The Oreo Complex: Why Blacks Are Failing

Before I get into my article, I want to say the following: All Blacks are not failing. There are more Blacks in college than they are in prison, though the Liberal Left would have you think otherwise. The youngest Black female doctor is 23-year-old Ava Roberts.  We had the world’s best neurosurgeon, a Black man, run for the Presidency. Although Mr. Ben Carson didn’t win the nomination he did show the world, you can Black, male and Republican. So this article is not meant to bash the Black community but to illustrate while we do have successes to speak, we also have some overwhelming failures that need addressing.

Oreo cookiesOne of the biggest failures that lead to the destabilization we see in the Black community is the Oreo complex. The Oreo complex, for those who haven’t heard of it, is not the compulsion to eat Oreo cookies addictively, but the opinion found in the Black community that if you better yourself, if you don’t stay in the ghetto, if you get an education (this being the most important factor in the complex) or don’t listen to rap then you are acting White and therefore not really Black.


Michelle Alexander

Education is an extremely important part of this complex because people will often talk down college to those who want to attend: They do this by spreading the myth that there are more Black men in prison than they are in colleges. A myth that is spread by authors, like Michelle Alexander in her 2010 book, “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” On page 190, it read:  “The impact of the new caste system is most tragically  felt among the young.  In Chicago (as in other cities across the United States) young, Black men are more likely to go to prison than to college:”

CDC picYet that is far being the truth. In fact, ” According to the U.S. Census, about 18,508,926 people in the U.S. population are Black males, of all ages. In 2013, 1,437,363 were enrolled in college, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics.  As of the middle of 2013, there were 219,660 Black males were in local jails, and 526,000 Black males were in state or federal prison, totaling about 745,000 behind bars, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Prisoner Statistics Program. So about 13 percent of the entire Black male population is in college. It may not sound impressive, but remember we are only 13 percent of the population and the 18 million is for all Black males, including newborns, 5-year-olds, and 16-year-olds, etc. if we were to exclude of them that number would be much higher. Yet the Left and those with Oreo complex continue to spread the myth as if it were the Gospel Truth.

Thug LifeThe reason for doing so is capitalism at its worst. It is a way to make money while keeping people in poverty. It is a way to legitimize the “Thug Life” and make it seem like you are being punished simply for participating in what should be an acceptable and legal line of work, usually drug dealing. Michelle Alexander spends a lot of the book talking about the War on drugs specifically and not just mass incarceration in general. If you read Michelle’s book you get the feeling most Blacks are or will become criminals within the course of their lifetime. So if this what life is like for Blacks why not simply go out and do it? You are going to be punished for it one way or the other, you might as well have done the crime. Whatever Michelle think she is doing, she is actually laying the groundwork for additional Black people to be incarcerated not less.

clausen-swapI attended a conference at Los Angeles City College where Michelle Alexander was the speaker. I couldn’t stomach much of her speech and ended up leaving but I found quite odd she would go to a college, to talk to a room full of Black people about Blacks not going to college. Strange indeed, that was in 2010 when her book first came out. This past week, though, I went to a seminar on how to get in the UCs. (Universities of California, there about 9 total). They had three speakers and of course, I gave my story in bits and pieces as well. The room was full but still there were less than 100 people in attendance. It was being put on by a Black church, West Angeles Church, one of the largest Black churches in Los Angeles and as happy as I was to see people coming out for this, it saddened me there wasn’t more.

White graduateThere wasn’t more because Blacks don’t see college as an option. While some of it has to do with finance and thinking they cannot afford to go college, a lot more of it is just the general mindset that college is for White folks and I don’t belong there. They feel they don’t belong there because the Michelle Alexanders of the world keep telling them they don’t. But for every Michelle Alexnder, there is a Deacon John H. Wilson, who is telling them that they do. Not only is he telling them, he is also showing them how to do it. He is helping them study for their SATs. He has even invited me to help the adults in his church also go back to school. If we are going to fix this Oreo complex, it is going to be through the efforts of Deacon Wilson and men like him.


Wes Moore

Wes Moore

But it is going to take a lot of Deacon Wilsons to change this historical aversion to education. Education is not only for the non-Black people of the world, it is for the Wes Moores as well. Wes Moore is” a Rhodes Scholar, a decorated veteran, White House fellow and a business leader.” [The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates] In his book, he writes about his life and another Wes Moore that grew up just blocks from him. While he grew up to be the above, the other Wes Moore grew up to be a murderer. Yet while the Oreo people will extol Wes Moore-the murderer, they will run down Wes Moore-the Rhodes Scholar.


