Naomi Wolf-the End of America

You may be wondering, why in the world is a conservative site like mine showcasing someone like Naomi Wolf, a raging feminst and liberal if ever there was one. No, I haven’t lost my mind, but once in awhile even a Leftie like Naomi can get a thing or two right. Granted she gets a lot WRONG!!! For instance, our founding fathers never wanted a democracy for our country, they despised the very concept of democracy and saw it as a sure and fastest way to tyranny. That is why they gave us a republic, not a democracy. Another thing she and every leftist gets wrong is fascism. Fascism and let me make this abundantly clear is NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PERPETUATED BY THE RIGHT!!! You cannot have a right wing fascist-it is impossible! Why? Because fascism is the complete control of government over the people, the people on the right want limited government not more government. Therefore anarchy is what you get when the right goes extreme! Fascism, socialism, communism-all those are strictly inventions of the Left! Though the Left likes to glamorize and seize anarchy as its own, it is actually what happens when the Right loses its mind. Also anarchy is a temporary state of government that is quickly replaced by a new government, usually an oligarchy which is a government run by an select few-an elite, if you will. Therefore, if Bush was truly a fascist, then he is not a right wing fascist but a left wing one!

What is even more interesting is that all the sins she laid at Bush’s door Obama has done on a larger scale. Bush has a list of “enemy combatants” Obama has a larger one including veterans returning home. We supposedly tortured at Gitmo, Obama has since said, “Yeah, that’s okay. We won’t prosecute you after all.” We went from Iraq to Afghanistan. Changing battlefronts-which is what Obama said he would do, he never said our soldiers were coming back home but that is what everyone believed-is not ending a war, it is changing strategies. More and more Americans are saying Obama is just like Bush while others say he is worse. In fact, his approval rating is only 50% only Reagan had a lower approval rating his first year in office at 49%.

Gallup Poll-Only 50% Approval for Obama

The difference being Reagan would usher in glasnost and dismantle our most feared enemy, the Soviet Union while Obama is content on relinquishing our sovereignty to our enemies and dismantling the United States. The part of the video, I found most intriguing was when she talks about she is talking to her older friend who survived the Holocaust who kept telling her, “They did this in Germany.” It is that warning, that blueprint she talks about that I think we need to pay attention to because the Left has always ushered in tyranny. Please read the Weimar Constitution, which is the Left’s version of our beloved document and see how the Left does a republic. You can find my comparison on here called Dueling Constitutions: Weimar vs. U.S. Constitution.

Dueling Constitutions

We need America to wake up. We need to fight the Left because the denial of individual freedom is never RIGHT!!!!


Why The Left Hates Country Music

Gwen Thompkins-NPR Correspondent

Gwen Thompkins-NPR Correspondent

The Liberal Left of this country is full of pretentious, egotistical and elitist individuals who believe that anything without their stamp of approval is not worth much.  They continue to ridicule and mock traditional American values, the people who live in the Heartland and most of all, country music.

Country music has always been the brunt of jokes by so called mainstream America.  People like Gwen Thompkins, who did a report for NPR on the popularity of country music in Africa can’t help but mock anyone who listens to it. Even as she reporting on the immense popularity of country music in Kenya, most specifically, she couldn’t help but remark how most country singers are a bunch of racist rednecks.  Those weren’t her exact words but they are gist of her feelings.

So why all the hostility to country music especially as more and more Blacks are getting involved in it. We now have Charlie Pride, Cowboy Troy, Darius Rucker, and Rissi Palmer all making country music. And though Charlie hasn’t put out a new album in a while he still travels the world singing his music.  They are even thinking of doing a movie about his life. Even Nelly did a duet with Tim MacGraw and  Beyonce has even done some country as well.  With more Blacks making inroads to country, it seems counterproductive to keep labeling Nashville as racist. Besides that is not the real reason why the Left hates country anyway. After all, the Left is full of proud KKK type bigots. So what is it?

