Election 2012: The Most Important Issue Award Goes To….

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Abortion. That’s right, the most important election issue this cycle is abortion. Readers of my blog will most assuredly go, “Okay, we get it, you are anti-abortion, can you talk about something else already?”  However, abortion continues to top the headlines. This past week we had Rick Perry, a Republican contender for the Presidency, say that he has “transformed” his view on abortion. After watching a pro-life movie in which a woman conceived of rape speaks, he is now saying he is 100% pro-life.  There was also a couple who did an abortion at home and when they couldn’t quite fully kill their child they put the remains under the Christmas tree in a gift box. http://www.fox8.com/news/nationworld/ktla-aborted-fetus,0,250932.story

Much to the chagrin of the fiscal conservatives and zealous pro-choice liberals the issue of abortion is not going away and will have a defining impact on this upcoming election. Especially with Personhood Amendments appearing on ballots throughout the nation, the question of abortion can no longer be ignored. The abortion issue is to this election what slavery was to the 1860 campaign trail. It is now coming to the forefront of our nation’s consciousness. Its importance cannot be  understated because we are talking about human lives here. Regardless of what the pro-choicers would like you to believe the biological debate of when life begins  was settled in the 19th century. The anti-personhood argument is philosophical, political and theological in nature, not scientific therefore has no rational basis to seek a denial of human rights and protection under the law.

With this issue not going away, how could one successfully resolve it? One way is already being done, states are proposing their own Personhood Amendments that would become effective when Roe v. Wade gets overturned. In fact, South Dakota is the only state not to have any abortion clinics within its territory. So we see that it can be done. Education of basic fetalogy and the current stage of the baby have had a profound effect on women obtaining abortions afterwards. Continuing to educate women along with allowing them to see the ultrasound if they so desire, give women all the accurate information they need to make a better choice. Finally, extending the 14th amendment to include the unborn would be the easiest way to make sure that the unborn are given the rights they deserve without having to pass a new amendment which would be time consuming and may not pass the ratification process.

You  may wonder why I did not pick an easy answer like the economy as the most important issue, well because the elimination of 50 million human beings takes precedence but also because it does have a profound effect on the economy. By annihilating 50 million potential workers, we have created the economic dire straits we find ourselves in now. The only addition to the population and henceforth workers has been through immigration-legal and Free screensaverotherwise. We are below replacement levels and we are hemorrhaging not only in the moral sense but in the economic sense as well. Therefore, it is imperative we correct this situation or else we will find ourselves on the road to extinction. At that point the economy won’t mean very much will it?


LACC’s ASO Appoints New Senator for Disabled Students

Note: Sorry I am so late putting this up but it is called finals people. LOL

On November 29, 2010,  I went to a Senate meeting at LACC to see if I would be appointed a senatorship. After the last debacle with ASO, I knew better to count on anything. For a refresher go to: https://blacknright.wordpress.com/2009/10/15/conservative-student-is-not-welcomed-in-laccs-aso/

I got there and they had forgotten my paperwork…and I was like “Okay here we go again.” But this time they were able to locate it and I was able to put forth my case before the board.  I was voted in! It was a great feeling.  And so I was off and running. I have devised a survey for disabled students to take so I can get to know their needs. I have emailed and talked to the person who runs the Office of Special Services (OSS) and I have talked to the President of ASO about creating a fundraiser to get more funds to OSS. 

Then last Friday we were nominating people for stipends and my good friend, Andrea nominated me for one.  He said all these wonderful things about me and I just wanted to cry (It’s a girl thing, alright!? LOL). So, of course, I nominated him as well. We should be receiving the funds no later than our 99th birthday. LOL

In the meantime, I have taken my last final, which I think I did fairly well on. I am quaking in my boots waiting for my Math 125 grade to be posted. I haven’t bought one Christmas gift for anyone (well actually Andrea got his, along with the other people in my Entertainment IP club), my phone is not working, me and my kid are going to have to spend three weeks together without killing each other, Andrea is on his way to Italy-I won’t see him for two months and I am stressed, exhausted and am sure to gain at least 10 pounds in these next few weeks.

Sorry about that, this about me being appointed to the ASO Senate isn’t it? Forgive my meltdown. I guess I am losing my mind over here. I think that makes me a real Senator after all, doesn’t it?

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My New Year’s Resolutions

I am not going to make the same boring new year’s resolutions everyone else makes that only get broken a week later. So here are mine.

1) I promise to be a thorn in the side of all those who are liberal, Democrats or just plain commies. I promise to do what I can to get one death threat from one important politician before this year is over. If I don’t that means I am not doing something Right!

2) I promise to at least try to choke down a vegetable within the course of the year. Quickly followed by some dark chocolate so I don’t automatically regurgitate it back up.

3) I resolve myself to going out on at least one date this year. My son keeps bugging me to get married and it is hard to get married if you don’t at least go out on a date with a guy.

4) Okay I signed up with a new health plan because they give you a free health club membership and a free gym bag, so I resolve to actually use the free services since it is close to my house and I don’t have to pony up any cash. Who knows maybe I could date one of the personal trainers. LOL (Yeah, like that is going to happen. Then again alot of personal trainers are gay and gay men LOVE me-so who knows? LOL) And by use the services, I don’t mean like on daily basis, but enough so I won’t feel guilty about not using it.