Wes paints a compassionate picture of his namesake. Even he wonders how two boys with similar backgrounds and grew up blocks from each other came out on the opposite ends of the spectrum. While compassion is a noble virtue, it becomes a fatal flaw when we use it to paint prison life as heroic and ultimately inevitable. While Wes Moore is careful not to make that mistake, the Black community at large, is not. We are failing because we are not educating ourselves. After hundreds of years fighting for it, after Little Rock Nine and the Board of Education vs. Topeka, after all, the deaths and all the struggles we are throwing it away.

The Oreo complex is not just a cultural thing it is a familial thing, it reaches down to the very core of the Black community-the Black family.”Some of my black besties have had to contend with that themselves–because they DARED to work themselves out of the “ghetto” and get an education and a career!  In some cases, their own relatives treat them like dirt for being “uppity” while still trying to take from them everything they’ve earned.” This quote by Lee Walker demonstrates that whether you are Black or not, that the aversion to education is so apparent that no steps are taken to hide it or downplay it. It is out there for everyone to observe. And observe they do. They observe the devastation that comes from not being educated.

dr-king-praying1My people love to talk about Dr. King but the title doctor is not some cute colloquialism that he called himself. Martin Luther King, Jr had a Ph.D. so why don’t they talk about that? Do you love Beloved by Toni Morrison? Well, Toni has her bachelor’s from Howard University and she also taught there! Can’t get enough of Mos Def? Well, he graduated from NYU! Then there are people like Deva, a Black 18-year-old girl with Down Syndrome, who is graduating high school WITH HONORS!!! You can beat there are no Oreos in Deva’s family. The truth is we can do this. We can become the great people we once were. We only need to educate ourselves.








March on Washington-2009

As any Black person worth their salt  knows back in 1963 on August 28th Dr. King led a “March on Washington” in which he spoke to an enraged citizenry about the  abuses of the government to keep Black people from enjoying the full rights of citizenship. He was there to hold the government accountable for its wrongful and shameful leadership.

Not much has changed in 46 years.  Yesterday exactly 46 years,  2 weeks and 1 day after Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his powerful “I Have a Dream” speech, Americans gathered once again at the Capitol to tell the government “We shall overcome!”  This time instead of racial prejudice against Blacks it was class hatred we were fighting. The politicians want to divide us-rich vs. poor, Black vs. White, women vs. men! Well yesterday in the great tradition of Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement that brought America freedom once upon a time, America stood up and said “We are not going to take it anymore!”

A new generation of America, some like me who weren’t even born during King’s speech, came out and stood with all the great leaders of the past and present and put the government on notice!  Some put the demonstration in the tens of thousands while other put it closer to 2 million people.  Those who couldn’t be there in DC held rallies close home. America was out in force yesterday and though I sadly couln’t attend any, I was with my brothers and sisters in spirt. I had to get home to teach the Constitution-so I was doing my part yesterday as people rallied and protested the government.

It is time we all do our part. It is time that people come together once more and let the government know, we won’t allow the continued enslavement of our brothers and sisters through welfare. That we will not stand by and let a President promote and “establish” Islam as America’s religion! That we will not allow the Federal Reserve Bank and the approval of Congress to keep printing monopoly money and then forcing us to recognize it as legitimate as they use our blood, sweat and tears to pay off their debts. They need to know we will not be broken, we will not be moved and we will continue to fight to restore our republic, to restore our freedoms and to have God and prosperity reign supreme once more!


Obamacide Video

This video is very powerful. It talks about how we are becoming God’s enemy. It is very true, though true hope-hope through Jesus Christ not Obama-is not all lost. We can reclaim our Christian heritage. We can reclaim our country. We can let the liberals, communists, fascists and other haters of Man’s freedom know “we will not go quietly into the night but will rage against the dying of the light!” [A paraphrase of Dylan Thomas’ “Do Not Gentle Into That Good Night”] The light is dying in this country and it is time for us to rise up and say “We will fight against your evil regime!”  At no time in American history have we had a president so bent on destroying America, so bent on dismantling our republic and replacing it with an oligarchy and removing every single liberty that our brave soldiers past and present have fought for. These are scary times but as long as we put our faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father we will come out victorious, even if our country won’t.

Dr. King: A Legacy Divided


With the Tea Party coming up on Wednesday and the ever disgraceful invader’s amnesty rally coming up on May 1st, both sides of the political spectrum are using Dr. King to further their cause.  However, which side does Dr. King represent the best and is closer to the truth of who the man was?

