Colin Powell Hires Illegal Immigrants

Colin Powell, Secretary of State.

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I have never liked Colin Powell but I like him less as a conservative than I ever did as a liberal. It is this kind of weak-kneed liberal hogwash why we are in the mess we are in. It is disgraceful that liberals are always trying to paint criminals as the victims while completely ignoring the real victims of this mass invasion of our country.

While he talks about the need to protect our borders you can’t do that by letting everyone in. If anyone should understand this it is an Army General and the former Secretary of State for crying out loud. He goes on to say he is not happy to see the direction the Republican Party is going in.  Neither are we, Mr. Powell! People like you are calling yourself Republicans when in truth you are nothing but a traitorous liberal.

I was talking to my son as we were walking to his school and we started talking about immigration and he said and I quote “You just can’t let everyone into the country Mommy. What about the bad guys and the people who are sick!” HE WAS IN KINDERGARTEN WHEN UTTERED THOSE WORDS!!!

So you mean to tell me a 5 year old understands immigration in its most basic form and a four star general does not? Are you friggin’ kidding me with this. Granted my son is highly intelligent, more so than even most of the adults I know but come on people, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that in order to protect our borders you can’t let just anyone in. With the murder of Arizona rancher, Robert Krantz who was killed by an illegal invader a few months back, it is time we get serious about illegals!

As for Colin, if he is knowingly hiring illegals he should be brought up on charges for hiring people he knows are breaking the law. As a military man he is supposed to be about law and order. If a four star general is getting away with this what is stop anyone from doing the same. Until people like him are jailed or fined heavily, this will keep happening. And Colin there is no illegals working in my house and I resent you saying so!

Any way you look at this statement by Colin it does  not spell good news.

1) He is knowingly hiring people he knows are in this country illegally. As such he is betraying his own country and turning his back on her citizens by hiring these people.

2) He is just assuming every Hispanic guy who is fixing his house is here illegally when they could very well be legal residents or citizens.

So he is either complicit in a crime or he is straight up racist. Either way does not bode well for him.  Colin,  if this is how you are going to treat your country then please jump ship and go over to the rest of the America haters in the Democratic party.

The NAACP, The Tea Party and Me

As someone who attended the first Tea Party April 15, 2009 and has attended subsequent ones since then I find it infuriating the Tea Party is constantly being hurled with allegations of racism from people who have never been to one like the NAACP. I have never been insulted because of my color when I showed up at Tea Party rally. Do you think I would take my five year old son (now six) to an environment that would insult him and his mother’s heritage? Give me a break.

My son recently asked me, “Mommy when are we going to another rally?” This was after dragging him to every Tea Party, every End the Fed and every other conservative rally I could find for months on end.  Most of the time he didn’t want to go but I thought it was important for him to know we have to keep the government in check. We cannot let them get so out of control that they start taking away our liberties for “the good of all.” I often joked, he is going to grow up and go to every rally he can find and  protesting the government will become like breathing to him. Or he will hate rallies so much, he will sock you in the eye just for mentioning them. LOL. At least he will have something to talk about in therapy years from now, “Yeah my mother was always dragging me to one rally or another. It was like being a hippie but with morals.”

The NAACP has no idea what goes on at these rallies, so let me tell you what does. Unity-people are cordial to each other as we protest the overreaching government waste. Laughter-some of the signs I have seen have definitely given me a good laugh. People rarely scream (only when chanting slogans but other than that, no!) but laughter seems to fill the air. Brotherhood-there is a sense that we are all in this together and we need everyone to get us out of it. That without working as a team, things are not going to improve. Focus-while everyone comes from different backgrounds and different beliefs, the focus is on the fiscal responsibility of government and returning to the enumerated powers they have been given. The Constitution-you will often find people giving out pocket constitution. I got people w ho wanted to do my Constitution class online. The Constitution is the Guest of Honor at any Tea Party rally.

Are there racists in the Tea Party? Who knows, maybe but you couldn’t go by me because I have not run into a single one. I have not been made to feel unwelcomed at any Tea Party event. Everyone has always been friendly and I have been received with open arms. There has been a few comments like, “It is great to see a Black person here.” and if that is racism they really need to work harder on it. The only thing I can find “wrong” with that comment is that it focuses on me being Black instead of me being just another American wanting the best for my child and my country.

