now that Scott Brown has been elected what does that mean for the GOP? Will he betray his conservative base that got him elected?  Will they seat him before the vote for health care comes up.  Michael Steele of the Republican National Convention said on Good Morning America, the Democrats are trying to put off seating him.  They want to wait at least three weeks..for what? When Roland Burris was going to fill the Obama seat it was done in a matter of days. Never mind that the whole process had been tainted by Rod Blagojevitch who was accused of trying to sell the seat to Jesse Jackson Jr and Roland Burris. While Roland denied it, he also allowed himself to be seated among all this controversy. It was truly stupid in my opinion.  Yet Roland had not been picked by the people but was appointed by the Senate, so why is it  when the people speak, it is going to take three weeks?

So now comes the hard part. Winning the election was the easy part, getting him into the Senate is going to be a whole lot harder.  They know  Scott will be fundamental in shooting down the health care bill and they can’t allow that to happen.  When Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe was interviewed by Good Morning America he had this to say:

“We won the House and Senate in 2006, we won the White House in 2008. … People sent the unmistakable message they wanted change. We have to deliver on that,” former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said on “GMA.”

“The Republicans have chosen their path: They are doing the bidding of insurance companies, just as they’re going to do with big banks as it relates to financial reform. We have a good health care plan, and we need to pass that,” Plouffe said.


The incredulous and arrogance of that statement is astounding. Basically, it was a very nice way of giving everyone who has legitimate beefs with the healthcare bill the finger. As a parent I know there are times when you have to do something that is for the good of your child whether or not they agree with it.  However, we are not children and to treat the voting public like children is beyond insulting. He also went on to say they were going to pass it in its current form, no compromises. So much for bipartisanship.

So Scott Brown won, but we have yet to see if that will be a good thing for America or will be just another RINO, only time will tell. And for the health of our country, let’s hope he is not a RINO in pachyderm clothing and Lord help us if he is.

Doomed Democrats?

As the special election for Ted Kennedy is coming to a  close and as it looks like Republican Senator, Scott Brown is going to win, there is a sense of doom that is starting to permeate the Democratic leadership.  Democrats are the oldest political party and maybe that is part of the problem, they have outlived their usefulness.

Democrats have not been paying attention to what is going on in our nation.  When they won the Presidency, House and Senate in 2008, they thought they were sitting pretty and could do no wrong, what they didn’t count on was the growing discontent among many of the voters who intensely disliked Obama and everything he stood for and were far more crazy about Palin then they ever were about McCain. They figured the discontented rabble would just go away, instead we got stronger. Depsite the threats of Homeland Security that placed former vets and anti-abortion protesters as “enemy combatants” and despite the mocking of the Tea Parties by the media, we grew. Now here is only a year after Obama’s inaugration and the tide has vastly shifted.  And so the back-stabbing and finger pointing is already beginning and the election is not even over.

And in private conversations, Hill sources say White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has blamed Coakley, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Democratic pollster Celinda Lake for failing to see Brown’s surge in time to stop it.

“With the legislative and political stakes so high, it’s unbelievable that the Senate committee and White House let this race get so out of hand,” said one senior Washington Democrat. “There’s a lot of blame to go around. Martha Coakley is only one of the problems here.”


As you can see the blame game is already starting and Obama is not immune from it. According to that same article, he is blamed for not selling the message more. However, as a failed telemarketer I can tell you, you cannot sell what people don’t want. And what the American people don’t want is more spending, more debt, more failed social policies, more Democratic rule.  Liberal policies have been an abysmal failure and to assume the people are going to continue to vote for the same unchecked failure is utterly insane.  Should Scott Brown win, he will hold significant power because his vote alone could stall many of the Democrats’ schemes.  The Democrats need 60 seats to blow through any legislation, with Scott in place they will be short one vote. That is as long as he continues to vote as a conservative and not some RINO pawn.

So stay tuned, this is sure to be an interesting ride and might mark the day when the Democratic party imploded and became part of our American past like the Federalists and the Whigs before them.  Though I wouldn’t count them out just yet,  but maybe this is a wake up call to the Democratic party that you are not as strong as you think and conservatives of any stripe or political affiliation are a force to be reckoned with.

FDIC might be DOA

The AP reported today that the US government has issued a warning that the FDIC program which protects those people with money in the bank up to 250,000 dollars might be going bankrupt due to the recent financial woes suffered at the hand’s of the Democrats mismanangement during the whole Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle, of which Obama received the second highest kickbacks to the tune of  150,000 dollars.

FDIC Warns US Bank Deposit Insurance Fund Could Tank

Now because of Obama’s greed and ambition to become President at all costs  along with his liberal pals who want to keep the poor under their thumb, the American people must endure another financial crisis.  Although people are trying to equate this to the Great Depression and though we are in serious financial straits we are still not quite at the level we were during the Depression.  Then again we don’t want to get to that point.