5)  I resolve to do more cooking, especially since I got a lot of great cookware for Christmas and everything won’t be stuck to my pan now.

Lastly, I resolve to keep writing this blog and letting my voice be heard.  Taking on the liberals and the traitor conservatives who just want to get along with the liberals because they are too much of a pansy to stand up for what they believe! Yep,  this is going to be the year of all who are BLACK N RIGHT!!!!

The Importance of Saying Merry Christmas

Now at first it might seem like a trivial thing. I mean who really cares if people say “Merry Christmas” or not? The thing is, something as small as this is no longer being left up to the individual but is increasingly being forbidden by businesses all over, even those who are supposed to be more “family friendly.” Remember stripping religious rights away from a people doesn’t happen all at once. It happens when a little boy is forbidden to draw Jesus in a picture at his school. It happens when the valedictorian has her microphone turned off because she mentions Jesus. It happens every time someone wishes you a Happy Holiday or Season’s Greetings instead of Merry Christmas. It happens incrementally. Then before you know you wake up and there are no more Bibles being sold, there are underground churches because they are forbidden to exist in public. Everything you thought could never happen suddenly has and when you think back on it you will realize all this happened when saying Merry Christmas was forbidden and people thought it was too trivial to pay attention to.

So when tomorrow comes wish people a Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays, not Season’s Greetings but Merry Christmas. After all Christ has done and sacrificed for us it is the least we can do. So I will start you off-MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY READERS (AND EVEN TO MY HATERS!) AND I HOPE ALL OF YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!

In Jesus Name

I am hesitant to write this. Not because  I am upset by the following but because I don’t want LAUSD getting on my son’s school for proudly proclaiming the name of Christ during this last Christmas program.jesus_185_small

I went to my son’s Christmas program on December 19th.  As I looked over the list there seemed to be nothing that directly mentioned Christ no one singing Silent Night or Little Town of Bethlehem.  Everything seemed generic. We had Frosty the Snowman, Winter Wonderland and my son sung Jingle Bells. He did great by the way.

So imagine my surprise as they are talking about the History of Christmas, I actually hear the words Jesus Christ uttered out of one of the children’s mouths!  Did they just say Jesus? No, couldn’t be!  Jesus Christ in a public school? You mean they are actually going to honor my Saviour? I was floored. Then I heard his name again….and again.  Jesus was mentioned 3 times  during the course of the Christmas program.

mary-and-jesusI guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised, they do start their day out in many of the classrooms by doing the pledge of allegiance and school children are heard to utter: one nation under God.  However, it is one thing to mention God within the walls of the classroom, it is another thing to proudly assert his Holy Name during a Christmas program in which all parents are invited. It is not that any of the parents are going to get angry. Most of them are Hispanic. Hispanics are overwhelmingly Catholic.  So we know no parents are going to be filing suits over this. However, with Jesus Christ being evicted from valedictorian graduation speeches and from drawings done by  young children, it warms my heart to see Jesus being allowed back in the schools at all.

So for once I will give the public schools their props. I am sure I will find fault with them later but for one day they truly did the right thing.  And while Jesus’ birth was dealt with by using the disclaimer: Some people believe…..at least it was discussed at all. It took  a generation to remove him maybe my son’s generation will put him back. They are on the right track.  God bless my son’s school for allowing His Son’s Holy Name to be heard at all. Merry Christmas everyone!

Give the Gift of Death

Planned Parenthood  of Indiana is giving out gift certificates for their “services.” It is like getting a 50% off coupon from a hooker! Sure you may use their service but it is not something you want people giving to as a gift. Only Planned Parenthood would go, “Hey I got a perfect idea for a Christmas gift. We can call it the Herod’ s Special and people can get discounts on killing their babies at Christmas time! Because what mother doesn’t want to annihilate her offspring during this special time of year?”

Planned Parenthood is so morally bankrupt that they wouldn’t know decency and humanity if it smacked them in the face.  You have got to read the insanity that comes from this organization:

Looking for an unusual, yet practical gift this holiday season? Planned Parenthood of Indiana (PPIN) is now offering gift certificates for services or the recipient’s choice of birth control method. The gift certificates can be purchased online in increments of $25 or for any amount at some of PPIN’s 35 health centers. Contact your local health center to see if they offer the certificates.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana Gift Certificates.

Are you friggin’ kidding me with this? Since when is sticking a Hoover up your crotch considered  “health services” and let’s say you use it to buy the pill, what does that say to the woman receiving it.  “Honey, I know you are a nasty, little tramp so here are some pills for you so you don’t get pregnant. Merry Christmas.”  You give me a Planned Parenthood gift card and I am liable to throw it like a ninja death star and aim directly for your forehead!

So much for their claim that abortion is a personal decision between her and her doctor.  So to show that you respect her “privacy” you are going to have her receive a gift card in her stocking Christmas morning to announce to everyone in her family, “Hey I am going to kill my baby after I open my gifts, want to join me at the clinic?”  Oh and remember those girls who had all those abusive parents that they tried to “protect” in Prop. 4 well this should really make those parents just beaming with pride as their teen daughters receives a Planned Parenthood gift certificate from her boyfriend.

The whole idea is heartless and cruel, but what do you expect from an organization that was started by an American Nazi?