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March on Washington-2009

As any Black person worth their salt  knows back in 1963 on August 28th Dr. King led a “March on Washington” in which he spoke to an enraged citizenry about the  abuses of the government to keep Black people from enjoying the full rights of citizenship. He was there to hold the government accountable for its […]

Obamacide Video

This video is very powerful. It talks about how we are becoming God’s enemy. It is very true, though true hope-hope through Jesus Christ not Obama-is not all lost. We can reclaim our Christian heritage. We can reclaim our country. We can let the liberals, communists, fascists and other haters of Man’s freedom know “we […]

Dr. King: A Legacy Divided

With the Tea Party coming up on Wednesday and the ever disgraceful invader’s amnesty rally coming up on May 1st, both sides of the political spectrum are using Dr. King to further their cause.  However, which side does Dr. King represent the best and is closer to the truth of who the man was? Many […]

Obama Reverses the Mexico City Policy

Obama is at it again. He is determined to be the  most controversial and radical president we have ever had.  He talks about reducing abortions and then makes sure they will go up by reversing the policy which says taxpayer money will not spend procuring abortions for foreign countries.  What gets me most about this […]

Kennedy and Obama

With Caroline Kennedy running for the Senate seat in New York and Obama’s presidency right around the corner (God help us!) there have been articles written about the similarities between JFK and Obama. (Well there is one difference right there, John F. Kennedy was known by his initials while Obama is known by his last […]

Religious Liberty Revisited

I was raised in the microwave generation. Everything was given to us without much work or preparation. Our rights had been secured by previous generations and we never had to fight for anything. My mother’s generation, had the civil rights movement. The Blacks of her generation fought for their right to vote and to be […]


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