Have there been throngs of Blacks at the Tea Party rallies I have attended? No! But  that doesn’t mean there haven’t been any or that I was always the only one. There have been a few Blacks there whenever I went and if there is not more is because they have been duped by the liberal media thinking that even if they agreed with their cause they would not be welcomed. My poli sci teacher actually asked me if I was getting paid to attend these Tea Parties? Supposedly he was joking but it just goes to show how liberals think. That money is the driving force of everything and I couldn’t happen to believe in what they were saying unless I was getting paid for it. I believe in it because liberalism hasn’t produced one result in my life that ultimately enhanced it. I believe in conservatism because it has done more to motivate to change my circumstances than liberalism ever did. I believe in the cause of Tea Party because government in its best intention to help me has done more to keep down and impoverished than it has ever done to alleviate it.  I believe in the Tea Party because socialism hasn’t worked for me and I believe getting out of my way and allowing me to achieve my dream is what I and every person is entitled to.

So NAACP please shut up, you have no idea of what it is like for those of us who are Black and patriotic and attend the Tea Party.  You can’t have an idea because of your  hatred for America and everything it represents. Yes, America has not had a perfect history show me a nation that has, but America has done more to atone for  her sins than any other nation on Earth and continues to fight for liberty all around this globe and I resent you and your liberal buddies taking down my country. Now if you want to help it get back on its feet-more power to you. If you don’t, you need to get to steppin’  because your ignorance and vileness against Whites and the Tea Party will not be tolerated!

Your Beverage of Choice

Since the Tea Party has sprouted last spring and made history as patriots tried to take back their country there have been others trying to drown it during its earliest inception.  The mainstream media thought it nothing more than a joke and that it was a bunch of racist rednecks who are all about hating minorities, immigrants and gays. That all we do is sit around and say; “Hmm,  who  can we hate today?”  They got it all wrong. It was about trying to get back to the time where the government was not so out of control and the people actually had a say in how it was run. No we don’t want a return to slavery. No, we don’t want to keep women from voting.  No, we don’t think America is perfect but we don’t think it is a cesspool of filth either. There is a happy medium.  The Tea Party drew its name from a group of patriots who refused to pay the exorbiant tea tax considering they had no say in their own colonial government in America or in the parliamentary one back in England.  So they dumped all the tea in the Boston Harbor one evening. [Though that whole dressing up as Indians, I have a problem with. It would’ve been more courageous had they done it just being themselves and not hid in disguises.]  That is where the current Tea Party differs, there are no disguises, no false fronts being put on, people are coming as themselves and declaring themselves to be patriots.  It is truly a courageous bunch of people.

Now we have others trying to copy the success of the Tea Party. We have the Coffee Party.  This is what their mission is according to their site:

MISSION: The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them.

Sounds good right? Okay but what do you consider positive solutions. The Tea Party is clear on what it wants,  limited government by adhering to the powers given to it in the Constituion,  lower taxes and less government interference in our daily lives.  What do we mean by less government interference-well welfare would be a good example. When you are on welfare you become beholden to the government for all your needs.  So yes, it is true people at Tea Parties don’t like welfare, it is not because of the people on it, it is because they feel that is overreaching and creating dependency that becomes that much harder to overcome.  And I for one can vouch, people on welfare deserve better.

Next, they want to hold people who obstruct these positive solutions accountable.  Also sounds good but if you don’t know what these positive solutions are then anyone can become an “obstructionist” and be held accountable. Now if they are simply going to vote them out of office, that is fine that is what we have the democratic process for.  However, when a liberal says you are too far left, you got some problems. This also comes from their website:

I am a liberal but more of an independent lefty open to any ideas that make sense and solve problems. So far all I am seeing on this site is 99% typical same ole’ far left talking points and the same old name calling of anything right of far left. As a moderate I see posts telling me that I am the problem. What is diverse or new about that?

