Changing the Tide: Conservative Comeback

To paraphrase Barbara Mandrell, “I was conservative when conservatism wasn’t cool.” However the tide seems be changing, it seems that conservatism is making major comeback among Americans as more and more people are calling themselves “conservatives.” This is not merely wishful thinking on my part but is substantiated by a Gallup poll this last week.

According to a January 7, 2010 poll done by Gallup, the best and most trusted polling agency in the nation, 40 percent of Americans consider themselves to be conservative.  Conservatism has been growing larger over the last decade and 2009 brought it to ahead according to Gallup.

The increased conservatism that Gallup first identified among Americans last June persisted throughout the year, so that the final year-end political ideology figures confirm Gallup’s initial reporting: conservatives (40%) outnumbered both moderates (36%) and liberals (21%) across the nation in 2009.  [“Conservatives Finish 2009 as No. 1 Ideological Group”  Lydia Saad. January 7, 2010]

Conservatives #1 Ideological Group

Moderates seemed to have the biggest lead back in 1993  with 43 percent but as the cultural divide widens so does the need to pick a side and it seems conservatives are winning over many of the previous moderates and/or independents to their side. Liberalism while gaining a little steam has been hanging on to dear life. In 1992, under Clinton of all people, they ranked only 17 percent.  Today they are 21 percent. Moderates are now 36 percent.  Even with the standard 2 percent margin of error liberals are hardly gaining ground.

Why is it that liberals haven’t rose much past 20% in the last decade? It is because as well intentioned as their plans may be, they are just ineffective, costly and do more to damage society than to enhance it. People are sick of liberals and their social experiments and being made to feel like bigotted relics for advancing tradition, God and morality. Such things are not passe nor are they to heaved upon the trash heap of history in exchange for a more decadent, hedonistic society.

Liberalism continues to fail and our children are the victims of their sociological abuse, it is time we stand firm and in the upcoming election do what we should’ve done in the first place-elect conservatives to office and save our country and children from failed policies of liberals.


Professor Dena? Surely You Jest!

Me in silver top I was so close but it just didn’t happen. My professor wanted me to teach her last political science class and offered me twenty bucks to do. It was mostly in jest, but I did call her bluff. It didn’t happen and the poor class was so confused. But it would’ve been real fun.  Maybe next time, if I get the opportunity, I will fight a bit harder for it.  In any case I couldn’t have taught the whole class anyway because I had to pick my son up early today from school. But  it did get me thinking.  We need more conservative professors in academia. There needs to be more than one point of view coming from the professors and students.  If all the professors are liberal and all the students are liberal,  then you just get regurgitation.  You need the back and forth and opposing views to really strengthen up your own arguments and to hopefully get others to think for themselves.  As long as liberalism is the presiding point of view, others are going to have a hard time finding their place in the academic world. So they will either shut up about it or take the abuse that will be heaped on them.

One thing I will say about Professor Cole is that even if she doesn’t agree with you and we never do, she respects people’s efforts to learn and she will listen to your side if you listen to hers.  There are plenty of liberals that agree with her inside the class but she has on more than one occasion pointed to me as someone to emulate at least in terms of trying to learn the material, etc.  I find that interesting.

However, you only have to go to “Professor at  LACC LACks Civility” on here to see that not all professors at my school show that kind of fairness. And I have never been blasted by her for my conservative views, she just doesn’t agree with them.  That’s fine with me.  Heck it makes it more fun to me to have someone to debate with.  That being said what would’ve happened if I had taught that class today? You know there would’ve been at least one student who would’ve reported it.  Even if she would’ve stayed in the class the whole time with me.  I also feel at some point my conservative views would’ve come out and that would’ve been the biggest problem.  Because I would’ve been “teaching” conservativism.  So I would be a uncredentialed teacher teaching a point of view that is not considered part of the accepted curriculum.  It is one thing to spout ideas from the student’s desk, it is quite another to do so as a teacher. I wonder what would’ve been the outcome. Maybe nothing,  but maybe there would’ve been a firestorm, you can never tell in these kind of situations.

In any case I was this close (puts index and thumb really close together but not touching) to teaching a political class at LACC.  Professor Dena Leichnitz, has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Oh My Goodness! I’m a Hippie!

aned3Some realizations are just more painful then others. This is one of those, I was joking at SGP that my son is going to grow up and tell people,  “Yeah all my family did growing up was protest the government.  It was like we were hippies but with morals.”  After that little realization hit me I sat down and wrote this piece. I hope it makes those wacky, Leftists who are calling us racists and threats to national security remember what it was like when it was their side being called that. And I hope it makes them stop, take a pause and for once in their life, actually do the right thing! Enjoy the reading!          ~Dena

As you think back on the sixties (at least from what I have been told gay-protestand read, I wasn’t there. LOL) and what described the “hippie” movement we are doing the same thing today but with a greater purpose-to restore God and country. But let’s look at some things we have in common with the hippies of yesterday.

lightbulb21) Pretty much started the homeschooling movement. Didn’t want their kids learning all that imperialistic garbage. You know things like how to bathe or the importance of having a job. And who homeschools today? Conservative Christians who don’t want their kids learning all that environmental garbage. You know things like light bulbs make the sun hotter or killing babies is good for Mother Earth.

