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Brad Paisley-Welcome to the Future

Published July 23, 2010 by blacknright

I would like to dedicate this song to the NAACP, Aryan Nation,KKK and all the other haters out there. You are not going to win! This video demonstrates what America is all about. You bigotry is antiquated and unwelcome and we will not be suckered into a war of your machination. We will not be your pawns.


Parental Rights Amendment

Published October 18, 2009 by blacknright

More and more representatives in Congress are becoming sponsors of this bill.  Where before we only had a couple people sponsoring the Parental Rights amendment in the Senate  [S. J. Res 16] there is now six and there is over 121 for the House [H. J. Res 42].  And while six is not a large number for the Senate we are working with a smaller pool (100 senators vs 435 representatives) and considering we were barely at 2 a month ago, we have grown three times what we had since then.  The more people start to wake up, the more they will see fundamental liberties are in jeopardy. We need to stop the Left from realizing their goal-total global domination.

Come join me and stand for families. Stand for America and stand for God as we begin to rebuild this country. But we need families to do it. The state can’t raise a child…trust me no one knows that better than me.

The Reason I Fight

Published April 8, 2009 by blacknright

adonais-pic2 If you want to know why I keep writing my blog-he’s the reason. If you want to know why I keep fighting liberalism even when it seems futile-he’s the reason. If you want to know why I will never give up no  matter how long it takes me-he’s the reason. He is the reason I turned my life around. He is the reason I found my way back to Christ. He is the reason life makes any sense at all. He is my son and he is the reason beyond all others.  If you won’t fight to make this world a better place for your children, you are not much of a  parent or for that matter not much of a human being.  It is for the little ones that we endure.  It is so they can grow up without fear, without hatred, without hiding their love of God. You may not see much when you look at my son, no matter, I see the entire world.  And more importantly, God sees his beloved son. And our opinion is the only ones that count! God bless you Adonai, Momma loves you!

The Garden of Feed Them

Published March 20, 2009 by blacknright

michelle-obama2There was a nice little news clipping about Michelle Obama and the food garden she plans to plant in the White House.

White House to break ground on ‘kitchen garden’

Now, if it was just Michelle, that would be fine. One needs a hobby right? However, Michelle plans to get the local children involved in it. Also on the surface, nothing very sinister-in fact, it is almost heart warming. Michelle inviting the children over to help her with her new hobby, gardening. What could be sweeter? But at closer read, it becomes a bit more subversive.

garden-radishHere is the gist, Michelle Obama is going invite school age children to come plant and harvest a garden only to end up feeding the White House. The children will not be getting the vast majority of the food they grow, fat cat Senators and Congressmen will! So basically you have a bunch of poor kids feeding the rich! How in the world is this a positive thing? If the kids were doing this and they were able to take everything they grew back home, I could see the benefits. If the children were to sell the food and donate it to a charity, I could see the benefits. If the children were to directly donate it to a soup kitchen, a battered woman’s shelter or other such organization, I could see the benefits of it! However none of this is the case.

Back in the day, we had a group of people who were poor and whose sole slave-picturepurpose was to feed the rich, we called them SLAVES!!! It is ironic for a man who compares himself to Lincoln all the time somehow missed we had a whole civil war over the very thing he is attempting to do right now! And before you talk about how no one is going to be forced and that they are sure to get permission from their parents for this, remember the Europeans originally got permission from the tribal chiefs to take the people to America. Lastly remember the slaves were never paid or otherwise compensated for their work and neither will these children be.

Back in the 20’s we instituted child labor laws to prevent this kind of thing.This is exploitation not education. The whole purpose of this was not to educate children but was brought up by a chef, Alice Waters, who has done fundraising dinners in Washington prior to the inauguration of Obama. However, she has been trying to convince the White House since 1992 to use this method as a cheap and healthy way to feed the White House. So it was always her idea to feed the White House, not anyone else with the food grown at the White House. It was Michelle Obama’s bright idea to bring children into it. Now if they wanted to bring children into it why not the children of the Senators, Congress and the rest of the staff of the White House? Since they are going to be the ones consuming it, shouldn’t they be the ones doing the work?

And while the children have promised to stay involved nowhere in the article does it say, Michelle has. Therefore, it will really be the children who are responsible for it, not Michelle or the White House even though it is benefiting them. Ms. Waters goes on to say: “It just tells you that this country cares about people’s good health and about the care of the land,” she said. “To have this sort of ‘victory’ garden, this message goes out that everyone can grow a garden and have free food.” Victory gardens were vegetable gardens planted during the world wars with encouragement from the government to make sure there was enough food for civilians and the troops. Waters says her family had such a garden.

