Women Predators: When Women Abuse Men

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With all the talk about male sexual abuse going on, especially with the Penn State scandal, I thought it would be a good time to re-run an article I did back in 2007 for the now defunct Defending Truth website. It was one of my best received articles at the time.

For some reason there seems to be a foregone conclusion in our society that women cannot and are not abusive in the same way men are. People believe women are incapable of sexually or physically abusing anyone, especially children or males. As such women who do molest boys or beat their spouses are least likely to get help for it. I can hear the laughter now at such a preposterous and absolutely ludicrous suggestion that females could be child molesters or “husband beaters”. However, men are starting to come out and talk about their hidden shame. For far too long, males, especially young boys, have been made to feel that if a female had sex with them, then he did something right not that she did something wrong. He had become ‘a man.’ He was to be congratulated. They have also been told if a woman hits and you take it then you are not a man, however if he does raise his hand to her he liable to be hit with a domestic violence charge, even if it was purely self defense. This leaves a lot of men not knowing what to do.

I don’t pretend to be completely objective about sexual abuse particularly, as something that I have experienced, (of course in my case, it was the usual male perpetrators.) I have a kinship for anyone who has gone through this. So I readily identify with the victims and hold no allegiance to perpetrators, even female ones. A woman should not get a free pass because of her gender when it comes to victimizing a young boy. I see her role in sexual abuse no different that I do a male victimizer. Not to mention, the male victim’s pain is just as real as mine is. Probably even more so, since no one even believes he is in pain to begin with. As far as the physical abuse goes, more needs to be done to insure all parties; men and women both have resources available to them when in such a dangerous situation. No one should have to take abuse, man, woman, or child.

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Statistics show that women abusers are not the rarity that many people believe it is. ‘Sexual assault of boys by females – whether they be mothers, sisters, grandmothers, or other women – is grossly underreported. In his book “Abused Boys: The Neglected Victims of Sexual Abuse,” psychologist and therapist Mic Hunter stated that “women account for 20% of the [sexual] abuse of boys.” http://www.menstuff.org/issues/byissue/abusedboys.htm

Many reading this article may feel I am betraying my gender by bringing such things to light. However, it is the ones keeping it hidden and secret that are doing the real harm. To deny the violent streak in women does not make it go away. Not only does bringing the information out help men get on with their lives, it helps women by forcing them to deal with issues that may not want to. Violence in people is not gender-based as society would have you believe. Men are no more prone to violence than women are. In fact, most violent people tend to have a psychological disorder, the most prevalent being Borderline Personality Disorder. [Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) was first introduced in 1984, so it is a relatively new psychiatric disorder] In fact, women by and large suffer more from BPD than men do. According to most studies, seventy-five percent of people with BPD are women. This does not mean everyone with BPD is going to end up abusing their spouse or children. Only that it is contributable factor and one that must be considered when it does occur. (Note: Studies show men with BPD tend to have a proclivity for violence against women they are in a relationship with, but no studies have been done to confirm the BPD connection and violence in women even though women suffer from it more than men.)

Whether it is physical, emotional or sexual abuse more must be done to protect everyone. As a true feminist (ugh I hate that word), I believe in true equality for women, that means women must be held accountable for their actions. It does not mean we put women in a position of superiority as the chauvinists did in the past with male supremacy. That is only trading patriarchy for matriarchy and both devalue the opposite sex. As a real feminist, I believe we should live in a complementary society, where men and women work together to build a more solid future for future generations. Not a competitive or combative society.

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I am ashamed to say when I saw a report on 20/20 about this very subject a few years back I actually laughed at them, I actually thought to myself, ‘Good for them it is about time women started abusing men after all the times we had to take it.’ If a male had laughed at female domestic violence victims and said good for them, I would’ve been livid but here I was laughing at them. And as ashamed as I am about admitting that, my reaction is pretty much the normal one among society. Men are laughed at when they have the courage to report domestic violence at the hands of women. They are not taken seriously. Not only that resources for them are non-existent, ever hear of a Battered Shelter for Men’ I don’t think so. Domestic violence and child molestation needs to stop being so gender biased, we need to start seeing the perpetrators for who they are and not assume the word perpetrator automatically means male. National Violence Against Women survey shows 37.5% of victims each year are men. Men are at real risk of serious physical injury.