1. Country music is patriotic.

 Those who sing and listen to country music are overwhelmingly proud of their country. Being patriotic doesn’t mean we are blind to America’s problems but instead we view America through a more forgiving lens. We know we have committed atrocities on our soil-abortion is still being done to the most vulnerable and innocent and needs to stop-even so we are willing to fight to improve conditions for all. To stop living in the past and start taking care of the present and the future. They hate country music because it speaks of real love, family, tradition, God. It speaks of everything people hold dear.

2)  Because it is simple.

Don’t equate simple with stupid. It most certainly is not. It is some of the most profound music around but it is its simplicity in lyric and form that make it accessible to everyone  and the Left does not like that.  Even Alan Jackson openly admits to being ” a singer of simple songs, I’m not a real political man.  I watch CNN but I don’t think I could tell you the difference in Iraq and Iran.” It is that kind of straightforward humility that people can relate to. And it is that kind of down home feeling of  just being an average Joe, no better nor worse than anyone else, that the Left absolutely despises.

3)  It’s timeless.

Britney Spears will not live on  in immortality but Loretta Lynn will.  Coal Miner’s Daughter speaks more to our shared human experience than “Oops I Did It Again.” Almost any Trace Adkins song reminds us of  the fraility of family and how fast time does fly. Songs like “You’re Gonna Miss This.” or “Then They Do” speak to us as we watch our children grow up and leave the nest.  While Kanye West will one day be forgotten, Trace and his timeless message of loving your family will continue on.

4)  Because it is real.

If you don’t stand a little prouder when listening to “Riding with Private Malone” or “Bumper Sticker on my SUV” you have no heart. If you don’t cry when hearing “Christmas Shoes” then you are probably a pod person.  And Dolly’s new one “Jesus and Gravity” really uplifts your spirit.  You don’t find that kind of music in the pop, rap or hip hop world.  You find it in two places, country and soul. Both genres are the last bastion of authentic music and true talented artists. Yes, the Left hates anything that is good, uplifting, touches your spirit, which is why I will always be a fan of country music

Cali’s Garage Sale

Arnold Schwarzenegger[In her best announcer voice] Everything must go people! That’s right-one day, tons of sales! We are selling our jobs overseas, good education and pretty much our souls. So come one, come all-you are sure to get a heck of a deal!

While that may not be what they are really selling-at least on Craigslist or ebay-California is having a garage sale to generate funds for the state. Has it really come to this, are we really so bad off as the eighth largest economy in the world (not in America but in the world!) that we need to sell our dirty laundry on ebay. And I do mean dirty laundry-they are selling old prison uniforms. And who exactly is going to buy old prison uniforms anyway? Maybe an ex con who is all misty eyed about the good ol’ days in Folsom or San Quentin. San Quentin-Death Row-East BlockThey are selling cars, laptop computers, everything that they can get their hands on.  While it might be a clever idea and a way to eliminate some of the waste and clutter California has collected, [California must be the “Pack Rat State” because I, myself am a huge packrat, hate to throw anything away.  I also have many a friends with the same affliction. Maybe it is something in our water that makes us hold onto everything for dear life. ] it is not even going to make a dent in the deficit we have accumulated as well. At the present time, it is being projected we have a deficit of $26 billion.

Cal WorthingtonObvious ly the Governator has run out of ideas.  He has become a joke of a governor and a business man. He has become of the Cal Worthington of statesmen. For the three of you who don’t live or who have never lived in Southern California, Cal Worthington is a used car salesman. He owns a  lot called Worthington Ford. He had television commercials about standing on his head to make you a deal and he had a “dog” Spot who was usually a monkey, elephant, lion or some other wild animal. Actually as a child, I loved his commercials they made me laugh and brought a smile to my face. He is still selling his cars today.  The difference between Cal Worthington and most politicians is that Cal Worthington would honestly give you a good deal.

The idea for the garage sale came from one of his Twitter followers (ah yes, the brilliance of Twitter!) 

After signing the order to reduce the state’s 40,000 government vehicles by 15 percent, Schwarzenegger posted a video message thanking his Twitter followers for their budget-balancing ideas, including one follower’s suggestion to autograph state-owned vehicles being put up for auction.

