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Brad Paisley-Welcome to the Future

I would like to dedicate this song to the NAACP, Aryan Nation,KKK and all the other haters out there. You are not going to win! This video demonstrates what America is all about. You bigotry is antiquated and unwelcome and we will not be suckered into a war of your machination. We will not be […]

Parental Rights Amendment

More and more representatives in Congress are becoming sponsors of this bill.  Where before we only had a couple people sponsoring the Parental Rights amendment in the Senate  [S. J. Res 16] there is now six and there is over 121 for the House [H. J. Res 42].  And while six is not a large number […]

The Reason I Fight

If you want to know why I keep writing my blog-he’s the reason. If you want to know why I keep fighting liberalism even when it seems futile-he’s the reason. If you want to know why I will never give up no  matter how long it takes me-he’s the reason. He is the reason I […]

The Garden of Feed Them

There was a nice little news clipping about Michelle Obama and the food garden she plans to plant in the White House. White House to break ground on ‘kitchen garden’ Now, if it was just Michelle, that would be fine. One needs a hobby right? However, Michelle plans to get the local children involved in […]

Octuplets’ Mom Has Six Other Children

A woman in California recently gave birth to eight children. All were born without any real problems and are doing fine. But now there is a media buzz because it has been found out that she had six other children.  Everyone is running around trying to figure out how much it will cost to raise […]

A Mormon Mom Looks at Jesus vs. Santa

Jesus v. Santa If you go to my Tech Inventions and Websites page you will see a website I have discovered and really enjoy. It is called Life As Me. The article is written by that author and it does an excellent job at explaining how one can be Mormon (or any Christian for that […]

A Mother’s Legacy

I don’t get to report on heroism much nowadays.  So when you hear something like this, you have got to report on it.  A young mother was recently at home with her children when a gunman broke in.  When it was all said and done she was dead, tragically, but she saved the lives of […]


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