The FDIC was instituted by the FDR administration after the worst stock market crash we have experienced. It is ironic that the FDIC that FDR promised would save us is now going under. Much like the rest of his New Deal, it turned out to be a very bad deal for America.  By the government overstepping their bounds and not allowing the financial crisis to correct itself through the capitalist system of  the free market, American ingenuity and general resourcefulness, the American people became to be dependent on the government which was exactly what Herbert Hoover was trying to prevent and was vilianized for by the liberals of  his day.

Now here we are repeating the same pattern and just as FDR promised to restore us to greatness by inviting the government into our daily lives, B.O. is doing the same thing.  It is not going to be different people. We already know the policies of the Left always fail, yet we keep trusting them to pull us out of the water when they are the ones who threw us overboard to begin with. When will we learn?

Why I Hate Twitter

There was an article today that says that Republicans Twitter more than Democrats.  Almost double the amount of Republicans  Twitter than Democrats. For those of you who are not familiar with Twitter. It is a very annoying little site that asks one question-What are you doing? That is supposed to connect people and spark conversations. Now how you are supposed to do all this in 140 characters or less,  I have no idea.  Anyway, I am gettting ahead of myself.  Here are my reasons I hate Twitter.

1) It  doesn’t do anything! With WordPress you have your blog, you can add videos, pictures,  text.  It can be long or short.  You can pick your background.  You are in control.  With Twitter, they are in control. They tell how long your answer to that annoying question can be. It doesn’t allow you to delete the junk you don’t want. It is a place where spam goes to get resurrected!

2) It only allows you 140 characters. Oh please, even when I barely write anything to my video posts, it is still more than 140 characters.  I don’t talk much in real life, all my conversations come out in my writing and you want me to keep it to 140 characters, are friggin’ kidding me?

3) It doesn’t allow your personality to come out. The choices of background are very limited. You have a picture that is so small that even if you were an atom, you would still have to squint to see it.  You get one sentence about yourself.  And a link for your blog.

4) You have all these followers supposedly following your updates but none of them are talking to YOU!!!!  Then why are you following me then if you are not going to talk to me? You have a bunch of messages that make absolutely no sense.  What if I just came up to you and just said, “Jason thinks the longitudal study of  Pfizer Pharmecuticals is….” and just stopped. Well first you want to know who the heck is Jason and why I am talking to about longitudal studies to you. Well imagine every conversation is like that and you have Twitter.  People are always “tweeting” part of conversations that have nothing to do with you. Well if you are not talking to me, don’t put it on my page! Put on the page that the person is responding to! I don’t want to know about all your conversations, just the conversations concerning me! If you are not talking to me, I really don’t care! But once you click them as a friend you get a minutae of conversations on your page that have absolutely nothing to do with anything you are talking about.  Now say I piqued your interest enough to want to know about those studies I was referring to good luck finding the thread that started it! It is nothing but chaos. Besides  if I wanted to be ignored with a billion people talking around me, I have my life for that, I certainly don’t need Twitter.

All in all, Twitter is mess.  Far superior network sites are Yahoo Groups, where if you miss part of the conversation you can go back and start from the beginning.  LDS Link Up, where you have forums, email and chat to keep in touch.  Reunion.com, where they do ask questions and you can pick which questions you want to answer or do a general entry.  Even Smart Girl Politics is vastly superior to Twitter.  But then again a horse using its hoof to tap out an answer is superior to Twitter. Because you can understand the horse.

Roland Burris Denied Senate Seat

First of all, I want to bravo for the system finally working on behalf of the people. Governor Rod Blagojevitch had no business appointing anyone to Obama’s seat when he is in the process of being impeached for selling that seat to begin with. Would you let a doctor continue to practice medicine while he is on trial for malpractice? Of course not! So why should Gov. Blagojevitch have the authority to do any legitimate state business when he is being prosecuted?

Roland Burris should’ve been smart enough not to even accept the position to begin with because of the controversy behind it. If he had been sworn in to that seat, people would’ve thought he was just the highest bidder rather that was the case or not. He would’ve been looked upon as a crook. He shouldn’t be disappointed, he should be relieved. Whoever fills that seat is going to have an uphill battle.

Roland Burris was denied the seat because he didn’t have proper credentials. Apparently Nancy Erickson, Secretary of the Senate, rejected them because he did not have the required signature and seal. Of course, Mr. Burris is so brain dead that he is going to push this. Dianne Feinstein, in the tradition of Democrats, has already flip flopped on the issue saying Gov. Blagojevitch criminal charges won’t taint his appointment even though she had said it would earlier.

Of course it will! The whole thing is utterly ridiculous and instead of appointing anyone to the seat, a special election should be held and the voters should decide. Not only that it should be the law, if you are going to run for President-regardless of whether you win or lose-you resign as Senator, Congressman, whatever and give people a chance to elect a new official. There should’ve been a new Senator two years ago when Obama announced he was running for President.

In the meantime, I applaud Nancy Erickson for not allowing Gov. Blagojevitch to appoint anyone to this important position, since he has already demonstrated his ability to play fast and loose with the law. God bless Nancy for still respecting it.