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A Feminist Case Against Gay Marriage

Though I do not purport to be a feminist, in fact, I abhor the very idea, that doesn’t mean that I am incapable of seeing something from the other person’s perspective. Somehow the gay movement has gotten itself aligned with the Civil Rights Movement and Women’s Rights movement to the detriment of both. While most […]

New York Passes Gay Marriage Legislation

There are at least 29 sane people in New York who sit on the legislature. In a vote of 32-29, the New York legislature voted to legalize gay marriage. I would not be exactly dancing in the streets if I was a gay activist as they have taken to doing. This is not a ringing […]

UN Accepts Declaration on Sexual Orientation

Why we don’t just withdraw ourselves from the UN is beyond me. People act like such an act would be unthinkable. Hello, we were responsible for helping to start the United Nations after the League of Nations fell flat on its face. We withdrew from the League back in the day so why can’t we […]

Victory-No Gay High School in Chicago

If you go to my page entitled, “Gay Agenda” you will see a story about a gay high school to be built in Chicago. Well it looks like plans to build it have been scrapped. According to the Chicago Sun Times the school has scrapped due to decisions over the school’s name and mission statement […]


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