“You come up with the great ideas. Why not just sign the cars since you’re a celebrity governor? Sign the cars and sell it for more money,” the governor said in the video where he was seen sitting at his desk in the state Capitol admiring a 2-foot-long folding knife before addressing viewers. “That’s exactly what we’re going to do.” [Judy Lin, Associated Press Writer,  Friday, August 28, 2009]

Garage SaleFrom there it grew into a full-fledged “garage sale.”  And even if every citizen, illegal alien and unborn fetus showed up, gave the state all their money at which point I got about 5 bucks to get to school for the next 3 days, it wouldn’t end the deficit and it sure wouldn’t end the reckless spending that politicians have become famous for.

When did our government stop being about the governance of its people and turn into the annoyance of its people. With its constant striving to take over every area of our lives from industry, healthcare and education, we are left with very few liberties left. [Side note: A liberty by the way is what the government is supposed to stay out of,  a right is what the government is supposed to enforce. Of course, with liberties and rights, the two can intertwine and get sticky but that is the general take on the two.] It seems like such nonsense like this garage sale is not just limited to California. After all, Cash for Clunkers is basically the same thing-Congress going Worthington Ford on the nation!

One person referred to Cash for Clunkers as abortion for autos. Since after you turn in your vehicle they have to destroy it and cannot resell it. Yet here we are reselling SUVs and other vehicles that Cash for Clunkers is trying to destroy.  The whole thing is turning into some very bad game show and if it wasn’t our future on the line, I might have a good laugh at all this. It just shows how truly far we have fallen. As a state and as a nation.

P.S. Thank you liberals for all your inanely insipid ideas and turning this country into a vast wasteland! You have done a bang up job destroying America!

Tammy Bruce Joins ABCD!

The newest member of A Black Conservative Digest (ABCD) is none other than Tammy Bruce! When I went to check my new members  I was floored!  Tammy Bruce for the three people in the world who may not know her is a conservative talk show host and best selling author. She has written “A New American Revolution,” “The Death of Right and Wrong, ” and “The Thought Police.” 

Tammy is not your typical conservative. She,  in fact, is a former liberal. She was in the leadership of NOW and like every good liberal believed the world was out to get her, as demonstrated in this quote in an interview with John Hawkins, ” Imagine my shock when I realized through talk radio that the enemy wasn’t thinking day in and day out about me. And, most inexplicable, they didn’t hate me at all.”

I know that shock well.  I too felt it when I realized after 34 years that I was a Republican. Threw me for a loop, I had been fighting it years before that because I believed Republicans hated me. Only to find out the Dems who I thought were a friend to Black people were really the ones holding me back all along.  But only because I let them.  I take responsibility for my bonehead decisions.  However, part of those bonehead decisions were based on propaganda I believed and deliberate misinformation about certain behaviors.  But let’s get back to Tammy.

Tammy has gone on to be one of the biggest opponents of the Gay Elite in this country (that is actually her term) as demonstrated by this quote:  “In my book The Death of Right and Wrong I warn about the sexualization and targeting of children by the radical gay fringe. The announcement that a school in New York will open in September and be the first publicly run “gay high school” is a testament to that vile and loathsome agenda.   Do not be cowed with arguments that if you’re against this you’re a “homophobe.” In fact, the unforgivable crime is if we remain silent allowing children to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, as we sit and watch gay malignant narcissists make a wild grab for children. Well, it won’t be done in my name, and I contend that every decent hetero- and homosexual person out there should be equally outraged by this hideous action.”

Just another homophobe right? Not exactly, she is an openly gay woman.  Oh wait she must suffer from that internal homophobia.  No, she just has common sense something that is not highly regarded in the Gay Elite.  Tammy speaks the truth not because it is convenient for her or it suits her particular situation, she speaks it because it is the truth! I have a massive amount of respect for Tammy Bruce.

