America’s Tea Party

The video is from the Santa Monica Tea Party.

So I went to a Tea Party in Santa Monica, California.  I got my kid out of school early so I could take him to it.  I got my master flier printed up but couldn’t find a Kinko’s or Office Depot close to where I was to run it off.  Very disappointed about that! There were hundreds of people in attendance.  Well over the 152 who originally replied yes, I will be there.

There were Blliberal-media-biasack people,  White people,  young people, old people, mothers, fathers and a Democrat with the sign that read, “I’m a Democrat and I regret voting for Obama!”  I had a few signs for the event. One for my son read:  Mommy! Congress is trying to steal my piggy bank!” Everyone loved that one.  I had three others for me.   One said:  Politicians-  They R So Taxing!  Another one said: B.O.  You and Your Stimulus Stink!  The last one read:  Die you commie pig….no I am just kidding it didn’t say that! It said: He promised “Change” Now That Is All I Have Left!”  My favorite sign  was by this conservative hottie that read: Let Me Make This Clear-I Don’t Want You Stimulating My Package!”  I laughed so hard at that one.

Code Pink showed up but did little to affect the outcome. Though at one adonai-at-rallypoint the crowd did start chanting “Code Pink Sucks!”  My son though they were saying “Go Pizza!”  America was present today.  Everyone from all walks of life.  From the poor to the soon to be the poor.  From college students to housewives.   When Republicans can stand with Democrats and demand change from our government, you know there is hope.  A woman held a sign that said Lesbian for Liberty. At some future rally we might be fighting over gay marriage rights, but today we were united.  You had bikers standing with men in business suits.  Everyone came, everyone was accepted, everyone was loved. Well except for Code Pink.

dont-stimulate-my-package-guyIt was a wonder to behold.  What the media and leftist talking heads failed to grasp was this was not about conservatives vs. liberals.  Do you think conservatives are the only ones feeling the pinch or feeling betrayed by a government out of control? Do you Democrats in the real world are immune from high unemployment or that the trillions to pay this off is going to come strictly from conservative checkbooks? No sweetie, they are coming after you too! They are coming after everyone. So everyone must stick together.

obama-does-not-speak-for-meThe mass media wanted to make this out to be a racist movement but we proved them wrong today.  They wanted to make this out to be a Republican based movement but we proved them wrong today.  The press wanted to incur anger at one another but instead it was all focused on the government.  There were no incidents of violence when I was there and the people were too busy hanging on the speakers word when I left for it to be afterwards either. There was no hate. I was smiled and hugged and made to feel like part of the family. I was interviewed and I may not have sounded super intellectual but I didn’t sound like the idiot the mainstream media was hoping to portray. I responded respectfully and put thought and reason into my answers.  When asked if I thought this movement was moving people to anger, I replied that there have been no incidents of violence at any of our Tea Parties and while people have every right to be angry, it doesn’t mean we are violent. Those are two separate things.

We busted myths today,  some that even I believed.  Myths like there are no true conservatives in Los Angeles, let alone California! Boy, they sure shut me up about that one real fast.  Code Pink had a sign that read “Human Need not Corporate Greed.”  Granted I am a big woman but do  I look like a corporation to you? How is not wanting the government to spend the next 50 generations into the ground-corporate greed? If they are referencing AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-fine. But if they were referencing those speaking out about it-then they are insane! Of course Code Pink was sucking up to the media while they were there, simply nauseating.

It was a great event, despite the wind.  Despite the guy with a sign that read: Christianity=Paganism=Heathens=Nazis. Burn in hell. Okay, there is always one loon at these things. I did feel sorry for this older woman who held a sign that said “I support Obama.”  She was simply ignored.  No hatred, no threats, just left alone to the side. In any case, it was well worth my time and I will do it again in a heartbeat.

*Pictures will be forthcoming.


Obama Takes Over GM

bo2Okay Obama may not have a hand in the day to day running of GM but then again I wouldn’t put it past him. It has come to light that the “White House” has asked GM’s CEO, Robert Wagoner, to step down. I love how the media phrases this. Like B.O. went to him and said, “Hey buddy, can you do me a really big favor and resign from GM, it would mean a lot to me, thanks a million.”

Now if some Mafia made such a “request” we would call it extortion.  Alllee-iacocca that aside, I am not all comfortable with the government trying to take over privately owned business. It is one thing when they step in to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because they were originally government  owned enterprises, to help students with getting student loans.  So it makes sense that they would try to save their own skin.  It is quite another for the government to step in and take over GM and Chrysler. Where is Lee Iacocca when you need him? He saved Chrysler once, let’s get him back to do it again.

