Election Day

The White House at night

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It is Election Day and soon it will be found out if conservatives did indeed claim the White House back from the commie hijackers that stole it in November 2008.  This is not so much about party but about what kind of country we want to leave for our children (Yes, pro-aborts some of us still think having children is a good thing and want to leave the world better than we found it! ) For too long now, we have followed the Pied Pipers of Liberalism to our own detriment.

Meg Whitman

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 As of right now, I don’t  know who the governor of California is.  Is it Meg Whitman? Is another round of Jerry Brown (hello! You did a crappy job the first time around, some of us actually remember that!)? Neither one really appeals to me, which is why I will be voting for Chelene Nightingale.  Whether she wins or not, the important thing is to continue to fight for the values we hold dear:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ~Declaration of Independence

Our future is on the line. We will either continue as a nation forged in liberty or we will become the slaves of the government who thinks they know better than we do. In each generation, there is a time to stand up, stand tall and raise your voice in freedom.  This is our time! I belong to Generation Me. I grew up in a generation devoted to hedonism, feminism and where corruption became the norm. I grew up in the day of AIDS, sexual depravity and moral relevancy. All these things seeking to lay claim to our shared humanity. I had to make a decision.  I could continue down this path of destruction or I could turn my life around and help others to do the same. My generation more than any other has done more to damage the social fabric of society and it is time that we clean up our mess!  If we can destroy it then we can rebuild it! And it all starts with one election! This election!

We will either continue to do what we have always done-exploit greed. Or we take back our Constitution and our right to govern ourselves. So when you go out and vote this Election Day, remember that we are one vote away from becoming Communist China. One vote away from allowing the government to have total control over every aspect of our lives. One vote away from a media run only by the state. One vote away from being silenced. Will you be silenced? I hope not. Get out and vote!


Your Beverage of Choice

Since the Tea Party has sprouted last spring and made history as patriots tried to take back their country there have been others trying to drown it during its earliest inception.  The mainstream media thought it nothing more than a joke and that it was a bunch of racist rednecks who are all about hating minorities, immigrants and gays. That all we do is sit around and say; “Hmm,  who  can we hate today?”  They got it all wrong. It was about trying to get back to the time where the government was not so out of control and the people actually had a say in how it was run. No we don’t want a return to slavery. No, we don’t want to keep women from voting.  No, we don’t think America is perfect but we don’t think it is a cesspool of filth either. There is a happy medium.  The Tea Party drew its name from a group of patriots who refused to pay the exorbiant tea tax considering they had no say in their own colonial government in America or in the parliamentary one back in England.  So they dumped all the tea in the Boston Harbor one evening. [Though that whole dressing up as Indians, I have a problem with. It would’ve been more courageous had they done it just being themselves and not hid in disguises.]  That is where the current Tea Party differs, there are no disguises, no false fronts being put on, people are coming as themselves and declaring themselves to be patriots.  It is truly a courageous bunch of people.

Now we have others trying to copy the success of the Tea Party. We have the Coffee Party.  This is what their mission is according to their site:

MISSION: The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them.

Sounds good right? Okay but what do you consider positive solutions. The Tea Party is clear on what it wants,  limited government by adhering to the powers given to it in the Constituion,  lower taxes and less government interference in our daily lives.  What do we mean by less government interference-well welfare would be a good example. When you are on welfare you become beholden to the government for all your needs.  So yes, it is true people at Tea Parties don’t like welfare, it is not because of the people on it, it is because they feel that is overreaching and creating dependency that becomes that much harder to overcome.  And I for one can vouch, people on welfare deserve better.

Next, they want to hold people who obstruct these positive solutions accountable.  Also sounds good but if you don’t know what these positive solutions are then anyone can become an “obstructionist” and be held accountable. Now if they are simply going to vote them out of office, that is fine that is what we have the democratic process for.  However, when a liberal says you are too far left, you got some problems. This also comes from their website:

I am a liberal but more of an independent lefty open to any ideas that make sense and solve problems. So far all I am seeing on this site is 99% typical same ole’ far left talking points and the same old name calling of anything right of far left. As a moderate I see posts telling me that I am the problem. What is diverse or new about that?

Okay so if a liberal feels left out in a left-slanting organization, something is wrong somewhere. When I went to the Santa Monica Tea Party there was a lesbian there who was proudly carrying her sign. No one ran her off, no one call her some derogatory name or told her she didn’t belong there. We didn’t even tell the woman holding her pro-Obama sign that she had to take a hike. All views were truly welcomed.   Not like this person who had this to say:

We have allowed these people to have the stage alone for far too long. I know for a fact that if we put together counter events that Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow, would promote them.

Progressives made a HUGE mistake allowing these people to get their nonsense over the airwaves unchallenged. We should have been at every single town meeting shouting these people down. They were loud and effective and caused the Democrats to retreat on health care.