Many might say well like the invaders (oops illegal immigrants) Dr. Kingdr-king fought for full citizenship within America.  There is a difference though- DR. KING WAS A CITIZEN!!!! He had no time entered this country illegally, gotten a false social security card and applied for government benefits with his false identity!  Dr. King was simply asking to be treated like the citizen he already was! For instance, the 13th amendment ended slavery and the 15th made it legal for us to vote. Therefore, what was going on during King’s time had already been clarified within the Constitution-specifically-and yet they were ignoring the Constitution and barring Blacks from voting.  King was fighting for a right that had already been granted him!  Since illegals are not citizens of this country they are not entitled to any rights under the Constitution! However, the Tea Party people are also fighting for rights AS CITIZENS that they have already been granted. They are not asking for money or benefits.  In fact,  many cities and states are rejecting the stimulus money from Obama because it comes with too big a price tag! They are tellingthe government they need to reel in this out of control spending.  So the Tea Party movement is more like King in this instance.  Tea Party-1,  Illegals-0.

scales-of-justiceThe invaders movement says that King ignored unjust laws and used civil disobedience.  King at no time broke federal laws.  The laws about public access for Blacks were localized laws.  He never committed fraud in the name of obtaining the American dream.  Not only that King was willing to sit in jail and suffer the consequences of breaking the law.  The invaders aren’t! They think they should be able to break them and not be held accountable for breaking them. King always went quietly when he was arrested.  He used his time wisely in jail, penning “A Letter from the Birmingham Jail.”  Not “A Letter from the Birmingham Penthouse.”  He had been stabbed, had police dogs unleashed on him, had fire hoses turned on him, has his house firebombed, and yet he continued to go and press on. Show me one invader activist who has gone through those trials? Just one! In fact, just by being here the invaders are already breaking the law. The Tea Party people are not.  When permits are  pulled, they find another place.  They are doing everything by the book but are using their first amendment right to redress the government about its irresponsible behavior.  Score-Tea Party-2, Illegals-0.

A last ditch effort at trying to equate King to them is inevitably the race malcolm-xcard. Well, King was Black he understood what it is like to be a minority in this country.  Yea…..and?  The thing about the Tea Party movement is that it crosses all lines,  all colors, all economic classes, all parties. Everyone is fed up with the government taxing the people into oblivion until our grandchildren’s grandchildren still won’t be able to pay it off! The invaders are limited in their scope, only illegal Mexicans.  While the Tea Party wants everyone, no matter what their color, what their sex, what their religion, what their “sexual orientation,” we embrace anyone who wants their voice to be heard on Capitol Hill.  King was about embracing everyone,   Jew and Gentile, Black and White and wanted everyone to have the same freedoms. He also wanted the government to stand acountable to the people.  King was a Republican and if alive today, I believe he would stand more with the Tea Party and their ideas of limited government, personal responsibility and freedom to worship God as you see fit.  While having compassion for the immigrant, he sure wouldn’t approve of their tactics.  He didn’t approve of Malcolm X’s by any means necessary ideology and I don’t believe he would approve of the invader’s use of it  either. He felt the violent militancy of Malcolm did more to harm our cause then to help it, I can’t see him changing his view about that today.  Score: Tea Party-3   Illegals-0

So there you go,  King’s legacy doesn’t live on in the rabble of the invaders movement but in the thoughtful, rightful protest of the citizens of this land. It lives on in the Tea Party movement.  It lives on at Smart Girl Politics,  A Black Conservative Digest and other grass roots efforts to get this country back to its conservative roots.  One last thought, when King was alive 60 percent of Black children were raised in two parent homes. Nowadays 60 percent of Black children are slaughtered in the womb! Is this really the progress King stood for? I think not! King’s Dream lives in the heart of all conservatives and it is being slaughtered by the liberal establishment, it is time we all woke up because his dream is fast becoming a nightmare.

Obama Reverses the Mexico City Policy

obama-signing-executive-ordersObama is at it again. He is determined to be the  most controversial and radical president we have ever had.  He talks about reducing abortions and then makes sure they will go up by reversing the policy which says taxpayer money will not spend procuring abortions for foreign countries.  What gets me most about this is cowardly men like Obama who use abortion as a women’s empowerment issue when really it is about men abdicating their responsiblities to take care of women and children. It is about men’s sexual freedom, not women’s.  And the feminists that promote as such are so dense, so caught up in their own immoral and reckless behavior that they cannot see the danger they have placed women in.

By Obama reversing the decision he has confirmed he cares more about  pleasing Planned Parenthood then he does about women and the damage they suffer at the hands of these greedy and unethical abortionists.  Obama is already going down in history as the most dangerous and reckless president we stupidly elected.  He shuts down Gitmo without any thought of what will become of these terrorists and the harm that will be done to the American people should they ever escape.  Never mind just among regular prisoners there have been times when they have orchestrated crimes  on the outside within their jail cells.  But somehow that is not going to happen with these terrorists-yeah right! Now this, Obama is just determined to get as many people as he can killed during his tenure in office. Starting with the unborn.