Okay but this food is neither going to civilians or the troops, so how is it a american-troops-huddlevictory garden? Not only that, how does this show that anyone can have free food? All it shows is if you sucker some kids in doing your work, you too can have “free food!” Initially, I was going to say this was nothing but a demonstration of the Obama’s socialist beliefs. However, if it truly was socialist, the food would be distributed evenly among the children and the White House since it is not, it is a clear demonstration of tyranny. You do the work, we take the results! Welcome to Obamanation.

Octuplets’ Mom Has Six Other Children

Published February 2, 2009 by blacknright

A woman in California recently gave birth to eight children. All were born without any real problems and are doing fine. But now there is a media buzz because it has been found out that she had six other children.  Everyone is running around trying to figure out how much it will cost to raise fourteen children, blah, blah, blah.

Now I am one of four, so that is not a large family but my mother’s family is larger. Her father was one of ten.  I have a great grandfather who had twenty children. Ten of his own, ten that he adopted.  So I am not of this selfish mindset that smaller is better.  People are saying she won’t be able to afford them.  Why not? She has two advanced degrees that she can use to get employment.  She has a psychiatric technician’s  license, she has a degree in child and adolescent development and is currently working on a master’s degree. So this is not an unemployable woman.  Whether or not she is working is not clear but she clearly can be and she can earn enough to take care of her children.  We are not talking about a high school dropout with no marketable skills here.

Then you have the talk about how much money it is going to cost to send these children to college. Well, first who says all these children are going to want to go to college? Some might just learn a trade.  Still yet, they might all be geniuses and get full scholarships for college-you never know.  Besides, shouldn’t we be more focused on getting them home now then getting them into Harvard later?

The truth of the matter is that this is about abortion. She didn’t have one and so the liberals are hopping mad.  “She should’ve killed some of her babies to make it easy on the rest of us.”  “She shouldn’t have had anymore children to begin with.”  “The doctor should be brought up on malpractice charges. ” For people who are always talking about reproductive freedom they sure want to limit hers. It is none of my business if she wants to have eighty kids.  While fourteen kids may not be my cup of tea, I am sure not going to knock anyone who wants to have those many. If they don’t want me to judge women who have abortions then they need to be quiet about women who have more than one offspring. It is her right to choose, is it not?

Whether I think it is a good idea or not is not really any of my business. I am not the one who is going to be raising the children.  Just like the rest of these liberal pundits need to keep their traps shut. This is an individual, not a politician, not a public figure but simply an individual who has made an unpopular choice.  I think it is abominable the way everyone is digging into her past, it is none of your business! What happened to that precious privacy liberals are always chattering about? What about her privacy? Is she no longer due that?

But because I respect her privacy, I am not putting her name. Though you can find it if you want to. I am not putting too much distinguishing information about her because she doesn’t deserve to be hounded by the Liberal Elite.  God bless her and I hope she and all her children are happy and healthy.

A Mormon Mom Looks at Jesus vs. Santa

Published December 17, 2008 by blacknright

Jesus v. Santa

If you go to my Tech Inventions and Websites page you will see a website I have discovered and really enjoy. It is called Life As Me. The article is written by that author and it does an excellent job at explaining how one can be Mormon (or any Christian for that matter) and still tell her child about Santa.  I guess it is the belief that Santa is for the secular kids and Jesus is for the Christians and the two shall never meet.

However, Santa Claus is based on a Catholic Bishop, St. Nicholas.  He was born in the third century and eventually became the Bishop of Myra. If you want to learn more about the real Saint Nicholas go here:

St. Nicholas Center

So because the real St. Nicholas was a follower of Christ, you can join the two together and help build the faith of your child. However, you can allow them to have the mythical Santa Claus as well. A little imagination never hurt anyone.  In fact, Jesus is the one who gave us the wondrous gift of imagination, he gave us the land of dreams. He wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t something he thought was important and necessary.  Therefore to take away a child’s ability to marvel is downright cruel and inhumane!

I can prattle on forever but she makes a much better case than I. So go…’re still here? Go read her article already. LOL

A Mother’s Legacy

Published December 2, 2008 by blacknright

san-mateo-shooting1I don’t get to report on heroism much nowadays.  So when you hear something like this, you have got to report on it.  A young mother was recently at home with her children when a gunman broke in.  When it was all said and done she was dead, tragically, but she saved the lives of her children before going on to her eternal reward with Heavenly Father.  With pro-choicers always telling women to place their lives before their children, it warms the heart to see a mother who understood that our children’s lives matter more than ours. It is all part of being a parent.swat-team-picture

I want to express my condolences to Loan Kim Nguyen’s family in this tragic time.  May God fill their sorrow with his love.  And I personally like to believe that when she entered into heaven Christ greeted her and said, “You did well, my faithful servant. You may rest now.”  I will give you the address and you can go read the story for yourself.  Loan Kim Nguyen may you always be remembered as the heroine you truly are.


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