Here are a few of the comments I got from a website called batteredmen.com. These are some of the injuries and mental anguish these men have endured;

“As I put away the shopping she stabbed me in the back with a 7″ knife. I was put on life support. It was several days before my family knew whether I would survive.”

‘She said “You realise I could kill you and get away with it”. She slept with the knife under the pillow.’

“I am 80 years old come Christmas. I am blind. I obtained a protection order against her. She laughed at it and the beatings have increased.”

These are real men who have had to endure a life of hell because feminists want to claim domestic violence and sexual abuse as solely their own. However, we know this is not the case. In fact, ‘when the perpetrator is female, boys are 10 times more likely to be abused than girls. Some studies even go so far as to report 1 in 3 incidents of sexual abuse against boys are done by female abusers.’ http://ct.essortment.com/sexualabusebo_rhpm.htm. On the other hand, male perpetrators don’t seem to be too picky, they seem to abuse both boys and girls in equal numbers. Before I go further I want to say one thing, I am not here to disparage my gender, to vilify them and make them out to be monsters. But I am here to hold up a light and say, ‘Stop putting us on a pedestal. Take us down, we don’t want to be up there. Start looking at us, really looking at us. See who we are and not what you want us to be. Not what you are comfortable with. See the darkness in us, it exist and it doesn’t simply vanish because you wish it so. Help us overcome our sins, our real sins, not your perceived ones. Not the ones you are comfortable helping us with. But the sins that wreck our lives and yours.’ In the 70’s it was I am woman, hear me roar. Today it is I am woman, hear me scream. Women who abuse are screaming for help while the men’s screams are being silenced. We must hear their screams.

Most of this article deals with physical violence against men and some sexual abuse of boys, so let’s get a profile of who we are talking about here. What kind of female has sex with young boys

My research showed the female offender committed their first deviant sexual crimes during their mid teens. However, most of the other studies I have seen, has shown the female offender committing her first crime between the ages of 18 and 27. http://www.breakingthesilence.com/female.html. According to this same site most female perpetrators don’t actively seek out their victims in the same predatory way that men do. She tends to take fewer risks overall and tends to have fewer victims as well in comparison to males who abuse. The report goes on to say most of the females had some type of relationship with the victim whether it was babysitting, parenting, sibling, teacher, etc it was far more common for the female perpetrator to wait for the victim to come to her than to go out and find one. The motivation for the abuse is also different than the males. For instance, a woman will deny it was sexual and say she did it as a form of punishment, whereas males will say they were only showing their love or the child came onto them. The article further describes the female abuser but I don’t have enough space to list everything, but it is something you check out and read for yourself.

The time has come to break down the barriers surrounding domestic violence and sexual abuse. The time has come for men to make their voices heard. The good news is more and more websites and support groups are popping up in order to give men a voice. If we are to become a truly equal society then we should not censor the pain of these courageous men because we are uncomfortable with the concept of women being violators. It will be a glorious day indeed when men have the same resources availed to them that women have. It will be a jubilant day when men are no longer ridiculed or faced with scorn for being abused by their significant other. For when such a day comes, it will truly be a day of equality for all.


America’s Independent Women

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I have been asked to speak on Chelene Nightingale’s behalf at Los Angeles City College during their Voter Ed seminar that they will be presenting on November 1st at 1pm. Chelene Nightingale is the American Independent Party gubernatorial candidate (Note: What a funny word-gubneratorial. Does that make all our governors-goobers? LOL) I have been officially allowed by her campaign to speak on her behalf, so it is just not me going out there as a supporter but it is in a somewhat official capacity as well.

If you look closely at this race, you will see a large number of women running for public office. We have two women running for governor and neither one is a Democrat. We have two women running for the Senate seat. Men seem almost non-existent in this race. Women and minorities have come to realize that the Democratic policies –which were supposed to make their lives better and provide equality–have failed miserably. Because of this those who were before beholden to the Democratic Party are beginning to reject it.

This has led women (and men) to leave the failing two party system and seek out other alternative third parties. While the Dems and GOP continue to fight among themselves, people are looking towards creating and promoting already established third parties. Let the Dems and Republicans mock this growing movement. As Mahatma Ghandi once said:  “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” We are going to win and it will be those “independent” breed of women and men that bring it to pass.

