Is Trump the New Palin?

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Donald Trump has been all over the news as of late making his bid for the presidency. His criticism of Obama has been received with glowing accolades from the Right. However, is the Right just so desperate for anyone to pick up the mantle of their cause that even Donald Trump would suffice?

Trump has even joined the “birther” bandwagon, wanting to know where Obama’s birth certificate is. Of course, this all seems a little Johnny come lately considering that the Right has taken severe blows for even asking this question for the past two years.Orly Taitz, most of all, has been made out to be some deranged psychopath whose only interest is taking down the United States government. So why is it now suddenly not the height of treason to demand the President actually follow the Constitution in terms of proving his eligibility.

Like Palin before, everyone  on the Left is sort of writing off Trump as some kind of quack. However, what the Left has yet to learn from their row with Palin is that Right is not so quick to cast people aside because they don’t fit into their notion of what a politician should be. If anything the fact that Trump is NOT a career politician might actually work in his favor.

Palin struck a chord with the American conservative public because they saw their own lives in her. She had respect for the conservative values and did not talk about conceding their values in the name of bipartisanship. (Of course, we all know bipartisanship only works in one direction, the conservatives must always be bipartisan, the Left never does!)

The glow seems to be fading somewhat from Palin but could it be restored with Trump’s emergence into the political arena. Will they team up together and run as a ticket? Or will Trump overtake Palin as the next supposed conservative icon? With Planned Parenthood on the ropes, despite its temporary reprieve in the Senate by cowardly Republicans who wouldn’t know a winning situation if it spit in their face, and with more backlash against liberalism everyday and with the Tea Party emerging as viable third party we are seeing the demise of liberalism. However, who will be able to take the conservative momentum and parlay it into a doable agenda and help restore our republic?

Trump? Palin? As much respect as I have for Palin and as much as I generally admire Trump’s rise to power, I don’t think either of them have what it takes to make this country great again. Who does? Only time will tell. Let’s just hope whoever it is remembers that the American people are their employers not  the DNC or the RNC. God bless America.


Running for President in 2012

So 2012 is right around the corner and I am not pleased with any of the possible Presidential candidates. So I have decided to do the impossible-I am going to run for the Presidency! Hey you already sent one inexperienced, community organizer to the Presidency, why not send another. At least I like America! Now, of course, I am not deluded enough to think I am going to win but I can get the message out there.  Of course, with my luck I would pull off a Barack Obama and be “Oh crap! Now I am President, what do I do now?”

My hope is that someone worth my vote will man up and then I can support them, but if no one does then it is up to me to do it myself. I am tired of social conservative being told to sit down and shut up! I am not going to the back of the bus, America! I will not be told by fiscal conservatives that saving money is more important than saving children! That the education of the populous is somehow a luxury, but jobs for the populous is not!

I want my country back! I want my God back! I want my children back! So how do I plan on getting these things back you may ask?

Gordon B. Hinckley

1) Well we have to start off by restoring the family. So instead of the UN’s “Rights of the Child” and while I support the “Parental Rights Amendment” currently being circulated, what we really need is the “The Rights of the Family.”  I think Gordon B. Hinckley did it best with The Family: A Proclamation to the World

The family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity…We warn that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets.

We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.

As President, I would make the preservation of the family, my first priority. You cannot have a healthy society if you have failing families. My whole puropose on this planet is to restore the family, I take that purpose very seriously. In a nutshell, I would only support pro-life, pro-marriage measures and would veto all legislation that runs contrary to that.

2.  My second goal would be to restore God to this land of ours. That doesn’t mean I am going to force anyone to believe in God (even God himself won’t do that, so why would I?) but it does mean, you crybaby atheists are going to have to get over yourselves and the pledge of allegiance will stand as it is. You have the right not to say it. If it kills you to be quiet for 20 seconds while it is being said…too bad! It also mean if a kindergartner wants to draw a picture of Jesus or a valedictorian wants to give thanks to Jesus Christ in her speech, they will be allowed to do so! It also means that public nativity scenes will not be banned at Christmas and people will once again be allowed to say “Merry Christmas” when shopping for gifts.  I will strike down the tax exempt law that prevents churches from speaking out on social issues of the day. This will free up churches to do their job once more and organize coalitions to help change specific situations that may fall into “political” parameters. The law was nothing but a smokescreen to shut Dr. King up anyway and needs to be struck down as unconstitutional!