2) Held protests about the government. Back then it was to get out us of adonai-and-generalViet Nam, make slaughtering the unborn legal and free STDs for everybody! Now with the Tea Party movement we have protests about the government, but this time it is to get us out of debt. To stem illegal immigration which is taking jobs from Americans and to uphold the law of the land, not to bend it, not to abolish it but to live by the Constitution and the principles it espouses.

trace-adkins3) Had their own music. From Jimi Hendrix to Bob Dylan, the music reflected what was going on with their anti-government scene. Nowadays it is country music that most reflects the conservative values in this country. Not every conservative listens to country music, but by and large the biggest fans of country music are conservatives. From Toby Keith to Trace Adkins, we revere the people who also revere our land.

dfd-family-pic24) Were counter-culture. The hippies were the counter-culture movement of their time. Working to bring about some of the most detrimental changes to our society. Espousing radical feminism which vilified husbands and children. Promoting dangerous alternative sexual identities and practices and becoming awash in hedonism. Now who is counter-culture? We are! As we work to bring God back to America, to allow women the opportunity to have children and stay home with them without feeling like a failure. We are working for the betterment of society by embracing traditional mores that lead us to greatness in the first place.  We are working to eliminate abortion but helping those with crisis pregnancies, solidifying marriage as between one man and one woman and not this anything goes mentality, making sure children have decent schools instead of the failing public schools we have today. These are the counter-culture’s objectives today.

5) Despised mainstream society and media so they built their own. microphoneWhether it was a pamphlet or a record company, the hippies of yesterday built their own media since they couldn’t depend on mainstream media to tell their side. Yet those hippie entrepreneurs of yesterday are now media moguls of today and today it is our side that cannot be told. It is the conservative movement that really has grabbed a hold of blogging online, Twitter and social networks like A Black Conservative Digest and others to get their stories out. The internet is fast catching up with the more traditional forms of communication (tv, radio, newspapers, etc) as where people turn to get their information. In 1994 only 2 percent of people got their news from the internet and by 2004 that figure had risen to 29 percent. Other forms of communication have dropped. In fact, television went from 72 percent to 60 percent during that same time (Trends, 2005, Washington DC: Pew Research Center, 2004, pp 42, 44-45) Conservatives absolutely despise how liberalism has become mainstream and doing what they can to stem the tide and bring society back into alignment with what is right and not just what “feels” right.

So there you have it! We are the new hippies. Maybe we need to come up with a new word. Instead of hippies we could be the chippies! Nah, let’s just stick with the Right, because after all, we are! But isn’t if funny the same things they fought for (homeschooling, the rights of parents to raise their children without government interference, to hold the government more accountable to the people, etc.) are now the same things we are fighting for and they are against. We’re the nutjobs now! But remember just a generation ago, you were fighting for the same thing-what happened? Oh I know you must’ve forgotten from all that LSD and pot you did. Never mind.

The Reason I Fight

adonais-pic2 If you want to know why I keep writing my blog-he’s the reason. If you want to know why I keep fighting liberalism even when it seems futile-he’s the reason. If you want to know why I will never give up no  matter how long it takes me-he’s the reason. He is the reason I turned my life around. He is the reason I found my way back to Christ. He is the reason life makes any sense at all. He is my son and he is the reason beyond all others.  If you won’t fight to make this world a better place for your children, you are not much of a  parent or for that matter not much of a human being.  It is for the little ones that we endure.  It is so they can grow up without fear, without hatred, without hiding their love of God. You may not see much when you look at my son, no matter, I see the entire world.  And more importantly, God sees his beloved son. And our opinion is the only ones that count! God bless you Adonai, Momma loves you!

Stimulus Passes by One Vote!

me-in-red-checkered-blouse1See people one vote does make a difference.  They needed 60 to pass the stimulus plan and got 61.  About 36 Republicans voted against it.  Well it is good to see at least 36 Republicans still have a pair and were able to stand up to B.O’s threat that if you didn’t vote for the stimulus package you hated America and wanted everyone to starve. Of course, I want to know what three didn’t even bother to vote at all. Not that three votes our way would’ve mattered they would still have the sixty one needed to pass it.