Doesn’t sound like the so-called civil discourse they are supposedly promoting.  Most town halls didn’t turn into shouting matches. They were concerned citizens asking legitimate questions and were getting no answers.  It was the Left that tried to make Tea Partiers and their townhalls look like something it was not.  But shouting matches is what they are best at, so it doesn’t surprise me.

So enough of this phony-baloney wannabe- Coffee Party (and what is with all the beverage names? The Tea Party took its name from an act of rebellion in our history, it wasn’t like they all got together and voted and more people liked tea so they named it the Tea Party!)  Next there is the Patriots Beer Party.  But after Obama’s famous beer summits, this might not be the best way to set you apart from Obama.  These are people who feel disenchanted by the Tea Party and feel it is being taken over by the GOP. That is definitely a valid point, the GOP brushed it off initially and when they saw how it was growing they jumped on the bandwagon. I don’t like that either to be truthful.  But if it is about all people having a voice then those in the GOP should be listened to, as long as they are not trying to fit it to their own agenda.  And no GOP big wig should have any position in the Tea Party besides that of member.  It is time more people had a chance to shine and not just the seasoned politicians and their cronies.

“The Beer Party Creed:I am in the famous Beer party Crew. We know of no Patriots produced by any other country whose freedom is so vigorously defended. Our exclusive Constitution has aged and produced these Re-Founding Fathers. You will find no Astroturfers who are Our equal at any price.

Great creed and I like its moxie.  It has a place that discusses the Constitution, which is absolutely important.  Until you know what is in the Constitution, you can’t defend it.  However, it has no clear cut purpose either. It can’t be “We are mad at the Tea Party! So we are going to have our own movement!” You need a clear cut purpose of what you are fighting for or against, without that it becomes about everything and nothing and everything gets bogged down. The Tea Party would let no speaker speak if it wasn’t about taxes and government spending. It wasn’t that didn’t believe in other conservative causes as well but this was about taxes and government spending…period.  The Tea Party become a force to be reckoned with because it stuck to this original purpose. It also picked significant dates for its protests. April 15th-Tax Day.  July 4th, Independence Day-these days stick out in people’s minds so it made sense to do it on that day.  Whether or not these two parties (movements) will make it, time will only tell but for the time being I think I will stick to Tea thank you very much.

Freddie Mac, CEO Commits Suicide

David Kellerman, the CEO of Freddie Mac,  was recently found dead at his home in the basement and was a victim of an apparent suicide.  Does this remind anyone of Vince Foster’s suicide during the Clinton years? Or even Marilyn Monroes’ suicide during the Kennedy years.? Excuse me if I go all Oliver Stone on you here and start smelling conspiracy everywhere but it does seem awfully convenient for the Obama administration that this suicide took place.

Remember outside of Chris Dodd, Obama was the second highest paid Senator to receive kickbacks from Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae during that time. Therefore, he has a large part in the downfall of the banking industry.  On September 11, 2003, the New York Times wrote a piece discussing Bush’s attempt to organize an oversight committee regarding these loans but was dismissed and told it wasn’t necessary and that everything was honky dory.  That the current structure was fine. Here is the important part though-“The administration’s proposal, which was endorsed in large part today by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, would not repeal the significant government subsidies granted to the two companies. And it does not alter the implicit guarantee that Washington will bail the companies out if they run into financial difficulty; that perception enables them to issue debt at significantly lower rates than their competitors. Nor would it remove the companies’ exemptions from taxes and antifraud provisions of federal securities laws.” (Stephen Labaton, New York Times,  “New Agency Proposed to Oversee Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.” September 11, 2003)

It even states in the article that ” Freddie Mac, whose accounting is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and a United States attorney in Virginia, issued a statement calling the administration plan a ”responsible proposal.” So basically you got some crooks who are being allowed to have a say in how things will be run? Am I the only one who thinks that is beyond crazy?

So we have this sham of an investigation in 2003, an oversight committee that never  came into a play and a bunch of people who were willing to lie and cheat because they were guaranteed the government would bail them out and the guy who was in on it from the beginning is now the President of the United States and a chief witness in all of this now ends up committing suicide. Okay do I have that straight?  Excuse me if  I am not buying it.  While my sympathies go out to David Kellerman’s wife and child and I pray for their comfort in this time of sorrow,  I wonder what really happened in that house.

I don’t think we will ever know.