Obama has shown his arrogance all through the campaign and now as President as he goes about signing orders that place women in Third World countries in danger from notoriously coercive and sadistic “family planning authorities.”  Women in these countries DON’T want abortion but are often forced to undergo it by these Western elitists who think they are not capable of being good mothers because of their poverty, skin color or other equally bigoted mindset.  When the tsunami hit Indonesia, people like Planned Parenthood went over there not to help those who had been affected by this tragic natural event.  Instead they offered them birth control devices and abortion. These people were trying to save the lives of their family and instead of offering them food, blankets or shelter, they offered to kill their unborn children.  Trust me, if  I had been in those women’s shoes and they offered me an abortion instead of food or shelter I would’ve punched them right in the face, spit on them and would’ve called them Satan’s minion and gone about my way.

But Obama finds nothing wrong with this kind of blatant disregard of human beings.  For he is just as cruel as those who promote abortion to those in underdeveloped countries.  Even more so because most of those people are people “of color” (I hate that term everyone is a person of color unless you are transparent!) and instead of helping his own people he seeks to destroy them. He is the ultimate Uncle Tom!

I think Christians need to raise up and help those in those countries stay away from these monsters! Set up their own clinics that promote life, Christianity and help establish Zion on this planet! If we gave them real help, when the UNFPA came around, they would simply tell them what they could do with their help and the UNFPA would have to go away! Like Dr. King before me, I too have a dream. I have a dream that one day abortion will be eliminated from not only my nation but the world. That pro-choicers wil be looked upon with contempt and disdain and we say their name with the same revulsion we speak of prostitution, slavery and other human rights abuses! I have a dream that every child will be born and will have the right to choose their own destiny and not the one liberals try to force them into! I have a dream that a revolution will come and that all the good people of the world will band together and overthrow the evil, wicked people who want to destroy humanity! I have a dream that my son’s right to life will be firmly established and no one will have the authority to take it away ever!

God bless the people who will continue to fight Obama and his evil regime!

Kennedy and Obama

With Caroline Kennedy running for the Senate seat in New York and Obama’s presidency right around the corner (God help us!) there have been articles written about the similarities between JFK and Obama. (Well there is one difference right there, John F. Kennedy was known by his initials while Obama is known by his last name. However, with Obama’s initials being B.O. I think we should start calling him that! Especially since he is about to stink up this country real bad!)

So I have decided to do my own comparison of the two men.

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

1) They were both media darlings. In fact, JFK was our first television president. Meaning he was the first president to really spend alot of his presidency before the news cameras. Starting with his national debate with Richard Nixon.
JFK killed Nixon in the election because he was a charming pretty boy while Nixon was far less photogenic and didn’t have that youthful idealism that JFK espoused. This election was no different between old man, McCain and youthful, energetic Obama.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

2) They were both frauds and surrounded themselves with disreputable people. People were always talking about Kennedy’s mob connection. Obama had Tony Rezko. Tony is about as reputable a businessman as I am a reputable astronaut! Obama also is friends with Bill Ayers, a man who is known to go around blowing up buildings. Let’s not forget Obama’s slums in Chicago and my all time favorite, Rod Blagojevitch! If anyone else was surrounded by so much scandal they would be serving time by now! Yet no matter what laws Kennedy broke he came away unscathed. The same with his brother Ted Kennedy who killed a young woman in a drunk driving accident. And let’s not forget William Smith who got away with rape. Being a Kennedy has its perks. So does the name Obama obviously, because no matter what despicable dealings he gets mixed up in-whether it is knocking all his competitors off the ballot or getting a million dollar house from his good friend, Tony-he comes out unscathed.

3) They both were beloved by Hollywood.  Marilyn Monroe was thought to be involved with both John and Robert and many believe they had the mob kill her for knowing too much.  Obama has Oprah and the rest of Hollywood fawning over his every move. It is quite sickening actually.


4) Both of them espoused the need for civil rights legislation and then Kennedy did nothing about it! He did not enact one civil rights bill as President telling Dr. King the time just wasn’t right yet. He also had Dr. King spied on by the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover who reported his ‘findings’ to his brother Robert. Basically, he was dishonest. The liberals are already frothing at the mouth because they don’t like Obama’s appointments. They don’t even like the guy he chose to do the invocation at his inauguration (Of course, their big problem is why the President is having a prayer at his inauguration at all.) The man hasn’t even taken office and his “supporters” are already attacking him. Obama was okay when he was attacking the Bible, the Constitution, sticking up for gay rights and aborting America. But the minute they saw him as reneging on those things they were out for blood. And if the gays really think he is going to help them get gay marriage they are in for a rude awakening!

