Dueling Constitutions: Weimar vs. U.S. Constitution

            Whilepreamble-main_Full all men are created equal, all constitutions are not. As we now are finding our liberties to be rapidly evaporating, it is prudent that we take the time to think not only about our own constitution but those around the world, past and present. It stands to reason if Obama and his leftist cronies get their way we will see dissolution to our constitution and a rise to Weimar’s.

            What  is Weimar?

            The Weimar Constitution is the governing document of Germany that Weimar_Constitutionwas drafted right after World War I. One of the main architects of the Weimar Constitution was  a man named Max  Weber and according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: “He was invited to join the draft board of the Weimar Constitution as well as the German delegation to Versaille; albeit in vain, he even ran for a parliamentary seat on the liberal Democratic Party ticket.” [Kim, Sung Ho “Max Weber” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.  August 24, 2007. http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/weber/] Weber was prominent in his time and wrote such books as “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.”  While there are conflicting reports about his politics most say he was left wing and if the Constitution that he was a part of is any indication, then I would agree.


Max Weber

It is important to know this because once we see how the Left does a Constitution, it becomes even more urgent that we prevent them from trashing and rewriting ours as Obama, Pelosi and Reid would all love to do. So let’s look at the stark differences in a more decidedly Left Constitution and those right wing nuts we call our Founding Fathers and their Constitution. The first thing that jumps out at you is the sheer size between the two Constitutions. While the Left loves to hear the sound of its own voice and uses fanciful language, except in this case-the language is almost childlike and immature. The Right is more get to the point and make sure everyone can understand.  The Weimar Constitution has 181 Articles, the U.S. Constitution 7.  There are no amendments in the Weimar and the U.S has 27. You can tell they were trying to draw from the U.S. Constitution as their main source of inspiration but their need to interfere in the lives of others prevented them from pulling it off.  Even when they start off with the correct premise they go wrong very quickly. I will give you an example.

Article 119: “Marriage, as the foundation of the family and the preservation and expansion of the nation, enjoys the special protection of the constitution. It is based on the equality of both genders. It is the task of both the state and the communities to strengthen and socially promote the family. Large families may claim social welfare. Motherhood is placed under state protection and welfare.”  [Emphasis mine]  [PSM-Data: Geschichte. “The Weimar Constitution” http://www.zum.de/psm/weimar/weimar_vve.php#Seventh Chapter] It is like watching a NASCAR driver crashing. You see him going along at a nice little clip and then boom he crashes into the wall! That is what this passage reminds me of. They started off in the right direction by protecting marriage, even got right the equality of both genders in the marriage then told mothers they were under the state’s “protection.” Okay Capone, thanks but no thanks. They start to grant liberty and then quickly snatch it away.

Restore the Republic wanted to know if the Germans during the Nazi era were armed and while I don’t know if they were or not, I can tell you they had no constitutional protection to self-protection. All protection was to come through the state.

Article 123 does mention arms but not in a way that would protect the people. It reads: All Germans have the right to assemble peacefully and unarmed;  While that is article 123, our very first amendment is the right to peaceably assemble. And it doesn’t have the caveat “unarmed” after it. I don’t know about you but I have been to more than a few protests in my time and never ran into anyone wielding their Uzi during it. And despite what the Left wants you to think there hasn’t been a rash of right wingers going to Tea Parties threatening the politicians by pulling out guns!  So it would seem to me the true purpose of that was not to protect the protesters but to protect the government. So when they decided to bust in on a protest the only one with guns would be them!

Again you can see where the Left tried to emulate the truly freedom loving, Constitution of the U.S. and then once again got it wrong. There are nine individual rights given by the Weimar Constitution, not one of them mentions freedom of the press. Not one of them mentions the right to bear arms. Not one of them mentions the right to be seen before a judge if you are charged with a crime. It is these fundamental freedoms that make us a great and mighty nation and while they do try to give the people, religious liberty, it truly is not! There is nothing that isn’t under the government control and purview.   But as frightening as all of this nothing is as frightening as Article 48!

Article 48

“If a state (8) does not fulfill [sic] the obligations laid upon it by the Reich constitution or the Reich laws, the Reich President may use armed force to cause it to oblige. In case public safety is seriously threatened or disturbed, the Reich President may take the measures necessary to reestablish law and order, if necessary using armed force. In the pursuit of this aim, he may suspend the civil rights described in articles 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124 and 154, partially or entirely.”  [Emphasis mine]

Say what you want about Bush, the Patriot Act and our governmental system overall, I defy you to show me where it says in black and white that our civil rights may be partially or entirely suspended by the President! That is a scary thought. Article 48 was promoted by none other than Max Weber! It would be Article 48 that would give us the Nazi regime and the extermination of 5-6 million Jews! To give one individual such power is outrageous! It is an affront to liberty loving people everywhere to know one man has the power and authority to outright deny your civil rights without so much as a discussion about it.