Oh My Goodness! I’m a Hippie!

aned3Some realizations are just more painful then others. This is one of those, I was joking at SGP that my son is going to grow up and tell people,  “Yeah all my family did growing up was protest the government.  It was like we were hippies but with morals.”  After that little realization hit me I sat down and wrote this piece. I hope it makes those wacky, Leftists who are calling us racists and threats to national security remember what it was like when it was their side being called that. And I hope it makes them stop, take a pause and for once in their life, actually do the right thing! Enjoy the reading!          ~Dena

As you think back on the sixties (at least from what I have been told gay-protestand read, I wasn’t there. LOL) and what described the “hippie” movement we are doing the same thing today but with a greater purpose-to restore God and country. But let’s look at some things we have in common with the hippies of yesterday.

lightbulb21) Pretty much started the homeschooling movement. Didn’t want their kids learning all that imperialistic garbage. You know things like how to bathe or the importance of having a job. And who homeschools today? Conservative Christians who don’t want their kids learning all that environmental garbage. You know things like light bulbs make the sun hotter or killing babies is good for Mother Earth.

2) Held protests about the government. Back then it was to get out us of adonai-and-generalViet Nam, make slaughtering the unborn legal and free STDs for everybody! Now with the Tea Party movement we have protests about the government, but this time it is to get us out of debt. To stem illegal immigration which is taking jobs from Americans and to uphold the law of the land, not to bend it, not to abolish it but to live by the Constitution and the principles it espouses.

trace-adkins3) Had their own music. From Jimi Hendrix to Bob Dylan, the music reflected what was going on with their anti-government scene. Nowadays it is country music that most reflects the conservative values in this country. Not every conservative listens to country music, but by and large the biggest fans of country music are conservatives. From Toby Keith to Trace Adkins, we revere the people who also revere our land.

dfd-family-pic24) Were counter-culture. The hippies were the counter-culture movement of their time. Working to bring about some of the most detrimental changes to our society. Espousing radical feminism which vilified husbands and children. Promoting dangerous alternative sexual identities and practices and becoming awash in hedonism. Now who is counter-culture? We are! As we work to bring God back to America, to allow women the opportunity to have children and stay home with them without feeling like a failure. We are working for the betterment of society by embracing traditional mores that lead us to greatness in the first place.  We are working to eliminate abortion but helping those with crisis pregnancies, solidifying marriage as between one man and one woman and not this anything goes mentality, making sure children have decent schools instead of the failing public schools we have today. These are the counter-culture’s objectives today.

5) Despised mainstream society and media so they built their own. microphoneWhether it was a pamphlet or a record company, the hippies of yesterday built their own media since they couldn’t depend on mainstream media to tell their side. Yet those hippie entrepreneurs of yesterday are now media moguls of today and today it is our side that cannot be told. It is the conservative movement that really has grabbed a hold of blogging online, Twitter and social networks like A Black Conservative Digest and others to get their stories out. The internet is fast catching up with the more traditional forms of communication (tv, radio, newspapers, etc) as where people turn to get their information. In 1994 only 2 percent of people got their news from the internet and by 2004 that figure had risen to 29 percent. Other forms of communication have dropped. In fact, television went from 72 percent to 60 percent during that same time (Trends, 2005, Washington DC: Pew Research Center, 2004, pp 42, 44-45) Conservatives absolutely despise how liberalism has become mainstream and doing what they can to stem the tide and bring society back into alignment with what is right and not just what “feels” right.

So there you have it! We are the new hippies. Maybe we need to come up with a new word. Instead of hippies we could be the chippies! Nah, let’s just stick with the Right, because after all, we are! But isn’t if funny the same things they fought for (homeschooling, the rights of parents to raise their children without government interference, to hold the government more accountable to the people, etc.) are now the same things we are fighting for and they are against. We’re the nutjobs now! But remember just a generation ago, you were fighting for the same thing-what happened? Oh I know you must’ve forgotten from all that LSD and pot you did. Never mind.

America’s Tea Party

The video is from the Santa Monica Tea Party.

So I went to a Tea Party in Santa Monica, California.  I got my kid out of school early so I could take him to it.  I got my master flier printed up but couldn’t find a Kinko’s or Office Depot close to where I was to run it off.  Very disappointed about that! There were hundreds of people in attendance.  Well over the 152 who originally replied yes, I will be there.

There were Blliberal-media-biasack people,  White people,  young people, old people, mothers, fathers and a Democrat with the sign that read, “I’m a Democrat and I regret voting for Obama!”  I had a few signs for the event. One for my son read:  Mommy! Congress is trying to steal my piggy bank!” Everyone loved that one.  I had three others for me.   One said:  Politicians-  They R So Taxing!  Another one said: B.O.  You and Your Stimulus Stink!  The last one read:  Die you commie pig….no I am just kidding it didn’t say that! It said: He promised “Change” Now That Is All I Have Left!”  My favorite sign  was by this conservative hottie that read: Let Me Make This Clear-I Don’t Want You Stimulating My Package!”  I laughed so hard at that one.

