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The Things I Learned in 2010

This is really a continuation of my previous post. Whereas, the other post simply tells you what I accomplished in 2010, this post tells you what I learned this past year.  Therefore the titles come from my previous post. THE YEAR OF MANY LANGUAGES: LESSON LEARNED: Don’t doubt your own capabilities. We often can achieve  more […]

The Leichnitz Chronicles: A Faith Odyssey

Okay so 2010 has come and gone and you may be wondering what has become of Dena and Adonai in 2010.  Or you may be thinking “Who in the heck is Dena and Adonai and why did you forward this email to me, I don’t know these people!” Either way you are about to find […]

U.S. Boycotts U.N Racism Conference

Okay Obama, don’t try getting all decent on me now, buddy. It is not going to work. But in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, even to the likes of Obama (and boy do I hate when I have to take his side for anything, it unnerves me!) he has decided not […]

A Baby Changes Everything

If this video doesn’t move you, please call 911 pronto. You are obviously missing a heart and are in desperate need of a cardiologist. Maybe since you are in such desperate need they will put you first on the transplant list. For the rest of us with a heart, enjoy this video. It definitely choked […]

The Importance of Saying Merry Christmas

Now at first it might seem like a trivial thing. I mean who really cares if people say “Merry Christmas” or not? The thing is, something as small as this is no longer being left up to the individual but is increasingly being forbidden by businesses all over, even those who are supposed to be […]

A Mormon Mom Looks at Jesus vs. Santa

Jesus v. Santa If you go to my Tech Inventions and Websites page you will see a website I have discovered and really enjoy. It is called Life As Me. The article is written by that author and it does an excellent job at explaining how one can be Mormon (or any Christian for that […]

Proposition 8: The Musical

Just when you though the hullabaloo about Prop 8 had calmed down and that the radical, militant gays had already reached the heights of sheer stupidity, we are given this.  It is bad enough we have to be constantly bombarded with their juvenile angst but now they want to add blasphemy  to their long list […]


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