The Rise of the Black Conservative

Being a Black conservative can be a lonely experience. You are told you are a sell out to your people. You are called a self-loathing Black person while the actual self-loathers seem to make their way unscathed. And sometimes it seems like you are the only Black person out there that feels this way then something happens-you start hearing about others.  The Star Parkers, the Larry Elders and Thomas Sowells and you go, “Oh my goodness! I am not the only one! I am not alone.”  But even as high profile as those people are, they are still overshadowed by the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons and the entire NBA!

But with the advent of Twitter, You Tube and other social networks like A Black Conservative DigestBlack conservatives are finding their own voice and creating their own media.  Two up and coming Black conservative voices to watch out for are Another Black Conservative and Conservative Like No Other. Both of them are on Blogspot and both of them are strong conservatives who unapologetically take on the liberal establishment.  Conservative Like No Other is a deeply devoted Christian woman who uses her blog to not only disspell the lies of the Left but to give glory to Jesus Christ.  She is not the kind of person to passively accept things, I know this because when she joined ABCD she set up three groups and made several comments on various posts.  That tells me she is not one to sit on the sidelines but to get involved and make a difference.

Another Black Conservative is also very much a man who wants to change things and when he read my story on there he responded with concern and compassion.  When I read their blogs,  I had to invite them to join. They are both intelligent and speak with conviction. They represent the best the Black conservative movement has to offer and there are others like them out there. From Zo of MachoSauce Productions who has made dozens of videos depicting his conservative stance to Ron Miller, another ABCD member, Blacks are no longer bowing down the liberal establishment and are fighting back. Ron has run for office even knowing he faced greater opposition then most Black politicians running.  He talks about his trepidation in going to Black churches to get his message out on ABCD-must read for any Black conservative entering the political foray.

So what will become of the rising Black conservative movement? Will we see a re-emergence of Black conservatism like we did with the Civil Rights movement.  (If you don’t think the Civil Rights movement was conservative then think again.  It was a God-based movement, based on obtaining access to the political process and economic empowerment.  Sounds conservative to me!)  If Conservative Like No Other and Another Black Conservative are any indication, the Black conservative is  going to have some staying power.

Blacks started out Republican and now are returning to their roots, while others are going for much more substantially conservative parties like the American Indpendent Party and the Constitutiton Party. When those parties take off and become true third parties-it will be because the Black conservative made it so.  Don’t look the Black conservative to be loyal to the Republican party if they can’t be loyal to the platform. We are used to be the outsiders and so we have no problem jumping ship and joining a party that more closely matches our values. If we can leave the Democrats high and dry, we can leave anyone else.

We will not be ignored anymore! We are here and we will not sit in the back of the bus any longer! God bless all those Black conservatives who know the sting of alienation, well you are not alone any longer.  And we stand by those who stand for freedom.

Please check out their sites and check out their pages on ABCD at:


Dr. King: A Legacy Divided


With the Tea Party coming up on Wednesday and the ever disgraceful invader’s amnesty rally coming up on May 1st, both sides of the political spectrum are using Dr. King to further their cause.  However, which side does Dr. King represent the best and is closer to the truth of who the man was?

Many might say well like the invaders (oops illegal immigrants) Dr. Kingdr-king fought for full citizenship within America.  There is a difference though- DR. KING WAS A CITIZEN!!!! He had no time entered this country illegally, gotten a false social security card and applied for government benefits with his false identity!  Dr. King was simply asking to be treated like the citizen he already was! For instance, the 13th amendment ended slavery and the 15th made it legal for us to vote. Therefore, what was going on during King’s time had already been clarified within the Constitution-specifically-and yet they were ignoring the Constitution and barring Blacks from voting.  King was fighting for a right that had already been granted him!  Since illegals are not citizens of this country they are not entitled to any rights under the Constitution! However, the Tea Party people are also fighting for rights AS CITIZENS that they have already been granted. They are not asking for money or benefits.  In fact,  many cities and states are rejecting the stimulus money from Obama because it comes with too big a price tag! They are tellingthe government they need to reel in this out of control spending.  So the Tea Party movement is more like King in this instance.  Tea Party-1,  Illegals-0.