Article 48 does try to reign in the tyrant by adding this line: The Reich President has to inform Reichstag immediately about all measures undertaken which are based on paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article. The measures have to be suspended immediately if Reichstag demands so. If danger is imminent, the state government may, for their specific territory, implement steps as described in paragraph 2. These steps have to be suspended if so demanded by the Reich President or the Reichstag. Further details are provided by Reich law.”  However, that doesn’t even begin to border on the logical. Do you really think if the President just ordered everyone’s civil rights to be suspended that somehow the Reichstag, in this case, will not be arrested, jailed or killed along with the others? Do you really think one person with unlimited unilateral power as you have just given him will all of a sudden listen to anyone else? The whole thing is preposterous! Yet Max Weber fought to get this in the Constitution, not out!

What is scary that is under FEMA this could very well be our future.  It took this kind of corrupt constitution to eliminate the rights from a whole group of people before exterminating them completely. FEMA also acts as our Article 48, giving power to the federal government, FEMA specifically, in times of “emergency.”  Read Fearing FEMA on this site to read what FEMA admits on its own site, what it is really practicing for-war!  There is also this: “Billions of dollars of new funding were directed to FEMA to help communities face the threat of terrorism. Just a few years past its 20th anniversary, FEMA was actively directing its “all-hazards” approach to disasters toward homeland security issues.”  Considering dissenting Americans were targeted by Homeland Security this past year, is it far-fetched to think FEMA has an all-hazards approach to squelching us? I don’t think so. Article 48 destroyed Germany. Will Executive Order 12127 (FEMA’s creator) destroy America? Not if I can help it!

Conservative Student is Not Welcomed in LACC’s ASO

q1592684838_9225Ah the beauty of blogging! If I can’t get anyone else to tell my story then I can always do it myself. So here it goes:

I recently applied for a Senate position with my school’s Associated Student Organization (ASO).  I was called back to interview and I got the run around.  The person who would be conducting the interview was James Butler Zatino. He is the current president of ASO and does wield considerable influence in the process.  After playing phone tag, after trying to track him down I finally get an interview.  The interview goes pretty well, with my nervousness I do fumble a little but I recover overall. He asks me if the position I wanted was not open would I be willing to accept another one. I tell him yes. So I hear back from him and he says,  these are the positions available and for me to pick one.  He tells me to come back later that day at about 1 to let him know what position I picked. I get there and he is not there.  So I leave a message telling him what position I picked.  I run into him later and let him know I want the Senator at large position and that is when it all falls apart.

I am asked straight out, what is my political position? I tell him that I am asologoconservative and he winces as if I actually stabbed him or committed some other violent act against him.  He asks me how to conservative, so I jokingly tell him “I make Rush Limbaugh look like a flaming liberal.”  He then tells me, “Well you are going to have to represent all the students.” I tell him, “I don’t have a problem with that but though I will represent the liberal students I will not tell the conservative students who come to me that I am not going to listen to them or that their voice can’t be heard as well.” Well that doesn’t fly with him.

cornerI was supposed to be appointed the following week. He doesn’t show up and no one can find my paper work so it is going to have to wait until the following week. Then yesterday right before I was to get appointed I get two calls. One tells me appointments are being postponed and then the other telling me they have gone with someone else.

It was then that I went to the Dean of Student Life at Los Angeles City College and filed a complaint.  I am also in the process of talking to http://www.campusreform.org about the situation. I will also be heading to my school paper to let them know what is going on.  This should not be tolerated.

The thing is I don’t have embrace liberal ideology to be able to represent the students as a whole in the Senate.  Just like they don’t have to embrace my conservative ideology.  The thing is that they want a yes man, someone will just go along for the ride and not make any waves. Well they are not going to get that in me. I can represent all students because  I will listen to all students and take the best ideas from them and run with them.  But they just want a liberal parrot.  I wasn’t going to lie or downplay my conservatism. I feel they should know exactly who they are they getting  and if this was a club on campus like the Liberal Lions or some other club that pretty much catered to only liberal minded students then that is one thing. But you can’t say you represent the student population when you clearly do not!

This is not also the first time something like this has happened to me.  I was up for an internship during August. It was a paid internship. I would be helping to recruit students and organizing events. To show my experience in organizing political events-though truth be told they were small-I told them about my work with Silent No More Awareness Campaign and the male professor on the committee who is a political science professor-laid into me. “Well we are pretty far left do you think you could promote our agenda?”  He went from “pretty far left” to “extremely left” to trying to bait me about my abortion views. He was antagonistic and all in pretty obnoxious and I was glad I wouldn’t have to be working with this man. With his hostile attitude I thought they might be staging a coup d’etat or something. The fellow student I would’ve been working with was nice,  friendly and even if he was “extremely left” he had the common decency not to display any such obnoxious and unprofessional behavior! He was definitely a class act which is more than I can say for that professor! I don’t remember his last name but his first name was Zack and I am sorry I didn’t have a chance to work with him, I think we could’ve learned a lot from each other.

