The Honeymoon is Over!

obama2The man hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet and already his honeymoon is over. You have the FEC looking into auditing Obama for his election campaign contributions, some of which came from foreign donors. (Yay!!) You also have jihadists basically calling him a House Negro and other special “N” words.” (Boo! Racist Muslims, who would’ve thought?) Well I guess that is better than palling around with terrorists. But still to be dissed like that by those wonderful Muslim people who did so much for him in his youth-must hurt (Wait a second-it was his White grandmother who actually did so much for him, not deranged Muslims? Never mind, my bad.) And the most glaring betrayal of all…..the press treating him like, well a politician instead of the second coming of Christ. He is probably thinking-is it too late to concede to McCain?

Even his appointments are already starting to be called into question. But hey, we knew this man had questionable judgment from the get go but America wanted a Black president so they could look like enlightened saints to the rest of the world. Hey America, speaking as a Saint (well a Latter Day one anyhow) if you have to prove you’re “enlightened” then you’re not enlightened! Oh well, you are stuck with him now. The good news is in 2012 after America sees the sorry state Obama left this country, they will elect a real conservative. Maybe it will be Sarah Palin, maybe it will be Dena Leichnitz, you just never know. LOL


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