3. I will take on the teachers unions and bring educator tyrants to their knees. It is time that the parent’s became responsible for their children’s education again. This means the decision where the child would go to school will be up to the parents not a bunch of bureaucrats who don’t know anything about your child.  Teachers-I am not your friend, I am a friend and advocate of the students! If you don’t plan on educating them, then I am coming for you! If you don’t care about them, then get out of the profession, we don’t need you! We need people who care about our children/students, who want the best for them! We need people like Mrs. Jones, Mrs. West, and Mrs. Radcliffe-teachers who put their students first and in the case of Mrs. Radcliffe actually taught a 4th grader how to think for herself! No more rubber rooms, no more tenure, no more unions holding the American people hostage! Do your job or get fired!

 4. Taxes-first of all the whole tax code needs to be thrown out and started over. There is no reason that the code so be difficult and convulted. We need to stop taxing people for every single breath they take.  If the Dems are so eager to pay more taxes, I will happily accomodate them.Give me your name, social security number and I will be sure to double your taxes for you. No problem. There needs to be a flat tax, if God’s church can survive on a flat tax (tithing) then so can the government. Estate tax is absolutely diabolical and needs to be eliminated. There is no reason to make the dead pay taxes too! It is absolutely ghoulish! By lifting the tax burden off of so many people, we allow business to grow and more people will be able to get jobs.  As for those businesses who continually outsource their jobs, I will fine you until your grandchildren’s grandchildren are paying the fine.  Hire Americans or else!

This is simply the beginning but you get the gist of it.

And I Thought I Was The Mother of All Conservatives

There is a new website called, “The Mother of All Conservatives.”  You can find it on my blogroll and was started by Dana Loesch. Dana Loesch is also known as Mamalogues (you can read about my mention in her blog entitled, “Black N Right mentioned in Mamalogues.”) She has joined other women in this endeavor.  It is sort of like Smart Girl Politics, where the best and the brightest women of the conservative movement meet.  However, unlike Smart Girls Politics you cannot join.  Which is a shame because Dana is obviously a bright woman who it would be great to get to  know better and leaving a comment now and then doesn’t really cut it.

Dana is not an over the hill, fuddy duddy like me. LOL. She is a young woman who sees the way to restore this country is not by repeating the liberal mistakes that have torn down our important institutions and replaced them with hedonism and immorality but by clinging to the American values that have succeeded in making our country great in the first place.  What Democrats seem to forget is that is the Republicans that have always been on the forefront of change,  positive change that would influence our country to further greatness. It is the Republicans that ended slavery, it was a Republican House that advanced the civil rights bill to end segregation, it was a Republican President that sent the National Guard to Little Rock, Arkansas so four Black children could attend school. It was the Republicans who first brought to our attention the slave trade in Dafur.  It has always been the Republicans that have done the most to help people in the most dire of circumstances. And with people like Dana standing up and speaking out on behalf of true Republicans everywhere, we can once again become the party of the people.  A claim which Democrats have surreptitiously taken as their own.

God bless Dana (I just love her name. Probably because people for some reason seem unable to say DE-NA and so I get called Dana more than you would know.) and all the other “mothers” out there who are reclaiming the Republican Party as our own.  With leadership like Dana, Teri Christoph and Sarah Palin we will be taking down the outmoded feminist leadership before long.

Sarah Palin is One Hot Mama!

This video combines Trace Adkins-who I love-and Sarah Palin-who totally rocks!   I went and checked out the site and it is basically the same pictures you see here so it i is not some kind of trap that then goes and blast Sarah Palin.

I love this song because it is time the Mommas of the world were made to feel like they were still desirable.  Not to all the creeps in the world but to the men they have married and pledged their lives to. Sure it might be a bit on the corny side but it is an anthem for all the Hot Mamas out there!

Oh one more thing, congratulations Bristol on your baby boy. I hope he brings you years of joy! So I guess the Palin brood now has two hot Mamas in it. LOL

Saxby Chambliss Wins Georgia!

saxby-chambliss1 This is great news for conservative Republicans. For the last month we have been waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the Georgia senatorial race. We knew if we lost to Jim Martin, who Obama was heavily backing, that Obama would basically have free reign as they would have an unstoppable majority.