scales-of-justiceThe invaders movement says that King ignored unjust laws and used civil disobedience.  King at no time broke federal laws.  The laws about public access for Blacks were localized laws.  He never committed fraud in the name of obtaining the American dream.  Not only that King was willing to sit in jail and suffer the consequences of breaking the law.  The invaders aren’t! They think they should be able to break them and not be held accountable for breaking them. King always went quietly when he was arrested.  He used his time wisely in jail, penning “A Letter from the Birmingham Jail.”  Not “A Letter from the Birmingham Penthouse.”  He had been stabbed, had police dogs unleashed on him, had fire hoses turned on him, has his house firebombed, and yet he continued to go and press on. Show me one invader activist who has gone through those trials? Just one! In fact, just by being here the invaders are already breaking the law. The Tea Party people are not.  When permits are  pulled, they find another place.  They are doing everything by the book but are using their first amendment right to redress the government about its irresponsible behavior.  Score-Tea Party-2, Illegals-0.

A last ditch effort at trying to equate King to them is inevitably the race malcolm-xcard. Well, King was Black he understood what it is like to be a minority in this country.  Yea…..and?  The thing about the Tea Party movement is that it crosses all lines,  all colors, all economic classes, all parties. Everyone is fed up with the government taxing the people into oblivion until our grandchildren’s grandchildren still won’t be able to pay it off! The invaders are limited in their scope, only illegal Mexicans.  While the Tea Party wants everyone, no matter what their color, what their sex, what their religion, what their “sexual orientation,” we embrace anyone who wants their voice to be heard on Capitol Hill.  King was about embracing everyone,   Jew and Gentile, Black and White and wanted everyone to have the same freedoms. He also wanted the government to stand acountable to the people.  King was a Republican and if alive today, I believe he would stand more with the Tea Party and their ideas of limited government, personal responsibility and freedom to worship God as you see fit.  While having compassion for the immigrant, he sure wouldn’t approve of their tactics.  He didn’t approve of Malcolm X’s by any means necessary ideology and I don’t believe he would approve of the invader’s use of it  either. He felt the violent militancy of Malcolm did more to harm our cause then to help it, I can’t see him changing his view about that today.  Score: Tea Party-3   Illegals-0

So there you go,  King’s legacy doesn’t live on in the rabble of the invaders movement but in the thoughtful, rightful protest of the citizens of this land. It lives on in the Tea Party movement.  It lives on at Smart Girl Politics,  A Black Conservative Digest and other grass roots efforts to get this country back to its conservative roots.  One last thought, when King was alive 60 percent of Black children were raised in two parent homes. Nowadays 60 percent of Black children are slaughtered in the womb! Is this really the progress King stood for? I think not! King’s Dream lives in the heart of all conservatives and it is being slaughtered by the liberal establishment, it is time we all woke up because his dream is fast becoming a nightmare.

Obama: You Are Mine!

nbra-cartoon-obama-socialismGreat I have waited 38 years for a tall, good-looking Black man to say those words to me and who do I get? Obama! Talk about rotten luck.  Okay that’s it I am dating only White guys from this point on…yeah like I have a choice.  Not a whole lot of Black Mormons running around. LOL

Lousy love life aside, being a slave to Obama’s  socialistic practices is not my idea of freedom. It is too bad, it seems to be the rest of America’s.

The Myth of the Black Conservatives

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The 2008 Weblog Awards

I am sick and tired of people like Cornel West, Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson trying to define black conservatism for the many men and women like myself that are Black and conservative. They paint a picture of an elitist, arrogant, out of touch Black person who hates the Black skin they were born in. For years, I thought the same because of the brainwashing I received at the hands of the liberal media. Little did I know I would become one myself.

So I am here to bust some myths!

1) All Black conservatives are rich and upwardly mobile. No poor Blacks are conservatives.

Wow! So living hand to mouth like I do means I’m “upwardly mobile.” Who knew? Conservatism has nothing to do with money and everything to do with values. It is the liberals who are obsessed with money, prestige and other false trappings. They are the ones running Hollywood, they are the ones who live life in the fast lane. Most conservatives are simple, church going, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. And for people like me on the tax receiving end of the spectrum I am forever thankful to the American taxpayer for helping survive these last 20 years and plan to do what I can to help them carry the load by returning to school and getting a career I can do that will benefit more than myself. Poverty isn’t an accurate predictor of liberalism but valuing work of any kind, especially stay at home mothers, is a good predictor of who is conservative.

2) Black conservative don’t understand the social issues facing regular Black folks.