This whole concept that throwing money at problems somehow solves them is ridiculous. If that were true I wouldn’t have a problem in the world. No one is better at throwing money around than me. I am the Queen of Mismanaged Money.  And yet I have money problems….hmmm I wonder why that is!  Heck, I have always said if you wanted some inexperienced Black person to waste your money you should’ve voted for me! LOLman_throwing_money.

I wasn’t surprised to hear it passed the House, what I was surprised by was the narrow margin that it passed and that the Republicans actually listened to the people in office and not some Michael J. Fox type, spin doctor.  (Where is Alex P. Keaton when you need him?)

So where will this stimulus package lead us? Will it create more jobs? Will it bring us greater prosperity? And if it does at cost?  The New Deal supposedly brought greater prosperity but it also created a generation of me’s.  A generation who is patronized and told they need the government to take care of them.  It is also created the mindset that you are entitled to other people’s money. That you don’t ever need to grow up because you can move back in with Mom and Dad and they will take care of  you even when you are forty! That adult responsibility is something to be shunned.  Is this the greater promise FDR envisioned when he created the New Deal nearly eighty years ago? I think not.

But here we go again,  same liberalism, different president.  FDR was the great hope then but his policies gave us a weaker nation not a stronger one. B.O’s policies, especially in regards to us being part of  a global community, won’t leave us a nation at all and will bankrupt us morally and fiscally.  But such is the way of liberalism.

The Swiss Legalize Heroin

The Swiss have voted over the weekend to legalize heroin. As a former heroin baby (my birth mother was an addict, and I doubt she stopped on account of little ol’ me.) I find the whole idea repulsive and inhumane. In the United States we have methadone clinics, these clinics are to help heroin addicts get off heroin. The clinics like the ones in Switzerland are to help addicts stay on. I don’t have a problem with methadone clinics because they truly provide treatment. It is about trying to help the addict reclaim their life. I do have a problem though with liberals saying, “Oh they are always going to be addicts so let’s not help them, let’s just give them what they want. It is easier for us that way.” This is the dangerousness of liberalism. It doesn’t solve problems, it just creates new ones. It doesn’t look for the cause and only offers band-aid solutions to all of life’s problems. Of course the liberals sing the praises of this program. Here is the article:;_ylt=Aj_BK_gY7eqVsLcJaGRXUmXWn414

In this article it talks about how the health of the addict has improved ( I know how about getting them off heroin altogether, that would really improve their health! We are not talking about medicine here people, we are talking about heroin!) Crime has dropped (yeah no stats are provided just crime has dropped. And not even which crimes if any have dropped.) And people are all so happy (yeah nothing like having a bunch of heroin addicts coming into your residential/business neighborhood at least a few times a day. They really spruce the place up!)

Here is an excerpt from one article that talks about one addicts experience:

“My kids just know that Dad is sick and has to take medicine every day, that’s all.” (Oh great so now he is lying to his kids on a daily basis. That is a great way to build a healthy relationship!)

And Dr Buerki shares the view that long term addicts like Jan are actually ill, and need to be treated as such. “These are patients with a chronic, relapsing disease that might go with them for the rest of their lives,” he says. (So basically doc you are just giving up on these people! Thank God, you are not an oncologist! Well you have cancer, you could have it for the rest of your life so I am just going to speed your death along but doing absolutely nothing to help you!)

You may say, Dena who are you to judge these people? Well, while I have never did drugs or alcohol, I have fought my own addictions. One far more deadly than heroin could ever be. But I didn’t give up and I didn’t succumb. Because I had my son I fought back. I didn’t simply lie to my son and continue to do my addiction. I knew if I kept going the way I was I was going to die. But I had people in my 12 step groups to see me through. And now I have two years and four months away from what drove me to those rooms to begin with. So I don’t want to hear about sickness and chronic relapsing. That is a cop out! If I can come out the other end, so can other people. And we are not doing them any favors by giving up on them. It is disgusting that the Swiss care so little about these people that they are willing to facilitate their own destruction.

You got to listen to this garbage by this liberal “health official” and I use that term loosely.

It would be more shocking if we just let them die,” counters Maria Chiara Saraceni, a drugs policy expert with the Swiss federal health department. (And you don’t think giving them heroin is just letting them die? Wow! Are there any synapses firing in your brain Ms. Saraceni?) “It’s the government’s responsibility to help everyone, and not to judge them. (Since when? And how is this helping them?) “If this is what they need to live a more stable life, and to get off the streets, then that is what we should offer.” (Okay so if I was some homeless lunatic who thought killing kittens would help me be more stable, relieve stress whatever, would you supply me with an endless supply of kittens? After all, it is not the government’s place to judge me.)

As long as people continue to look for the easy solution instead of the right solution we are going to continue to go downhill. And when it is all said and done and we have to account for all the damage we have done, who knows how many people liberalism will have killed. I just hope it doesn’t end up costing the life of someone you love.