Tammy speaks with class and eloquence. She is truly an asset to the conservative movement and I am proud to have her on my site.  It is a testament to the conservative movement that two former liberals, one poor Black woman and one upper class White lesbian can both work together and put aside any of their differences to help better this country. It is also a testament of A Black Conservative Digest itself that all are welcome as long as they truly believe in the conservative ideals and want to put them into action.  That color, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, marital status, gender and nothing else stands in the way of one seeing the truth about the liberal disease that has affected our nation for far too long.

God bless Tammy and long live ABCD!

Stahling the Legislature

golden-gate-bridgeThere is a special election in California on May 19, 2009! Make sure you get out and vote. Most of the propositions on the ballot deal with budgetary issues. One issue that is on the ballot is 1F. It says the Legislature forgoes pay raises in the year that there is a budget deficit. I think that is only logical. If everyone else is hurting they shouldn’t be getting raises on the backs of their constituents. The only person who turned in a con to that measure is a guy named Pete Stahl of Pete Rates the Propositions.

This is the kind of nonsense he is spewing (makes me wonder if he is voting-boothgetting some kind of kickback from the Legislature to oppose it) How is this for horse manure?

“Regardless of party members of the Legislature are deeply caring, diligent, patriotic people who truly love the communities they represent and serve.”

Oh give me break! Most politicians are sneaky, greedy, backstabbing people! That is why they get into politics! Once in a blue moon, a Sarah Palin comes along but for the most part we are dealing with weasels-not noble statesmen!

Then there is this gem:  “Freezing salaries will not loosen politicians commitment to their ideologies. You cannot get conservative legislators to support tax increases just by threatening to cancel their raises. Similarly liberal legislators will never agree to cuts in social programs just to increase their pay!”

What planet is this man on? Of course people will do whatever they can to get more money! How many times have our “conservative” politicians failed us just because it served them to do so? They weren’t thinking about us, they were thinking about re-election or how they will be perceived but certainly not their ideologies. Eddie Murphy’s “Distinguished Gentlemen” showed how easy it is to play both sides of the field. The lobbyist throw money at the politicians left and right (pardon the pun) , so if you want to come down in favor of gun control-you have special interest on that side that will pay you. If you want to come down in favor the second amendment-well there are plenty of groups that will pay you to vote for their side. So don’t insult our intelligence by telling us that money will not affect how a politician votes-of course it does!

Lastly there is this inane statement:  The current salary for nearly all legislators is $116,208. In most of California that is solidly middle class compensation!

dfd-family-picNo it is not! Middle class means the median income and the median income is not $116,208! It is more like $49,500 and that is not nationally but IN CALIFORNIA!!!    Just the Facts (this was taken from a website detailing the state of women in California, however the last statistic was for all sources of income, excluding wife’s earnings. When you add the wife’s earning the median income is $70,000-still a far cry from 116, 208 dollars!)  What California is this guy living in that he thinks the average citizen is pulling down six figures? The middle class is quickly evaporating in this country but especially in California. There is no solidly middle class in California. There is poor and rich! And the gap keeps getting wider. Remember the middle class support both the poor and rich. The poor through social programs and the rich through their labors. You can only stretch the middle class so far before they unable to sustain it anymore and the whole economic situation goes to pot!

Stahl-just another cuckoo!

Stahl-just another cuckoo!

No wonder this guy stands alone in his defense of giving legislators more money even their constituents are hurting financially, he is a veritable loon! Only someone with limited mental facilities could deliver such hogwash and believe it to be so. The Propositions we will be voting on during this special election are: 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, and 1F

Another Reason Stimulus Is a Bad Idea!

In order to keep up with all the bad news coming from the Obama camp, I would have to be a Stepford wife and have no need of sleep. Just when I think I am done for the day, something else comes out. This man is just intent on keeping me busy, I should have severe carpal tunnel syndrome any day now. Okay with my rant out of the way, let’s get down to business.

Obama is forbidding religious schools from receiving any stimulus money designated towards improving schools.  According to a report by One News Now, “Specifically, the provision reads that stimulus funds may not be used for “modernization, renovation, or repair of facilities — (i) used for sectarian instruction, religious worship, or a school or department of divinity; or (ii) in which a substantial portion of the functions of the facilities are subsumed in a religious mission.”

