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Barely A Family

Some words blow on the wind only to evaporate into nothingness. Other words live on in your heart and mind long after they are spoken. Then there are those that haunt you forever. Such was the case when my son, who was then about three, told me “Mom, we are barely a family.” Those words […]

The Things I Learned in 2010

This is really a continuation of my previous post. Whereas, the other post simply tells you what I accomplished in 2010, this post tells you what I learned this past year.  Therefore the titles come from my previous post. THE YEAR OF MANY LANGUAGES: LESSON LEARNED: Don’t doubt your own capabilities. We often can achieve  more […]

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I Am Your Warning: My Socialist Life

While people are up in arms about the impending socialism starting to take over our country and while it is some foreign abstract concept for them, it is my reality. I know all too well what happens when government runs your life. What you have to give up, what dreams you deny. My life started […]

A Prayer for My Brother

I don’t usually do stuff like this but I would like everyone out there who reads my blog regularly to take the time to say a prayer for my brother. He had back surgery today because his disk somehow got splintered and was piercing into his nerves. He has been in my thoughts all day […]

The Family: A Proclamation to the World

Vote for Black N Right as best conservative blog. The address to vote is: http://2008.weblogawards.org/nominations/best-conservative-blog/  (Copy and paste into your browser.) The Family: A Proclamation to the World As a convert, I have only known one Prophet during my time in the church. That Prophet was Gordon B. Hinckley. While Thomas S. Monson is now […]


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