5) They both served eight years in the Senate before becoming President. Though JFK also served in the House of Representatives from 1946-1951 before going to the Senate. Therefore, he had a little more experience than Obama did.

The diffrerences:

1) JFK served in the military, Obama has not. Therefore he understood about tactical strategies and since he had actually had seen action on his PT 109 boat, he understood the importance of leadership in that regard. JFK was hailed as a hero, Obama was hailed a “community organizer” who do you want to take into battle?


2) JFK literally saved the world during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Should such an incident happen during the Obama presidency we are all dead. When it came down to it, JFK wasn’t going to give in to threats and intimidation. Not only would Obama give in he would have a nice little chat-with no pre-conditions!

So while they do have a lot in common, the world was safer with JFK at the helm then it will ever be with Obama as commander-in-chief. God have mercy on our soul as Obama steals the Presidency.

Religious Liberty Revisited


I was raised in the microwave generation. Everything was given to us without much work or preparation. Our rights had been secured by previous generations and we never had to fight for anything. My mother’s generation, had the civil rights movement. The Blacks of her generation fought for their right to vote and to be educated along side White children. Back then there was no “separation of church and state” and the church was the catalyst for the civil rights platform. Churches on both side of the issue spoke freely about the political climate at the time, even endorsing candidates to those in their congregation. The current IRS legislation authored by then President Lyndon B. Johnson that would prevent churches from engaging in politics or risk losing their tax exempt license was enacted because of King’s growing influence. It was a way to muzzle him.dr-king-praying1

Just like John F. Kennedy before him, Lyndon considered Dr. King a threat. JFK had J. Edgar Hoover investigate King, which Hoover was all too happy to comply with. Both men considered him a troublemaker and so it has been with the religious people throughout the course of human history. The religious people have always been the trouble maker, the rebels, the peculiar. We have always been fought against and tried to have our rights stripped from us. So it now happening again.

Once again freedom of religion is being attacked. And people of my generation who never had to sacrifice for anything are being called to defend our liberties. Will be up to the task? Let’s hope so because losing our religious liberties will severely and adversely impact our culture and society. Since religious morality is the bedrock of our laws via the Constitution and since such laws cannot survive in a relativistic society that means we would be plunged in a global anarchy the size of which the world has never seen before. It is for this reason that we need to defend freedom of religion. History has consistently shown when the right to worship God as we see fit goes, so does all other human rights. The right to freely express our religious views is not just another right, it is the one right where all other rights derive their purpose and power.


Even those who profess no particular religious creed need to staunchly defend the freedom of religion more so than those who do. For it is the atheist who loses the most in this battle. For when the right to believe is stripped away so is the right not to believe and they will be given a choice. Believe what the state tells you to or die. People mock and say that will never happen in America. But as this past weekend has proved it is already happening. We have angry mobs trying to get into Mormon temples. We got people calling for our deaths. We got people trying to say we as Mormon citizens have no right to participate in free elections. We got people sending hate mail to our (Mormon ) Prophet. If it is happening to us, it won’t be long until they come after every other Christian denomination as well.

This is a genuine threat and we must not sit idly by while our enemies wage war on our inalienable rights as guaranteed by the U.S Constitution and Elohim, himself. All of God’s children must stand united against the spawn of Satan and continue to glorify His name as we are being persecuted. For we know we will be blessed with eternal life for clinging to the Lord. We are stronger than our enemies for we have Christ on our side. Satan even bows down to Christ, therefore Satan’s followers can never win.

Our forefathers fought a bloody battle in order to ensure all men could live in liberty without having to deny their God. People like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and most of the signers of our Constitution had an abiding faith in God and saw him as the Deliverer from their bondage to King George III. Our forefathers are calling on us to stand steadfast in our principles and to rise up against the radical Leftist regime which seeks to oppress people of faith in this country. With the most zealous liberal leader we have ever had, it won’t be long until their goals and objectives are fully realized. When that happens-watch out!

In the meantime, we must gird up our loins and put on the armor of the Lord and be ready to battle the enemies of God, family and truth.  It is no longer about tolerance, diversity or acceptance. It is simply about good vs. evil.  After all the blood, sweat and tears that were shed creating this wondrous land, we owe our forefathers a tremendous debt.  We cannot let them down. We must not let what they sacrificed for us be in vain.  We have too much to lose.