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Election 2012: The Most Important Issue Award Goes To….

This is an official blog entry for the YourLocalSecurity.com Blogging Scholarship. If selected, I’ll receive $1000 towards my college expenses in 2012. This scholarship is sponsored by YourLocalSecurity.com Abortion. That’s right, the most important election issue this cycle is abortion. Readers of my blog will most assuredly go, “Okay, we get it, you are anti-abortion, […]

LACC’s ASO Appoints New Senator for Disabled Students

Note: Sorry I am so late putting this up but it is called finals people. LOL On November 29, 2010,  I went to a Senate meeting at LACC to see if I would be appointed a senatorship. After the last debacle with ASO, I knew better to count on anything. For a refresher go to: […]

My New Year’s Resolutions

I am not going to make the same boring new year’s resolutions everyone else makes that only get broken a week later. So here are mine. 1) I promise to be a thorn in the side of all those who are liberal, Democrats or just plain commies. I promise to do what I can to […]

The Importance of Saying Merry Christmas

Now at first it might seem like a trivial thing. I mean who really cares if people say “Merry Christmas” or not? The thing is, something as small as this is no longer being left up to the individual but is increasingly being forbidden by businesses all over, even those who are supposed to be […]

In Jesus Name

I am hesitant to write this. Not because  I am upset by the following but because I don’t want LAUSD getting on my son’s school for proudly proclaiming the name of Christ during this last Christmas program. I went to my son’s Christmas program on December 19th.  As I looked over the list there seemed […]

Give the Gift of Death

Planned Parenthood  of Indiana is giving out gift certificates for their “services.” It is like getting a 50% off coupon from a hooker! Sure you may use their service but it is not something you want people giving to as a gift. Only Planned Parenthood would go, “Hey I got a perfect idea for a […]


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