So basically BYU, Patrick Henry and other religious colleges and universities can kiss that money good-bye. But considering BYU in Provo, Utah has been around since 1875 I don’t think Obama’s slap in the face is going to even faze them. Now, I am not aboard with stimulus anyway.  However, it is not even about that, it is about Obama lying….again. During his campaign he talked about how important faith was in his life, how he was a follower of Jesus Christ and then the minute he gets into office he starts going on Arab tv “to reach out to Muslims” and let them know “the U.S. is not your enemy.” and now he wants to eliminate all financial help to faith based colleges and universities. When Bush was in office, faith based initiatives received more funding not less.  So killing babies across the globe is fine but not receiving a religious education. Using your tax money to take down the Third World population, not a problem. Using your tax money to  help those get an education that is not liberal indoctrination-not fine.

Just another reason why Obama is shaping up to be the worst president we have ever had. He has no integrity and has no intention of helping those who truly need his help most of all. But we shouldn’t be fighting to get the money anyway,  because it comes with too great a price. Our freedom, our self respect and worshiping God the way we see fit are all too important to sell at any price.

Fairness Indoctrination….Oops Doctrine

publicairwaves-big1So once again the Left are trying to silence conservative talk! They want to resurrect theFairness Doctrine which says both sides must be presented in the media. However this does not apply to mainstream media which is overrun by liberals, only to talk radio which conservatives rule. To tell the truth, I don’t even listen to talk radio. I get all my conservative news from FRC, AFA, Life Site News and Life News via email. However, just because I don’t listen to it doesn’t mean I want big government to step in and try to censor what is aired.

To the left, to the left!

To the left, to the left!

But as long as the liberals want to play this game, I say let’s play! If we are going to do the Fairness Doctrine that means I get a half hour of Oprah’s show! That’s right baby, since she clearly is liberal and I am clearly not and we need to present both sides of the issues to the public, I should have a half hour of her show where I can reach out to conservative audiences!

Always Right

Always Right

I also get to hijack Ellen’s show as well. Isn’t this fun? And anytime she brings up some lesbian issue, I get to jump in and give the conservative straight woman side as well. Or maybe to be more fair we could Larry Elder on there, so he can give the Black conservative male side. That would be balanced right? After all, he is the polar opposite of Ellen right?

I mean just think of all the mainstream media we can force to give us time due to the Fairness Doctrine. The newspapers, the magazines, the television shows, the total control of all the media outlets-they want to give all that up because us conservatives get together and talk on the radio or send email on the internet. Ooh the big, bad conservatives are getting ratings on the radio! It is like being angry over your friends Atari System when you have PSP! Of course, what they see happening is that people are getting their news from alternative sources. They are not reading the New York Times or listening to the biased evening news. They are online, they are blogging, they are going to YouTube. This upsets the liberal media because they can no longer control the flow of information. Before they were able to hide, cover up and straight out lie to the American people about what was going on, especially with their beloved liberal leaders, (*coughs* Obama!) but no more.

Remember these are the same people whose newest President called the Constitution “a flawed document.” These are the same people whose newest President thinks people in Pennsylvania cling to religion and guns because they are so bitter. These are the same people who created Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae housing nightmare and then blamed it on the Republicans! These are not fair minded people. These people are not caring about liberties or freedom of the press (unless it is their press and they can bash Bush! What are they going to write about when he leaves in January I wonder.) they care only about controlling the lives and thoughts of everyone.

The Fairness Doctrine is just one more step in this total annihilation of American democracy. It is about the complete elimination of civil liberties and the freedom to express ideas without the consent of the government. However, if they want to do this then I say we get every conservative lawyer we can to sue the pants off every station that does not adhere to it. We sue every radio station, every magazine, every newspaper and say they are not adhering to the Fairness Doctrine. After all that they would realize it is not worth it and leave us alone!

Ah the Left-do they never tire of being wrong? I guess not.