Code Pink showed up but did little to affect the outcome. Though at one adonai-at-rallypoint the crowd did start chanting “Code Pink Sucks!”  My son though they were saying “Go Pizza!”  America was present today.  Everyone from all walks of life.  From the poor to the soon to be the poor.  From college students to housewives.   When Republicans can stand with Democrats and demand change from our government, you know there is hope.  A woman held a sign that said Lesbian for Liberty. At some future rally we might be fighting over gay marriage rights, but today we were united.  You had bikers standing with men in business suits.  Everyone came, everyone was accepted, everyone was loved. Well except for Code Pink.

dont-stimulate-my-package-guyIt was a wonder to behold.  What the media and leftist talking heads failed to grasp was this was not about conservatives vs. liberals.  Do you think conservatives are the only ones feeling the pinch or feeling betrayed by a government out of control? Do you Democrats in the real world are immune from high unemployment or that the trillions to pay this off is going to come strictly from conservative checkbooks? No sweetie, they are coming after you too! They are coming after everyone. So everyone must stick together.

obama-does-not-speak-for-meThe mass media wanted to make this out to be a racist movement but we proved them wrong today.  They wanted to make this out to be a Republican based movement but we proved them wrong today.  The press wanted to incur anger at one another but instead it was all focused on the government.  There were no incidents of violence when I was there and the people were too busy hanging on the speakers word when I left for it to be afterwards either. There was no hate. I was smiled and hugged and made to feel like part of the family. I was interviewed and I may not have sounded super intellectual but I didn’t sound like the idiot the mainstream media was hoping to portray. I responded respectfully and put thought and reason into my answers.  When asked if I thought this movement was moving people to anger, I replied that there have been no incidents of violence at any of our Tea Parties and while people have every right to be angry, it doesn’t mean we are violent. Those are two separate things.

We busted myths today,  some that even I believed.  Myths like there are no true conservatives in Los Angeles, let alone California! Boy, they sure shut me up about that one real fast.  Code Pink had a sign that read “Human Need not Corporate Greed.”  Granted I am a big woman but do  I look like a corporation to you? How is not wanting the government to spend the next 50 generations into the ground-corporate greed? If they are referencing AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-fine. But if they were referencing those speaking out about it-then they are insane! Of course Code Pink was sucking up to the media while they were there, simply nauseating.

It was a great event, despite the wind.  Despite the guy with a sign that read: Christianity=Paganism=Heathens=Nazis. Burn in hell. Okay, there is always one loon at these things. I did feel sorry for this older woman who held a sign that said “I support Obama.”  She was simply ignored.  No hatred, no threats, just left alone to the side. In any case, it was well worth my time and I will do it again in a heartbeat.

*Pictures will be forthcoming.

A Tea Party Even a Mormon Can Attend

boston_tea_partyOn December 16, 1773  Samuel Adams,  Paul Revere and other American patriots unhappy with the current government in England dictating unjust laws on the colonists rose up and dumped  342 crates of tea in the Boston harbor.  That act would become known as the Boston Tea Party and their slogan “taxation without representation” still echoes in our ears today.

Well today, we are also a bit tea’d off and we are going to take to the silent-majority-no-morestreets and let our government know we are not happy with their current leadership and we will not sit idly by while they tax not only this generation into oblivion but all those who will follow.  And while we won’t be dumping tea this time around, we will surely make an imnpact as hundreds of different rallies are held all around the country. When Samuel Adams led the Sons of Liberty to the Boston Harbor that night dressed as Native Americans (not exactly the brightest idea ever) it was done with a relatively small group.  It was one group and one act of defiance.  However, this tea party will be like unlike any other protest rally seen.

With B.O’s 787 billion stimulus package, AIG, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac and all the rest of the financial quagmire brought on by the Clinton Administration’s legacy of deceit, greed and lies Americans are growing weary of our failing government and are looking to the past to correct the out of control governmental spending.  Many online conservative organizations will be sponsoring the national tea party.  From Smart Girl Politics, Dana Loesch, GOPUSA,  Americans for Limited Government, TCOT, Michelle Malkin and many more-people will be able to show the government that liberalism isn’t the presiding voice in this country. Their tantrum-filled voices are only louder is all.

If you want more information about the Tea Party, the locations, phone numbers and emails of the organizers go to:

Tax Day Tea Party

and you can find one near you. If there is not one near you, think about organizing one. The people at Tax Day Tea Party will be more than happy to lend you a hand.  Well it looks like we are headed for a second American Revolution.  Last time we had great leaders like Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry to show us the way, who do we have today? I don’t know but I hope they reveal themselves soon.

Side Note:  For those of you who don’t understand the title-Mormons are not allowed to drink tea. It is part of our Word of Wisdom, which is basically our dietary law.