Chambliss won the contest by nearly 60 percent. It was 57 to 43 in favor of Chambliss. You often hear people say that one person can’t make a difference, in this case, not only did it make a difference, it has saved our country from becoming a completely socialist nation under Obama. Palin went down to Georgia to endorse Chambliss. So much for her being a liability to the Republican party. The National Republican Trust PAC spent 1.2 million dollars to defeat Jim Martin. As far as political campaigns go that is small potatoes. So to pull off such a defeat when you got big league hitters such as Bill Clinton and Obama coming out in support of a candidate, shows how much this country is rejecting liberal talking heads-or at least Georgia.

bill-clinton-and-jim-martinThe election of Saxby Chambliss shows that while we are down, we are not out and we still have an opportunity to make sure Obama has a very rough four years getting his radical agenda through. With crazy legislation like FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act), ENDA (Employment Non Discrimination Act) and other controversial bills being proposed and being that Obama owes favors to these people for tossing the Constitution aside and electing a potential foreigner to the office of President, we have to make sure we keep him in check.

So congratulations Georgia and thanks for seeing beyond the hype and electing a candidate that the Left absolutely tried to defeat. It shows with some gumption, a little money and a really good slingshot you too can bring down Goliath. But we have to keep up the fight. This is only the first of many long battles before us. God bless all of you who are not backing down, we need all of you and your spirit to continue “to bring forth a new nation” as we did with our first Republican leader seven score and eight years ago.

A Sarah Palin Tribute — Part 2

Well my friends, my good buddy-David Bozeman- has written another thought-provoking article on Sarah Palin. And since his last one was so well-received here, I deemed it an honor to post this one as well. Of course, there is one thing that needs to be mentioned here which no one seems to be talking about-well except for Hank Williams Jr.-Sarah just doesn’t govern Alaska, she saved it from the brink of ruin. She has far more experience dealing with a failing economy than Obama has-but America made its choice and it went for the village idiot. Got to love the PSP Generation.A

A Sarah Palin Tribute – Part 2                                                                                                                           by David Bozeman

The true measure of a leader lies not in a gushing dissection of her many attributes but in gauging her effect on others, though in the case of Sarah Palin I could spend all day on both. The truly greats, of course, the Winston Churchills and the Ronald Reagans, embody ideals much bigger than themselves and are definable not by the latest CNN poll numbers but by their legacies. Sarah Palin’s impact on modern conservatism is incalculable, from the mundane — curing a certain someone’s severe case of writer’s block, to the profound — ginning up the conservative base and inspiring special-needs citizens and their families.

She has a gift to, without even trying, bring out the best in those who follow her. She inspired John McCain, for instance, to choose her and not Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge. A brilliant move and he looked better with her on the ticket. She saved a Republican Party teetering on the brink of oblivion. Unfortunately, she could not undo in nine weeks what the party had done to itself for the better part of eight years, but she bought us time.

She has paid for the time with undeniable, hypnotic likability. Watching her in her warm, homey kitchen, cooking and washing her hands during a Greta Van Susteren interview on Fox News is the modern-day equivalent for certain political junkies of wishing you were a Brady kid. And because we like her we want to protect her. Even this owly, bookish type has become quite chivalrous — criticize me if you want, knock George W. Bush and I’ll say nothing, but don’t mess with Sarah. Conservative women, who well know that she is tough and can take care of herself, see her as a little sister they want to look out for.
Once you protect her, and because she defines authenticity, you are upholding her’s — and your own — values: common sense, rugged self-reliance, traditional family, faith, etc.

She not only personifies, she rouses an ideal in American life that owes as much to populism as to conservatism, the notion that everyday, small-town Americans cannot only beat City Hall but run it. If she were a liberal Democrat, her meteoric climb would be celebrated like a modern day Mr. Smith Goes to Washington or Farmers’s Daughter, the 1947 Oscar winner (starring the now underrated Loretta Young) about a housekeeper whose homespun wisdom and integrity catapult her to Congress.