Things need to change at LACC and while I don’t think I am entitled to any position, I do think  it is unfair to be offered the position and then have it withdrawn, for no other reason then they don’t like my politics.  Well you know what ASO and Professor Hateful, I don’t like yours either! And if you think you are going to get away with treating students so abominably-you got another think coming!

March on Washington-2009

As any Black person worth their salt  knows back in 1963 on August 28th Dr. King led a “March on Washington” in which he spoke to an enraged citizenry about the  abuses of the government to keep Black people from enjoying the full rights of citizenship. He was there to hold the government accountable for its wrongful and shameful leadership.

Not much has changed in 46 years.  Yesterday exactly 46 years,  2 weeks and 1 day after Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his powerful “I Have a Dream” speech, Americans gathered once again at the Capitol to tell the government “We shall overcome!”  This time instead of racial prejudice against Blacks it was class hatred we were fighting. The politicians want to divide us-rich vs. poor, Black vs. White, women vs. men! Well yesterday in the great tradition of Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement that brought America freedom once upon a time, America stood up and said “We are not going to take it anymore!”

A new generation of America, some like me who weren’t even born during King’s speech, came out and stood with all the great leaders of the past and present and put the government on notice!  Some put the demonstration in the tens of thousands while other put it closer to 2 million people.  Those who couldn’t be there in DC held rallies close home. America was out in force yesterday and though I sadly couln’t attend any, I was with my brothers and sisters in spirt. I had to get home to teach the Constitution-so I was doing my part yesterday as people rallied and protested the government.

It is time we all do our part. It is time that people come together once more and let the government know, we won’t allow the continued enslavement of our brothers and sisters through welfare. That we will not stand by and let a President promote and “establish” Islam as America’s religion! That we will not allow the Federal Reserve Bank and the approval of Congress to keep printing monopoly money and then forcing us to recognize it as legitimate as they use our blood, sweat and tears to pay off their debts. They need to know we will not be broken, we will not be moved and we will continue to fight to restore our republic, to restore our freedoms and to have God and prosperity reign supreme once more!


Cali’s Garage Sale

Arnold Schwarzenegger[In her best announcer voice] Everything must go people! That’s right-one day, tons of sales! We are selling our jobs overseas, good education and pretty much our souls. So come one, come all-you are sure to get a heck of a deal!

While that may not be what they are really selling-at least on Craigslist or ebay-California is having a garage sale to generate funds for the state. Has it really come to this, are we really so bad off as the eighth largest economy in the world (not in America but in the world!) that we need to sell our dirty laundry on ebay. And I do mean dirty laundry-they are selling old prison uniforms. And who exactly is going to buy old prison uniforms anyway? Maybe an ex con who is all misty eyed about the good ol’ days in Folsom or San Quentin. San Quentin-Death Row-East BlockThey are selling cars, laptop computers, everything that they can get their hands on.  While it might be a clever idea and a way to eliminate some of the waste and clutter California has collected, [California must be the “Pack Rat State” because I, myself am a huge packrat, hate to throw anything away.  I also have many a friends with the same affliction. Maybe it is something in our water that makes us hold onto everything for dear life. ] it is not even going to make a dent in the deficit we have accumulated as well. At the present time, it is being projected we have a deficit of $26 billion.  http://bit.ly/2bYRK3

Cal WorthingtonObvious ly the Governator has run out of ideas.  He has become a joke of a governor and a business man. He has become of the Cal Worthington of statesmen. For the three of you who don’t live or who have never lived in Southern California, Cal Worthington is a used car salesman. He owns a  lot called Worthington Ford. He had television commercials about standing on his head to make you a deal and he had a “dog” Spot who was usually a monkey, elephant, lion or some other wild animal. Actually as a child, I loved his commercials they made me laugh and brought a smile to my face. He is still selling his cars today.  The difference between Cal Worthington and most politicians is that Cal Worthington would honestly give you a good deal.

The idea for the garage sale came from one of his Twitter followers (ah yes, the brilliance of Twitter!) 

After signing the order to reduce the state’s 40,000 government vehicles by 15 percent, Schwarzenegger posted a video message thanking his Twitter followers for their budget-balancing ideas, including one follower’s suggestion to autograph state-owned vehicles being put up for auction.