It has been an honor to work with Chelene’s campaign manager, Dani. She has been quite a  help as I try to promote Chelene as the best candidate we have for governor. Why is she the best candidate you ask? In my opinion she is the best candidate she has the best vision for California and has a plan on how to get us there. She wants to give homeschooling parents, a tax credit.  She wants to bring jobs back to California by giving small businesses tax incentives and tax breaks. She wants to halt illegal immigration by attrition. By forcing illegals to go back home, there will be more needed services for those who are in this country legally and its citizens. These reforms are needed to get this state back on its feet again.

I think it is imperative that we stop looking to the broken two party system, which is really the one party system, and start coming up with new ways to impact our government. Whether Chelene wins or loses she is taking a stand and putting the politicians on notice. We don’t need politicians, we need public servants and I feel that is what Chelene Nightingale brings to the table, more so than her rivals.

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Stupid News From Britain

Okay, we all now when you are putting out a newspaper or producing a local news channel on television, you are going to have a slow news day now and again.  And then you have to go and start creating stories out of thin air.  “Local woman prefers Whopper over Big Mac, news at 11.”  But some things really take the cake.  Let’s look at a couple of stories that were published in Telegraph.co.uk online edition.

Women prefer feminine looking men over masculine men.

Let’s say this was true.  Is it true for the vast majority of women? Or just a select few?  Now here’s is the kicker. You know what they based this attraction on-health care! You have got to be kidding me!

Now researchers believe that improvements in health care in wealthy western countries mean women do not have to worry about so much about the quality of their offspring – and so are picking more feminine looking men.

They found a direct correlation between the quality of health care and the choice of male.

In countries with better health care, the more likely women would pick a feminine looking man and visa versa.

The result was that in Sweden, which had the best health care, most women (68 per cent) preferred feminine looking men.

Now did they look at the media in Sweden?  Did they look at who is promoted as “attractive” in Sweden. Did they look at the magazines, the television shows which has a far more profound effect on who we deem attractive than health care!? No, Sweden has better health care so of course that is the reason they chose feminine looking men.

The article goes on to say:

Dr DeBruine said: “We found that women in countries like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico where the health is poorer were more attracted to masculine looking faces than women in countries like Belgium and Sweden, which have lower mortality rates and higher longevity.”


Basically it is saying poor women have to settle for slack-jawed Neanderthal men because their lack of medical insurance makes it necessary!  What? You noticed they picked countries like Mexico, Argentina and Brazil where you find a more darker skinned people and Sweden where it is predominantly White.  They are bordering on scientific racism here because the underlying tone  is Swedish women  are somehow “better” than Mexican women.  However, I will give them the benefit of the doubt in this case, even if the whole thing is utterly ridiculous.

Never mind, Mexico is also far more traditional than Sweden and so they would prefer more masculine men because they view men and women in a more traditional sense. Sweden is far more liberal and so it would make sense they prefer the liberal-leaning fem guys.  But no, it is health care! Maybe that is why Obama is so set on getting health care passed. He is a fem-looking guy.  Maybe he promised all his fem guy friends-“Hey if I get health care passed, you can get all the ladies! Countries with universal health care have women who like sissy men! You’ll be set!”

Note to the scientists-you can’t group 18-40 year old women together like they are the same thing! What I liked at 18, I sure don’t like at forty and one of the things I liked at 18 that I despise now-fem guys!

And while we are talking men and women, here’s one for you.  A genderless person.  Britain really-put down the pipe and get off the crack!

Norrie May-Welby, 48, was born a man but had a sex change operation in 1990, at the age of 28.

After becoming unhappy as a woman, May-Welby decided to become a “neuter”. The 48-year-old is now officially recognised as a person of no specific gender.


But wait, haven’t we been told if we just go around giving all these “transgender” people operations that they will all be happy from that point on and we are just being mean not ponying up thousands of dollars to pay for their operations, “medication” and other things. Well this person got the operation they weren’t happy. So now we are just supposed to address this person as what? It? Thing. At some point you are going to have to use a pronoun people!

May-Welby said: “The concepts of man or woman don’t fit me. The simplest solution is not to have any sex identification.”

The UK’s Gender Trust welcomed the case. A spokesman said: “Many people like the idea of being genderless.”