But, of course, in 2008, Washington-media culture is predominantly liberal, so she must be stopped. A pro-life, PTA mom from a hick town 3000-plus miles from the New York-Washington-Ivy League corridor threatens the ruling class that thinks that they and they alone possess the brain power and moral certitude to mold public policy. Joe the Plumber may not have been the spawn of Sarah Palin, but he backtalked the anointed leader and then joined the McCain/Palin campaign. This temper tantrum must be nipped in the bud lest the other children in flyover country think they can govern themselves, too.

Beyond ideology, the Sarah Palins of the world are the incubators, not just of the next generation, but, as Camille Paglia noted, of the next generation of feminism. Aging, unmarried feminists may produce the dogma, but the Sarah Palins are making babies and instilling values.

It is not just that their values jibe seamlessly with their lives — their values are the right ones. America may occasionally need tweaking and bumper sticker platitudes promising hope and change may win the day. But certain cornerstones never crumble, namely faith and family. Sarah Palin — and the millions of moms she inspires — is not just a conduit, she is a cradle. She is a great governor, but it is the woman who fills the arenas.

Sarah Palin and the Conservative Women’s Movement


Sarah Palin did more than just revitalize the conservative base of the Republican party who after years of dealing with RINOs had someone just like them running for the second highest post in the nation. Sarah Palin gave women like me a voice and a role model to emulate. Someone who had the same concerns, desires and goals for not only America but for family as we did. Someone who didn’t act like they swallowed a Roget’s Thesaurus and put on airs of superiority.


The feminists hated Palin because she was everything they were not. Married, happy and the governor of the largest state in the Union! She stepped on their toes, because she considered herself a hockey Mom before anything else. It was her children that meant the most to her, not her governorship, though she did take that office very seriously. She believes in God and through her political office she often would often speak at Christian events. [But if Obama wanted to speak at Satanists for Choice that wouldn’t be a problem.] So because she used her position to glorify Jesus Christ she is a menace that needs to be dealt with. Her greatest sin however is she didn’t abort her child Trig because of his Down’s Syndrome. Instead she and Todd had him and love him. How dare she! She had no right to bring a child like Trig in this world, she should’ve done the right thing-at least in their eyes-and aborted him.

sarah-palins-family2Conservative women like me learned long ago that feminist women are worse than the misogynistic men they claim to fight. For they seek to control every aspect of their adherent’s life. So the true independent thinkers are not feminist women who all regurgitate the same party line but the conservative women. She will not be told what to do, especially by a bunch of unhappy, bitter women who despise their innate femininity. Conservative women do not need to behave like tramps in order to secure a man. They do not need to flaunt their body to create an aura of mystique. They do not need to undervalue children to value their career. Even if that “career” is a stay at home mother. Conservative women give more to help the underprivileged then liberal women will ever give. It is her connection to God, family and country that make the conservative woman a leader in her community.

Sarah is proof of this. With Sarah, we found someone who speaks our language. Someone who shares our ideals. Someone who has tremendous success without having to sacrifice those things most important to her. Sarah has become our champion for all those who are proud to be Moms. Sarah has ignited a fire not only in the conservative women, but the conservative man as well. I have a male friend who is simply crazy about her and attributes the rekindling of his passion for politics to her. This is the magic of Sarah, she reaches out to everyone. Young, old, rich, poor, men, women, Black and White. In a recent poll, sixty percent of Republicans, you know those who actually vote and not the sorry political pundits, say Sarah Palin actually HELPED John McCain, not hurt him.

Feminist women are trying to say Sarah doesn’t speak for women. Well sorry to burst your bubble, sister but neither do you! Women can speak for themselves they don’t need the likes of you trying to brainwash them. Sarah spoke for herself and as such she ended up speaking for millions of women like me. Not all women, but a whole lot more than who the feminists supposedly speak for. There is one good thing about Obama and his impending presidency, he has awakened the conservative movement. We were all too complacent beforehand. Now we have focus, we have a mission-he has given us back the will to fight the liberal establishment. And the people at the forefront of this new conservative movement will be women. As he seeks to protect abortionists and bloody our wombs, we will be there. As he seeks to take away school choice for parents, we will be there. As he seeks to open the borders and let illegals slay us, we will be there. As he seeks to sit down with terrorists and create more 9/11s, we will be there. We are not backing down. We are not quitting. We will reign victorious because we have a righteous army of women standing up to evil! We are the new conservative movement and we are a force to be reckoned with!