Okay so if a liberal feels left out in a left-slanting organization, something is wrong somewhere. When I went to the Santa Monica Tea Party there was a lesbian there who was proudly carrying her sign. No one ran her off, no one call her some derogatory name or told her she didn’t belong there. We didn’t even tell the woman holding her pro-Obama sign that she had to take a hike. All views were truly welcomed.   Not like this person who had this to say:

We have allowed these people to have the stage alone for far too long. I know for a fact that if we put together counter events that Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow, would promote them.

Progressives made a HUGE mistake allowing these people to get their nonsense over the airwaves unchallenged. We should have been at every single town meeting shouting these people down. They were loud and effective and caused the Democrats to retreat on health care.

Doesn’t sound like the so-called civil discourse they are supposedly promoting.  Most town halls didn’t turn into shouting matches. They were concerned citizens asking legitimate questions and were getting no answers.  It was the Left that tried to make Tea Partiers and their townhalls look like something it was not.  But shouting matches is what they are best at, so it doesn’t surprise me.

So enough of this phony-baloney wannabe- Coffee Party (and what is with all the beverage names? The Tea Party took its name from an act of rebellion in our history, it wasn’t like they all got together and voted and more people liked tea so they named it the Tea Party!)  Next there is the Patriots Beer Party.  But after Obama’s famous beer summits, this might not be the best way to set you apart from Obama.  These are people who feel disenchanted by the Tea Party and feel it is being taken over by the GOP. That is definitely a valid point, the GOP brushed it off initially and when they saw how it was growing they jumped on the bandwagon. I don’t like that either to be truthful.  But if it is about all people having a voice then those in the GOP should be listened to, as long as they are not trying to fit it to their own agenda.  And no GOP big wig should have any position in the Tea Party besides that of member.  It is time more people had a chance to shine and not just the seasoned politicians and their cronies.

“The Beer Party Creed:I am in the famous Beer party Crew. We know of no Patriots produced by any other country whose freedom is so vigorously defended. Our exclusive Constitution has aged and produced these Re-Founding Fathers. You will find no Astroturfers who are Our equal at any price.

Great creed and I like its moxie.  It has a place that discusses the Constitution, which is absolutely important.  Until you know what is in the Constitution, you can’t defend it.  However, it has no clear cut purpose either. It can’t be “We are mad at the Tea Party! So we are going to have our own movement!” You need a clear cut purpose of what you are fighting for or against, without that it becomes about everything and nothing and everything gets bogged down. The Tea Party would let no speaker speak if it wasn’t about taxes and government spending. It wasn’t that didn’t believe in other conservative causes as well but this was about taxes and government spending…period.  The Tea Party become a force to be reckoned with because it stuck to this original purpose. It also picked significant dates for its protests. April 15th-Tax Day.  July 4th, Independence Day-these days stick out in people’s minds so it made sense to do it on that day.  Whether or not these two parties (movements) will make it, time will only tell but for the time being I think I will stick to Tea thank you very much.

Satan Lives At Union Station and Other Kid Wisdom

The older my son gets the more intrigued I get by the way he sees the world. While he does definitely have some of me in him, [“The bad guys are Democrats!” he will utter as he is playing his Nintendo DS for instance] there is also a lot of “wisdom” that is solely him and that I get a kick out of.  All mothers have stories like this. Your kid will say something and you will go, “Hmmm, that is a good point, I never thought of it that way.” So I am going to share some of my child’s wisdom with you.

Satan lives at Union Station

Since that is the title of this piece, let’s start there. Why does Adonai think Satan lives at Union Station?  Well it makes sense when you break it down. Hell is a place below us and Satan lives in Hell.  Union Station is also underground or below us and since Satan lives below us it must mean he lives at Union Station.  Given some of the characters I have run into at Union Station, he just might be right.

Liberals would

As I was walking my son to school one day, we saw a pair of pants in the middle of the street. Not on the sidewalk or near the curb but in the middle of the street. I thought it odd, I had never seen clothing  just lying in the middle of the street before like that.  So I asked rhetorically, of course, who would get naked in the middle of the street? His reply was “Liberals would.” I almost died laughing.  Again I had to agree with him. If anyone was going to get naked in the middle of the street, it would be a liberal.


This is not so much “wisdom” but what he used to call our skeleton. Instead of skeleton, he called it skeleskin. Also when you break it down, it does make a lot more sense. Since the skeleton is beneath a layer of skin, it should be called skeleskin.  That is one of my favorite words he created. That and padwin for pattern. Okay padwin has no logic to it whatsoever but it sounds so cute!

