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Women Predators: When Women Abuse Men

With all the talk about male sexual abuse going on, especially with the Penn State scandal, I thought it would be a good time to re-run an article I did back in 2007 for the now defunct Defending Truth website. It was one of my best received articles at the time. For some reason there […]

America’s Independent Women

I have been asked to speak on Chelene Nightingale’s behalf at Los Angeles City College during their Voter Ed seminar that they will be presenting on November 1st at 1pm. Chelene Nightingale is the American Independent Party gubernatorial candidate (Note: What a funny word-gubneratorial. Does that make all our governors-goobers? LOL) I have been officially […]

Stupid News From Britain

Okay, we all now when you are putting out a newspaper or producing a local news channel on television, you are going to have a slow news day now and again.  And then you have to go and start creating stories out of thin air.  “Local woman prefers Whopper over Big Mac, news at 11.”  […]

Jeane Robertson’s Comedy

In recent years most comedy has been vulgar and demeaning. No matter if it was a man or a woman, you could be certain to hear the most vile and crass things ever uttered out of the mouths of a comedians.  As a stand up comedian myself, I have often wanted to do my comedy […]

A Real Feminist Would…..

I am so sick of feminism being associated with these hateful, leftist women who want nothing more than to tear donwn the traditional family, our country and even God himself. I am part of an organization that was built on true feminism-The Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These […]

And I Thought I Was The Mother of All Conservatives

There is a new website called, “The Mother of All Conservatives.”  You can find it on my blogroll and was started by Dana Loesch. Dana Loesch is also known as Mamalogues (you can read about my mention in her blog entitled, “Black N Right mentioned in Mamalogues.”) She has joined other women in this endeavor.  […]

Obama To Lift Restrictions on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Nothing this man does surprises me. In fact, for me to be surprised he would have to act in the best interest of the American people and not his twisted ideology.  In his world, embryos just abound all by themselves. In the real world, you need to put women in danger to make this “science” […]


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