Okay well if many people like it let’s do it then. Many people thought lynching Black people was a good idea. Many people think rape is an excellent idea-Ted Bundy sure did. Many people like the idea of  skinning kittens.  If many people like, I am sure it is an excellent idea. Is it no wonder Britain is going down the toilet and the only sane person in the entire country seems to be Daniel Hannan? And I love how this person says it is the simplest solution.  Really? Simple-maybe for you but not for the rest of us.  But I forgot, it is all about you, May isn’t it? Just like it is all about each and every one of us and we don’t have to take other people into account. But I shouldn’t be too hard on May, this is obviously a very sick person. But I am mad at the government for celebrating  and validating this person’s sickness instead of trying to help them. It is gross negligence at its worst.

Jeane Robertson’s Comedy

In recent years most comedy has been vulgar and demeaning. No matter if it was a man or a woman, you could be certain to hear the most vile and crass things ever uttered out of the mouths of a comedians.  As a stand up comedian myself, I have often wanted to do my comedy in a place where “clean” comics worked. No such luck. Through the years we have occasionally gotten a Bill Cosby, a Steve Martin and my favorite a Jeff Cesario (he was big on Comic Strip Live back in the day-see if you can find any of his clips, he is a riot!) but such talents were few and far between. Enter Jeane Robertson.  Jeane Robertson is a breath of fresh air. She is not a twenty something, cheerleader/airhead whose only life experience is being a rock n roll groupie. She is a classy, elegant woman and wife who speaks to her audience with respect. We need mor Jeane Robertsons.

A Real Feminist Would…..

I am so sick of feminism being associated with these hateful, leftist women emma-smithwho want nothing more than to tear donwn the traditional family, our country and even God himself. I am part of an organization that was built on true feminism-The Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These women knew they were daughters of God and acted accordingly. So in line with the true feminism of the past, I have decided to write a short essay on what a real feminist would do today.

A real feminist would……

sonogram-pic61) Fight to end abortion.  No true feminist would ever pit mother against child and would help the mother improve her lot so she could raise her child more successfully. She would know abortion is about man’s freedom, not hers and she would fight the greedy profiteers who get rich off women’s pain.  A true feminist would abhor abortion as a man’s way of ditching his responsibility to the woman and the child.  She would not view it as a woman’s right at all but as women being failed.

2) Fight for school choice. She would want all children to be able to go to the best schools and would allow parents to pick the schools instead of school districts.   Her allegiance would not be with the failing schools, the inept teachers and bureaucrats but with the parents and the children. She would encourage homeschooling and allow parents the opportunity to educate their own children without government interference.

you_may_now_kiss_the_bride3) Fight for marriage which provides women and children the best opportunity for grow.  She would know that women are safer in a marriage than they are out of it.  She would fight for true marriage equality which keeps the woman a necessary part of marriage through heterosexual unions and would fight gay marriage which removes woman as a necessary part of marriage.  She would understand authentic marriage is already equal and gay marriage is a discriminatory practices that relegates women to second class citizens unworthy of marriage.

4)  Fight for capitalism.  It is not socialism that brings people out of man_throwing_moneypoverty, rather it keeps them in it. It is capitalism that allows people to be successful and promotes individual effort. It is capitalism that rewards creativity, ingenuity and self-reliance. It is capitalism that allows us to have choice-Pepsi or Coke,  Dell or HP, Big Mac or Whooper.  Without the competition that forces companies to produce better products at reasonable prices we would all live under monopolies and be forced to buy from a solitary company (mainly the government) that never had to produce a quality product because they knew we had no other choice.

5) Fight for the rights of men. That’s right-men. They wouldn’t allow their brothers, fathers, sons, husbands and other important men in their life to be degraded and abused.  They would see that men and women are not enemies but complementary units needed not only to survive but thrive. They would understand that by working with men and not against them we achieve a level of excellence we cannot achieve otherwise.  That their strengths does not make us weak.  That by building all people up, men and women, Black and White,  Jew and Gentile, that we are building up God’s kingdom on Earth.  We are building a nation of supreme beings. We lose ourselves not because we reach out to men but because we cut ourselves off from them.

old-new-testament_bxp255616) Most importantly, they would fight for God and the free expression of religion, most specifically Christianity.  The belief in Jesus Christ has done more to uplift people than any liberal social program has ever done.  The belief in God has caused people to leave behind life long addictions and change their life. That no one has ever been able to top the Ten Commandments as the most complete guide to living a moral life and achieving happiness.

Ah, yes this is what a real feminist would believe and fight for. Too bad there are not more of them. We need all the real feminists we can get.