We’re Being Read

This was probably the spookiest of them all.  One day, he couldn’t have been more than 2 years old, we were walking down the street and he told me. “Mommy, we’re being read.”  So I asked him what he meant by that. He went on to explain “We’re in a book and we’re being read.”  So I asked him who was reading us. He answered back, “God.”  Now I had never addressed the Book of Life with him and neither had anyone else in his life.  Yet here he was quoting scripture.

He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.                                                                   ~Rev. 3:5

Then again children intutively understand God alot more than adults do as they are much closer to him then we adults will ever be. We lose that intimate relationship as we age but as a child we have perfect faith in our Father in Heaven so it does not surprise he would use my son to quote scripture at me, even if he does not know it.  I don’t know what God wanted me to take from that, maybe that he is looking out for us and not to fret because we are always “being read.”

In any case, I just wanted to share my son’s wisdom with you. And I would love to her about your child sages as well. So fill me in.

Changing the Tide: Conservative Comeback

To paraphrase Barbara Mandrell, “I was conservative when conservatism wasn’t cool.” However the tide seems be changing, it seems that conservatism is making major comeback among Americans as more and more people are calling themselves “conservatives.” This is not merely wishful thinking on my part but is substantiated by a Gallup poll this last week.

According to a January 7, 2010 poll done by Gallup, the best and most trusted polling agency in the nation, 40 percent of Americans consider themselves to be conservative.  Conservatism has been growing larger over the last decade and 2009 brought it to ahead according to Gallup.

The increased conservatism that Gallup first identified among Americans last June persisted throughout the year, so that the final year-end political ideology figures confirm Gallup’s initial reporting: conservatives (40%) outnumbered both moderates (36%) and liberals (21%) across the nation in 2009.  [“Conservatives Finish 2009 as No. 1 Ideological Group”  Lydia Saad. January 7, 2010]

Conservatives #1 Ideological Group

Moderates seemed to have the biggest lead back in 1993  with 43 percent but as the cultural divide widens so does the need to pick a side and it seems conservatives are winning over many of the previous moderates and/or independents to their side. Liberalism while gaining a little steam has been hanging on to dear life. In 1992, under Clinton of all people, they ranked only 17 percent.  Today they are 21 percent. Moderates are now 36 percent.  Even with the standard 2 percent margin of error liberals are hardly gaining ground.

Why is it that liberals haven’t rose much past 20% in the last decade? It is because as well intentioned as their plans may be, they are just ineffective, costly and do more to damage society than to enhance it. People are sick of liberals and their social experiments and being made to feel like bigotted relics for advancing tradition, God and morality. Such things are not passe nor are they to heaved upon the trash heap of history in exchange for a more decadent, hedonistic society.

Liberalism continues to fail and our children are the victims of their sociological abuse, it is time we stand firm and in the upcoming election do what we should’ve done in the first place-elect conservatives to office and save our country and children from failed policies of liberals.

And I Thought I Was The Mother of All Conservatives

There is a new website called, “The Mother of All Conservatives.”  You can find it on my blogroll and was started by Dana Loesch. Dana Loesch is also known as Mamalogues (you can read about my mention in her blog entitled, “Black N Right mentioned in Mamalogues.”) She has joined other women in this endeavor.  It is sort of like Smart Girl Politics, where the best and the brightest women of the conservative movement meet.  However, unlike Smart Girls Politics you cannot join.  Which is a shame because Dana is obviously a bright woman who it would be great to get to  know better and leaving a comment now and then doesn’t really cut it.

Dana is not an over the hill, fuddy duddy like me. LOL. She is a young woman who sees the way to restore this country is not by repeating the liberal mistakes that have torn down our important institutions and replaced them with hedonism and immorality but by clinging to the American values that have succeeded in making our country great in the first place.  What Democrats seem to forget is that is the Republicans that have always been on the forefront of change,  positive change that would influence our country to further greatness. It is the Republicans that ended slavery, it was a Republican House that advanced the civil rights bill to end segregation, it was a Republican President that sent the National Guard to Little Rock, Arkansas so four Black children could attend school. It was the Republicans who first brought to our attention the slave trade in Dafur.  It has always been the Republicans that have done the most to help people in the most dire of circumstances. And with people like Dana standing up and speaking out on behalf of true Republicans everywhere, we can once again become the party of the people.  A claim which Democrats have surreptitiously taken as their own.