The Myth of the Black Conservatives

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I am sick and tired of people like Cornel West, Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson trying to define black conservatism for the many men and women like myself that are Black and conservative. They paint a picture of an elitist, arrogant, out of touch Black person who hates the Black skin they were born in. For years, I thought the same because of the brainwashing I received at the hands of the liberal media. Little did I know I would become one myself.

So I am here to bust some myths!

1) All Black conservatives are rich and upwardly mobile. No poor Blacks are conservatives.

Wow! So living hand to mouth like I do means I’m “upwardly mobile.” Who knew? Conservatism has nothing to do with money and everything to do with values. It is the liberals who are obsessed with money, prestige and other false trappings. They are the ones running Hollywood, they are the ones who live life in the fast lane. Most conservatives are simple, church going, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. And for people like me on the tax receiving end of the spectrum I am forever thankful to the American taxpayer for helping survive these last 20 years and plan to do what I can to help them carry the load by returning to school and getting a career I can do that will benefit more than myself. Poverty isn’t an accurate predictor of liberalism but valuing work of any kind, especially stay at home mothers, is a good predictor of who is conservative.

2) Black conservative don’t understand the social issues facing regular Black folks.

It is actually the Black liberals who wish to stick their head in the sand, not Black conservatives. We have been talking about the devastating effects abortion has upon our community, specifically, and all we get back in return is Black liberals sticking their fingers into their ears and going “La! La! La! La! I can’t hear you!” Never mind that 3 out 5 Black babies or sixty percent of Black children die in the womb! That is not racism, that is not worth mentioning, that is not worth fighting. Our children are not valued and they have no concern over what happens to them. They are just a bunch of ghetto punks anyway, who needs them!

They don’t want to hear how welfare has not been a boon to Black folks but has done more harm by removing the father from the home, by penalizing them for getting married, by making them choose between self-sufficiency and their medication. They don’t talk about how we are letting our kids down by not educating them sufficiently. We would rather give the a PSP then a future Ph.D. The Oreo Complex (hating Black children for being smart and telling them they are acting “White”) has done more to hurt our children then slavery, segregation and racism could ever hope to do. In fact, it is Black liberals who have perpetuated this ugliness in our community. The liberals have long fallen out of touch with reality, let alone the Black community.

3) Black conservatives are pawns of the White establishment and are racist against their own people.

Really how many Black conservatives sit there and address other Blacks by the slang term, “My nigga?” Yet it is done everyday by those who are a lot more liberal. That denotes far more racist attitudes against their own people then anything a Black conservative has done. They say well conservatives are not for affirmative action. And it is still needed to level the playing field. I can understand that but what conservatives preach is far more equitable. Conservatives say, Blacks are no less intelligent or inferior to White people and they should be held to the same standards in regards to employment and education as anyone else. To promote affirmative actions is to say the are incapable of being judged on their own merit and should only be judged on their skin color-that is wrong. This is the way I see it, race should be the LAST factor in determining contracts, scholarships, etc. If you have two candidates, one poor Black one and one rich White one and they have similar grades, similar extracurricular activities, similar work experience but you want to give the poor Black kid a break in this instance, I don’t see it as reverse discrimination. He has earned it just as much as the other candidate. It only becomes so to give an inferior candidate preferential treatment based on nothing but their sex or ethnicity.

4) Black conservatives, like their White counterparts, are nothing but Christian bigots who want America to be a theoracy.

Liberals are no fans of those professing faith and the reason they are so resistant is because their own lives are filled with so much sin that they don’t want to have to look at their own lives and change according to God’s will. The founding fathers were overwhelmingly Christian and as such America started out as a “Christian theocracy” since most of its governing bodies and rules were based on biblical principles. If being a Christian nation is so evil, we did we become the fastest growing and most successful nation in the world? Why are people still breaking their necks to get into our country? You don’t see them risking life and limb to break into El Salvador! It is exactly because of our initial governance by God that we have the prosperity we have today. It was when we started taking God out of everything that this country went downhill. If liberals could read maybe they could read the Bible and begin to understand that success and failure of a nation and its people is dependent on its belief in the Almighty. This has been true since the beginning of time but liberals refuse to learn history’s lessons.

As far as the bigotry goes, it is the Liberal Left that consistently promotes prejudice for those who don’t think like them. It is the Left that thinks so low of Blacks that they think they are incapable of achieving any kind of success without a hand out from them. It is not the conservatives who display bigotry, it is the conservatives that fight against it while the liberals consistently try to promote stereotypes. Lastly, it is Christians who are more open to those who are not Christian than the secularists are of those who have faith. It is because of the persecution of Christians that other faiths found asylum in our land. The secularist would never have put out such a red carpet.

In closing, Black conservatives are not an anomaly in the Black community, we are the Black community, it is the Black liberals who are sorely out of place and out of touch.