John Travolta’s Son Dies

john_travoltas_son_jett_dead_at_161I am not big on the whole celebrity mystique. I once had some famous rapper walk down my street with his entourage, dressed in all white and I hadn’t a clue who he was. It wasn’t until the next day when a friend of mine told me this rapper was making a video at the Catch One (a gay club right around the corner of my house) that I knew who he was. And the only reason I am not telling you his name now is because I have forgotten who it was. But John Travolta, I have always loved him. From the time he was on Welcome Back Kotter to Grease and beyond, I have always been a fan. So it breaks my heart to know he is suffering such a loss right now. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain him and Kelly are facing right now.

According to Yahoo news Jett Travolta (John’s sixteen year old son) was in Nassau, Bahamas were he was vacationing with his family. Jett was known to “have a history of seizures” and went into the bathroom, probably seized and hit his head on the bathtub and by the time the caretaker found him and got help for him it was too late. He was taken to Rand Memorial Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

As a parent myself, I would be completely devastated if I lost my beloved Adonai. I have great admiration for John. He has been married to Kelly for over twenty years, they have built a life together and he is not forever in the tabloids for getting drunk, cheating on his wife or other such immoral behavior. He is a stand-up guy. He is the kind of guy you can respect and admire. I hope the press will leave him alone during this trial and let him and his family mourn for their son and their brother. May God comfort them in this their time of need.


5 thoughts on “John Travolta’s Son Dies

  1. I agree with you. I loved him in his early movies and still think he’s great in whatever he is starring in. He’s just a fun guy to watch on the screen.

    Tragic about his son. There’s no way to know what a parent goes through in these terrible circumstances.

    Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook (SGP)

  2. He is a fun guy to watch, I just prefer his pre-Pulp Fiction films. But I have mad respect for him. I was joking with my friend the other night, that for someone who is supposed to be a liberal, he sure acts a lot like a conservative. Personally, I think he is keeping that his own little secret. LOL

    My heart goes out to him in this time though and yes, one cannot know what that feeling is like until you go through it. I hope I never have to go through it. God bless you and I will see you on SGP

  3. Definitely. You always assume you will die before your children. To have one snatched from you like that and one as special as Jett, it is so heart-breaking. I hope they will find comfort in God’s care.

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