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Unhappy Voters, Happy Country?

With the growing discontent among voters, especially with the two party system that seems to mirror each other, how can we turn that around and become a happy country? First of all, what are we? Are we happy, upset, discontent, and just out all angry? What is the pulse of the American voter.  While I am not a liberal […]

An Open Letter to Democrats

This video is brought to you by America Rising.  Got to love the passion in it. I will leave the video to speak for itself.

Scott Brown Wins but Will America?

Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley yesterday in a special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat. Evenwith Obama and the Kennedys behind her she could still only garner 47% of the voters support.  Scott received 52%-and while hardly a landslide, it is a pretty significant indicator that the arrogance and elitism of the Democratic party will […]

Doomed Democrats?

As the special election for Ted Kennedy is coming to a  close and as it looks like Republican Senator, Scott Brown is going to win, there is a sense of doom that is starting to permeate the Democratic leadership.  Democrats are the oldest political party and maybe that is part of the problem, they have […]

FDIC might be DOA

The AP reported today that the US government has issued a warning that the FDIC program which protects those people with money in the bank up to 250,000 dollars might be going bankrupt due to the recent financial woes suffered at the hand’s of the Democrats mismanangement during the whole Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle, of […]

Why I Hate Twitter

There was an article today that says that Republicans Twitter more than Democrats.  Almost double the amount of Republicans  Twitter than Democrats. For those of you who are not familiar with Twitter. It is a very annoying little site that asks one question-What are you doing? That is supposed to connect people and spark conversations. […]

Roland Burris Denied Senate Seat

First of all, I want to bravo for the system finally working on behalf of the people. Governor Rod Blagojevitch had no business appointing anyone to Obama’s seat when he is in the process of being impeached for selling that seat to begin with. Would you let a doctor continue to practice medicine while he […]


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