Lee didn’t save Chrysler in the 80’s through reckless spending but through innovation and through smart fiscal leadership. Things that have long been forgotten by this upcoming generation and things that B.O. knows absolutely nothing about. You can’t spend your way out of debt, trust me if you could I would be debt free now. No one outspends me! Yet that is the liberal answer for any problem, throw more money at it. I am curious to see how this plays out and who will take over for Wagoner.  We are heading ever so closer to communism and the government control of all the major industries.

Wake up America or we will be Cuba! But only if we are lucky.  If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to Putin, listen to Daniel Hannan, heck listen to Ricky Ricardo. All these people will tell you the dangerous road we are on! And unless we turn back soon you can kiss this country good bye.

My Questions for B.O.

Larry Elder recently wrote a commentary in which he asked B.O. seven pertinent questions.  They were quite good and thought provoking questions.  But I would like to go Barbara Walters here for a minute and ask him some questions that are not quite as high brow but are still on my mind. So here they are:

1) B.O, do you suffer from some form of mental retardation that we are not aware of? Considering your appointments have all come under serious scrutiny and one just up and withdrew his nomination (Judd Gregg) before confirmation, it makes me doubt your capability to discern who will actually help this country.

2) Did you ever do any research in order to get your law degree.  No seriously dude, I am wondering because if you can research why haven’t you researched any of your nominees before putting their name in? If you don’t know how to research I will be happy to show you, it is really not that hard.

3) Why do you hate babies? I mean you go around voting four times to snuff their lives out if they survive a botched abortion. Even NARAL had no problems with the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, you on the other hand did. What is your problem? I mean when NARAL is the voice of reason, something is wrong somewhere. Why can’t you stand babies-it is really kind of creepy dude.

4)  Why do you keep lying about where you were born? We all know you were born in Kenya! Hawaii-ha! Seriously dude, when are you going to pony up a real birth certificate?

5) 787 billion dollars for stimulus? Are you kidding me? And where is this money going to come from exactly?  You so remind me of Satan when he offered Jesus the world if he would just follow him.  Never mind Jesus actually MADE the world! How is he going to give Jesus what is already his?! That never made sense to me and neither does taking people’s money and then tell them you are going to give it back to them, like you really gave them something! It was already theirs anyway!  But in the meantime they are left with an out of control deficit and spend crazy President. You really think this stimulus thing is going to score you points? What have you been smoking?

And my last question would be: 6) Why are you such a terrorist loving commie? Do you really think shutting down Gitmo, speaking on Arab television and trying to make friends with jihadists is going to make us safer? Or are you just trying to get us killed? Because if you want to blow yourself to kingdom come be my guest, just don’t take me with you!

And those would be my questions. What would yours be?

Roland Burris Being Asked To Resign

burrisJim Durkin is asking Roland Burris to resign his seat due to contradictory statements made during Rod Blagojevitch’s impeachment hearing.  He also wants him investigated for perjury.  Gov. Pat Quinn is also calling for an explanation as well.

In an Associated Press article, Rupa Shenoy writes: “Sen. Roland Burris admitted in a document released Saturday that former Gov. Rod Blagojevitch’s brother asked him for campaign fundraising help before the governor appointed Burris to the Senate. The disclosure is at odds with Burris’ testimony in January when an Illinois House impeachment committee specifically asked if he had ever spoken to Robert Blagojevich or other aides to the now-deposed governor about the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama.” (Associated Press. “Illinois GOP Leaderships Calls On Sen. Burris to Resign”.  Rupa Shenoy. February 16, 2009)

It has always been my contention that Roland Burris if he had any moral fiber at all should not have even entertained the notion of accepting the seat that had been the cause of scandal.  If he had any integrity, he would’ve told them to keep the seat and put it where the sun don’t shine or at the very least waited until another official who had the power to seat him offered it to him.  By allowing himself to be associated with Blagojevitch and then to possibly perjure himself he has done more to tarnish his reputation and the U.S. Senate then had he been wise to refuse the offer from the onset.

The B.O. presidency continues t be plagued by these type of scandal. There hasn’t been one day during his short tenure that someone hasn’t been caught doing something underhanded.  So much for that transparent presidency he told us about huh? Of course, I knew better because I could already see through him. It is just too bad the rest of America couldn’t.  So now we must find yet another Senator for the great state of Illinois. Will these troubles never cease?