God bless Dana (I just love her name. Probably because people for some reason seem unable to say DE-NA and so I get called Dana more than you would know.) and all the other “mothers” out there who are reclaiming the Republican Party as our own.  With leadership like Dana, Teri Christoph and Sarah Palin we will be taking down the outmoded feminist leadership before long.

Fairness Doctrine-Will It Go Through?

The conservative blogosphere is chattering about the impending Fairness Doctrine and it seems to have them running scared, but I don’t see why.  Actually, I feel if just one conservative would just stand up and say, “Hey that’s a great idea! Bring it on!” that the liberals would back down immediately. Not only that if they actually had to supply the conservative side to each newspaper editorial,  each news broadcast and each television show, they would stop it on their own.  The liberal bias that they say doesn’t exist would be undoubtedly exposed and they would only have themselves to blame.  The Fairness Doctrine does more to hurt the liberals then it does to hurt conservatives.  Conservatives shouldn’t shriek from the Fairness Doctrine but should use it to their own advantage.  Should NBC, which must stand for Now Banning Christianity, decide it doesn’t want to give equal time to the conservative side of issues, we could sue the pants off them!

The Fairness Doctrine would actually mean that the media would be held accountable for not listening to our side for a change.  Of course, I understand the reasons most conservatives are speaking out against it  because the liberals are trying to use it to shut down conservative opinion and free speech shouldn’t be squelched because one does not agree with it.  The thing is liberalism is dying, despite the Obama victory.  The liberals know this and that is why they want the Fairness Doctrine, so give it to them-let America hear the lunancy of their ideology as opposed to conservatism.  Liberals will hang themselves if we give them enough rope.  And the Fairness Doctrine is that rope!

My New Year’s Resolutions

I am not going to make the same boring new year’s resolutions everyone else makes that only get broken a week later. So here are mine.

1) I promise to be a thorn in the side of all those who are liberal, Democrats or just plain commies. I promise to do what I can to get one death threat from one important politician before this year is over. If I don’t that means I am not doing something Right!

2) I promise to at least try to choke down a vegetable within the course of the year. Quickly followed by some dark chocolate so I don’t automatically regurgitate it back up.

3) I resolve myself to going out on at least one date this year. My son keeps bugging me to get married and it is hard to get married if you don’t at least go out on a date with a guy.

4) Okay I signed up with a new health plan because they give you a free health club membership and a free gym bag, so I resolve to actually use the free services since it is close to my house and I don’t have to pony up any cash. Who knows maybe I could date one of the personal trainers. LOL (Yeah, like that is going to happen. Then again alot of personal trainers are gay and gay men LOVE me-so who knows? LOL) And by use the services, I don’t mean like on daily basis, but enough so I won’t feel guilty about not using it.

5)  I resolve to do more cooking, especially since I got a lot of great cookware for Christmas and everything won’t be stuck to my pan now.

Lastly, I resolve to keep writing this blog and letting my voice be heard.  Taking on the liberals and the traitor conservatives who just want to get along with the liberals because they are too much of a pansy to stand up for what they believe! Yep,  this is going to be the year of all who are BLACK N RIGHT!!!!

Liberal-A Four Letter Word

Tonight I was talking to my son and he was giving me excuse after excuse why he couldn’t take a bath at night.  And so I said, “You are such a little liberal, coming up with all these scenarios why you can’t take a bath.” He looked at me puzzled. He asked me what I said, so I laughed and said that you are such a little liberal. His eyes got narrowed and his eyebrows furrowed.  Then he said, “Don’t call me that! That hurts my feelings.”

So I apologized for calling him a liberal. But you know when children start considering being called a liberal fighting words that this world might be okay after all.  Let’s hope he doesn’t lose that disdain for liberals and liberalism as he ages. Because as soon as they dupe him into believing otherwise then all hope is lost. In the meantime, my son has learned a very important  lesson-something that can only be spoken with the eloquence of a five year old. Liberalism is bad.