And I Thought I Was The Mother of All Conservatives

There is a new website called, “The Mother of All Conservatives.”  You can find it on my blogroll and was started by Dana Loesch. Dana Loesch is also known as Mamalogues (you can read about my mention in her blog entitled, “Black N Right mentioned in Mamalogues.”) She has joined other women in this endeavor.  It is sort of like Smart Girl Politics, where the best and the brightest women of the conservative movement meet.  However, unlike Smart Girls Politics you cannot join.  Which is a shame because Dana is obviously a bright woman who it would be great to get to  know better and leaving a comment now and then doesn’t really cut it.

Dana is not an over the hill, fuddy duddy like me. LOL. She is a young woman who sees the way to restore this country is not by repeating the liberal mistakes that have torn down our important institutions and replaced them with hedonism and immorality but by clinging to the American values that have succeeded in making our country great in the first place.  What Democrats seem to forget is that is the Republicans that have always been on the forefront of change,  positive change that would influence our country to further greatness. It is the Republicans that ended slavery, it was a Republican House that advanced the civil rights bill to end segregation, it was a Republican President that sent the National Guard to Little Rock, Arkansas so four Black children could attend school. It was the Republicans who first brought to our attention the slave trade in Dafur.  It has always been the Republicans that have done the most to help people in the most dire of circumstances. And with people like Dana standing up and speaking out on behalf of true Republicans everywhere, we can once again become the party of the people.  A claim which Democrats have surreptitiously taken as their own.

God bless Dana (I just love her name. Probably because people for some reason seem unable to say DE-NA and so I get called Dana more than you would know.) and all the other “mothers” out there who are reclaiming the Republican Party as our own.  With leadership like Dana, Teri Christoph and Sarah Palin we will be taking down the outmoded feminist leadership before long.

Obama To Lift Restrictions on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Nothing this man does surprises me. In fact, for me to be surprised he would have to act in the best interest of the American people and not his twisted ideology.  In his world, embryos just abound all by themselves. In the real world, you need to put women in danger to make this “science” work.  Let’s put aside that you are killing a human life to make this so call science work.  Let’s put aside all the moral qualms one has about killing embryos and what that means.  How do you produce embryos? You produce them by knocking women up-hello! Why is there not more outrage from the women’s organizations?  This is no more than using women as chattel!

What do you need to make an embryo? A woman’s egg! That means you give women dangerous drugs to stimulate her ovaries, so they will produce more than the customary one egg.  You then go inside a woman and in an invasive procedure extract the eggs mix them with sperm (which is a whole lot easier to get and doesn’t require any surgery, just a porn mag and a hand!) and then only then do you have an embryo! In fact, there are not even enough women of child-bearing age on the entire planet to even make embryonic stem cell research a possibility to cure any disease! So why do we keep pursuing it! Obama says he will be guided by science not ideology.  Well, if that is the truth why isn’t he pursuing adult stem cells which come from the person themselves and have worked successfully in over 70 therapies  and treatments already?  Why? Because he cares nothing about science and is guided by his thirst for power.

Adult stem cells can even mimic embryonic stem cells without the cancer that embryonic stem cells cause. That’s right, not only do you have to put women in danger and kill a human being but embryonic stem cells have proved cancerous in the therapies used.  To further elaborate on the dangers embryonic stem cell research causes to women, when women have undergone voluntary in vitro fertilization to have their own children the following side effects have been reported:

1) kidney failure

2) enlarged ovaries

3) blood clots

4) death

Of course, if you go to any IVF site they won’t tell you about the deaths from Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)  and will simply tell you about the nausea and bloating.  What they also don’t tell you that unlike men who make sperm their entire lives women are born with a fixed number of eggs.  “A woman is born with her entire life supply of eggs, approximately 1-2 million. At the time of her first menstrual period, the number of eggs has diminished to 300,000-400,000. Each cycle, hundreds of eggs undergo stimulation and usually only one is released during ovulation; the others are reabsorbed and are not functional.”


So just getting our period means we have already lost hundred of eggs and you want to take more from us? For what? For a child we won’t even get to hold?  So you can kill it and kill the person who will receive these treatments?  All this is about money, not science! It is barbaric and feminists who are telling the government to stay out of their wombs need to be doing in this case because in this case everyonoe loses! Only the mad scientists and hateful ideologues like Obama win! OBAMA-STAY OUT OF MY WOMB!!!!