It is actually the Black liberals who wish to stick their head in the sand, not Black conservatives. We have been talking about the devastating effects abortion has upon our community, specifically, and all we get back in return is Black liberals sticking their fingers into their ears and going “La! La! La! La! I can’t hear you!” Never mind that 3 out 5 Black babies or sixty percent of Black children die in the womb! That is not racism, that is not worth mentioning, that is not worth fighting. Our children are not valued and they have no concern over what happens to them. They are just a bunch of ghetto punks anyway, who needs them!

They don’t want to hear how welfare has not been a boon to Black folks but has done more harm by removing the father from the home, by penalizing them for getting married, by making them choose between self-sufficiency and their medication. They don’t talk about how we are letting our kids down by not educating them sufficiently. We would rather give the a PSP then a future Ph.D. The Oreo Complex (hating Black children for being smart and telling them they are acting “White”) has done more to hurt our children then slavery, segregation and racism could ever hope to do. In fact, it is Black liberals who have perpetuated this ugliness in our community. The liberals have long fallen out of touch with reality, let alone the Black community.

3) Black conservatives are pawns of the White establishment and are racist against their own people.

Really how many Black conservatives sit there and address other Blacks by the slang term, “My nigga?” Yet it is done everyday by those who are a lot more liberal. That denotes far more racist attitudes against their own people then anything a Black conservative has done. They say well conservatives are not for affirmative action. And it is still needed to level the playing field. I can understand that but what conservatives preach is far more equitable. Conservatives say, Blacks are no less intelligent or inferior to White people and they should be held to the same standards in regards to employment and education as anyone else. To promote affirmative actions is to say the are incapable of being judged on their own merit and should only be judged on their skin color-that is wrong. This is the way I see it, race should be the LAST factor in determining contracts, scholarships, etc. If you have two candidates, one poor Black one and one rich White one and they have similar grades, similar extracurricular activities, similar work experience but you want to give the poor Black kid a break in this instance, I don’t see it as reverse discrimination. He has earned it just as much as the other candidate. It only becomes so to give an inferior candidate preferential treatment based on nothing but their sex or ethnicity.

4) Black conservatives, like their White counterparts, are nothing but Christian bigots who want America to be a theoracy.

Liberals are no fans of those professing faith and the reason they are so resistant is because their own lives are filled with so much sin that they don’t want to have to look at their own lives and change according to God’s will. The founding fathers were overwhelmingly Christian and as such America started out as a “Christian theocracy” since most of its governing bodies and rules were based on biblical principles. If being a Christian nation is so evil, we did we become the fastest growing and most successful nation in the world? Why are people still breaking their necks to get into our country? You don’t see them risking life and limb to break into El Salvador! It is exactly because of our initial governance by God that we have the prosperity we have today. It was when we started taking God out of everything that this country went downhill. If liberals could read maybe they could read the Bible and begin to understand that success and failure of a nation and its people is dependent on its belief in the Almighty. This has been true since the beginning of time but liberals refuse to learn history’s lessons.

As far as the bigotry goes, it is the Liberal Left that consistently promotes prejudice for those who don’t think like them. It is the Left that thinks so low of Blacks that they think they are incapable of achieving any kind of success without a hand out from them. It is not the conservatives who display bigotry, it is the conservatives that fight against it while the liberals consistently try to promote stereotypes. Lastly, it is Christians who are more open to those who are not Christian than the secularists are of those who have faith. It is because of the persecution of Christians that other faiths found asylum in our land. The secularist would never have put out such a red carpet.

In closing, Black conservatives are not an anomaly in the Black community, we are the Black community, it is the Black liberals who are sorely out of place and out of touch.

A Black Mormon & Proposition 8

Marvin Perkins, a Black Mormon, speaks out on Propositon 8. He was interviewed for CNN but CNN cut out a lot of his talk. This is what they left out. With marriage in turmoil, it is time we stood up for traditional marriage, which has always been the cornerstone of society. We have seen what becomes of a society that devalues this institution.

My favorite part of this video is when the interviewer asks him about the interracial ban and Marvin tells them that Blacks were forbidden to marry whites, but they weren’t given domestic partnerships like gays are. There was nothing for Blacks, that is a tremendous difference. Watch this video, ponder what Proposition 8 really means and then go out and vote Yes on Prop 8 on November 4th.