Liberal Guys vs. Conservative Guys

Liberals think they have it all over us conservatives,  especially in terms of who is more desirable of the two.  But I would like to give my undying devotion to all the conservative guys out there. They have it all over liberal guys.  These are my reasons liberal guys will never hold a candle to my conservative men

1) Liberal guys are wusses. All a conservative guy would need to do is blink at them and the liberal guy would cower in the corner.  Conservatives are tough, rugged and so very handsome.  Toby Keith is a prime example of that rugged masculinity that is just so darn enticing.  Trace Adkins is another one,  okay let me stop before I get all hot and bothered and scorch my keyboard.

2) Conservative guys stand for their principles.  Now because they are human they don’t always live up to their own ideals but they don’t simply trash them because they messed up. They figure out how to correct their behavior not how to correct their morality.

3) Conservative guys are more likely to have guns, so if some liberal on acid starts messing with me, my conservative man can handle it.  You feel safer walking with a man who is not afraid to throw a punch if he has to then someone whos e pacifism is so extreme that he would rather talk to the guy raping you then lift a finger to help you.

4) Conservative guys are more interesting. While all liberal guys sound the same, conservative guys always have something new to talk about. They are more educated when it comes to politics, religion, current events and foreign affairs. I have had to learn more about these things just not to sound completely devoid of  any knowledge. I still have a long ways to go but I am learning and my conservative guys are so sweet and kind that they are teaching me.

5) Which brings me to my next point, conservative guys are genuinely sweet. It is not that fake sensitive crap that liberals wear like new jeans.  It is just a part of their character.  They don’t cry at chick flicks but will break down when their dog dies.  They may not buy you flowers, but if you need a new computer they will get you one (Hi Kenny!) It is the small things they do to show they care. They just have the best hearts.

6) Lastly conservative men are the men you call upon when you need this country defended. They are the men who lead the churches, they are the men who love their family. All in all conservative men are sexy, intelligent and know how to make a woman feel like a woman. That is why I love conservative men.

Death of a Salesman-A Wal-Mart Tragedy

walmart-crowd1What is called Black Friday in the retail industry has indeed earned its name today. Jdimypai Damour, 34, of Jamaica, Queens was trampled to death by a mob of Wal-Mart shoppers in Long Island, New York. Before he could even open the door they broke the door off its hinges and rushed in. Police had been called prior to the store opening because of the large crowds forming outside but were called away to deal with similar situations at other stores.

There is plenty of blame to go around in a situation like this. First you got to blame the idol worshiping culture in which we live. We are no different than the Jews of biblical times and while wondering through the wilderness for forty years took it upon themselves to worship the golden calf. Our fixation with money, toys and material goods is definitely a huge part in this tragedy today.

Next, you have got to blame the retail industry for creating such a day to begin with. Their whole intent was to create a such an atmosphere that people would feel compelled to shop or else miss out on the year’s best bargains. This Black Friday phenomenon is relatively new. As a kid growing up, people did go out shopping the day after Thanksgiving. It was more out of convenience than anything else. They had the day off so they figured they would use the day to get started on Christmas. But it wasn’t like this. The malls still opened at the same time. There were no 4am openings. People did not camp outside of the building all night. It was just a typical shopping day, no great significance was added to it. But the retailers got greedy and they started crunching numbers and they realized their biggest shopping day was the Friday after Thanksgiving. So what if they could capitalize on that? What if they could cause such a hysteria that people would come in droves? And that is what they did. While there is nothing wrong with drawing in customers there is something wrong with creating such chaos that people end up getting killed!

Of course, Obama is at fault. Not sure how, give me some time to figure it out but I figure if the liberalsalg_walmart_police1 can hold Bush responsible for starting hurricanes, then I get to blame Obama for this. In the meantime, the liberal mentality is very much to blame for this tragedy. You can’t devalue human life in the womb and think it is not going to carry over outside of the womb. You can’t say you can kill if it is convenient for you and think that kind of mindset is not going to infiltrate your thought processes on how you treat born human beings. It doesn’t work that way. Because we have no regard for human life at the very beginning stages we have lost it for everyone around us. Jdimypai Damour was a man, a father, a brother, an employee. In fact this wasn’t his permanent job. They had hired him through a temp agency. He died for nothing. This wasn’t supposed to be a war zone. He wasn’t a soldier on the battlefield. He didn’t die trying to protect our freedoms, which at least would’ve gave his death some honor and valor. He died because greedy, selfish people caring more about possessions than a human being rushed over him. No one stopping, no one slowing down. No one checking to see if he was alright. And when employees came to his aid, they were simply pushed aside.

When the employees told them they had to leave because an employee was dead, all they did was yell that they had been waiting all night and they were going to shop! And so they continued to shop! This is the kind of cold-hearted barbarism liberalism gets you. I have been on this Earth for 38 years and it still astounds me how evil and wicked people can be. I am always flabbergasted by stories such as these because for the life of me I can’t understand such utter disdain for another person’s life. As much as Obama’s policies sicken me I would like to think if I saw him on the floor dying, I would still stop and try to help him. I surely wouldn’t climb over him for a toaster oven! Shame on you New York! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! And they wonder where they get the reputation of being uncaring people. Hmmm I don’t know!

Is the GOP dead?

Ah! What Dems do best!

Ah! What Dems do best!

Democrats have been gloating in their blogs, political cartoons and wherever else jackals meet that the GOP for all effective purposes is dead. While it is true we suffered tremendous losses and have sustained a pretty severe beating, does that mean that we have gone the way of the Whigs and Federalists before us? I think not. The truth is, this is the time when we shine the most. Adversity helps to bring out the best in us, not the worse like with liberals.


So here are some things to help remind Republicans of the stock of which we are made.

1) Lincoln was the first Republican. Everyone said he didn’t stand a chance at getting elected. He proved them wrong. Republicans went from a lowly third party in this country to being one of the major parties.

2) In the past century there have been 11 Republican presidents and only 7 Democratic ones (Obama will make eight) In fact, during the course of American history there have been more Republican presidents than any other party. Barack will be the 15th Democratic President, the Republicans have 18.

3) Republicans have always stood for human rights. From denouncing slavery in the time of Lincoln to modern day slavery of Dafur. It was the Republicans who illuminated both situations and said a change was necessary. It wasn’t until more people started talking about the genocide in Dafur that the liberals and Democrats decided it would be a good thing to jump on board with.

4) Lastly remember they may be in control right now but the Democrats numbers are decreasing. A large part is due to abortion. Democrats are more likely to kill their future voters than Republicans are. This is not conjecture but fact. A study has actually proven this to be the point.

So while it is easy to be discouraged and want to throw in the towel, we must remember that Democrats are all about short-term, instantaneous solutions. None of which will ever pan out in the long run. So it is up to us conservatives, whether we be Republican, Constitution or some other party to stay the course. Which, in part, has been the Republicans biggest problem to date-staying the course. They want to side with the weak-kneed moderates who never met an issue they couldn’t flip flop on. Siding with moderates on anything is like siding with a coward in the heat of battle. The moderates will never have your back, it is the “extremists” you want backing you up. Give me a left-wing extremist than a right wing moderate any day of the week. At least with the leftist wingnut I know where that person stands and can devise my offense accordingly.

And while the GOP may not be dead, it is definitely lost. And until they get back to basics people like my friend, Jared (who makes my little Republican heart go pitter patter. LOL) who while born and raised in Canada is now an American citizen and who is a true patriot at heart are growing increasingly disillusioned with the Republicans abandonment of their base constituency and will seek to put their allegiance elsewhere. Say what you want about the Democrats they stood for killing babies and gay sex for all this last election….and won! Because psychopathic baby killers and men who love sodomy are their base constituents! It is time the conservative reclaim the Republican party and kick the whiny moderates to the curb! It is time we let the Democrats know we are not going anywhere.

We’re Republicans, so let’s start acting like it. Let’s start a stampede and stomp out the liberalism that infects this country. Let’s re-ignite the fire that people like Sarah Palin have currently brought to the Republican party and show those ignorant McCain aides that their betrayal of Sarah and the rest of our party will not be tolerated. We can revitalize the core conservatives of the Republican party. With Obama in office, we have to. We have too much to lose!