“You come up with the great ideas. Why not just sign the cars since you’re a celebrity governor? Sign the cars and sell it for more money,” the governor said in the video where he was seen sitting at his desk in the state Capitol admiring a 2-foot-long folding knife before addressing viewers. “That’s exactly what we’re going to do.” [Judy Lin, Associated Press Writer,  Friday, August 28, 2009]

Garage SaleFrom there it grew into a full-fledged “garage sale.”  And even if every citizen, illegal alien and unborn fetus showed up, gave the state all their money at which point I got about 5 bucks to get to school for the next 3 days, it wouldn’t end the deficit and it sure wouldn’t end the reckless spending that politicians have become famous for.

When did our government stop being about the governance of its people and turn into the annoyance of its people. With its constant striving to take over every area of our lives from industry, healthcare and education, we are left with very few liberties left. [Side note: A liberty by the way is what the government is supposed to stay out of,  a right is what the government is supposed to enforce. Of course, with liberties and rights, the two can intertwine and get sticky but that is the general take on the two.] It seems like such nonsense like this garage sale is not just limited to California. After all, Cash for Clunkers is basically the same thing-Congress going Worthington Ford on the nation!

One person referred to Cash for Clunkers as abortion for autos. Since after you turn in your vehicle they have to destroy it and cannot resell it. Yet here we are reselling SUVs and other vehicles that Cash for Clunkers is trying to destroy.  The whole thing is turning into some very bad game show and if it wasn’t our future on the line, I might have a good laugh at all this. It just shows how truly far we have fallen. As a state and as a nation.

P.S. Thank you liberals for all your inanely insipid ideas and turning this country into a vast wasteland! You have done a bang up job destroying America!

All Ning Sites Are Down?

Ning's logoSo I go to check my Ning site, “A Black Conservative Digest” and it can’t be found. I go to Ning-nothing. I go to Smart Girls Politics, also down. I go to NO WE WON’T! want to guess if that was up? Nah, it was down too. So I am wondering, if Obama’s cyber czar who we know nothing about has decided we just don’t need Ning!

I mean Obama couldn’t been to happy with Gallup today when he read Obama readingthat Americans are more conservative in all fifty states than liberal. Maybe he thought too many of us were getting together sharing ideas, forming plans, educating each other and that just has to stop. Maybe it is just my computer and for whatever reason it is not picking up Ning sites. Or maybe it is just Ning acting a bit whacky. There are plenty of reasons not one Ning site is working but come on you liberals have conspiracy theories coming out the wazoo, this is mine.

Then again I went to George-Orwell.org and that didn’t come up. No 1984 for me.  I went to Online Literature and was told that site might harm my computer? Really? A Literature site-we all know how devious those literary people are! Ah man, I just unplugged my internet and plugged it back in, now my site is working. Just as I was working on a good conspiracy theory. Dang it! Well there are plenty of computer mishaps just waiting to happen and I am sure Obama will be responsible for at least a couple of them, I just have to wait and be patient.  I hate it when truth messes up a perfect good plot, but what are you going to do right?

We the People Health Care

As we debate the health care “crisis” in this country, we hear all kinds of solutions. We should have the government take over. You mean the same government that just ended dental benefits for adults on Medi-Cal. You mean the same gov’t that  forces me to jump through hoops after all this time to get my meds. The same meds I have been on for the last 25 years no less. You want that gov’t to run it? No thank you!

Well we can let the private sector run it. You meant the same private sector that refuses to cover me because I am epileptic. You mean the same private sector that in 1992 charged nearly nine hundred dollars for one MRI? That private sector? NO Thanks!

We the People has come up with a good solution! Let the people form a coalition and create their own non-profit health care system. A system where I won’t be denied coverage because of my pre-existing condition. A system that respects my privacy, keeps the government out of it and where one won’t be gorged with high premiums.

Check it out and if you think it sounds good sign up at http://www.wethepeoplehealth.com

Playing Catch Up

I have been on hiatus for awhile but I am back! So just because I wasn’t here doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention to the latest news or had no opinion on then. So let’s get started.

This is the Michael I loved and will always love

This is the Michael I loved and will always love

Let’s start with something we haven’t been able to escape-the death of Michael Jackson. I was a huge fan of his growing up but as we both aged, he seemed to become quite bizarre.  Granted, a lot of people are bizarre but his behavior bordered on the criminal with his behavior towards children. Though he was acquitted of the charges (or were they dropped I forget) there was something unsettling about his admission of sleeping with boys though nothing sexual was going on he said.  Even so, you don’t do that kind of thing.  When he died I was very much shaken. More so for me than for him or even his family. I was shaken because it felt like a piece of my history had died. I was shaken because the 19 year old boy who sung “Off the Wall” was now gone forever.  I was shaken for that 9 year old girl who  truly loved him as much as a nine year old girl can.  It was his memory I mourned, more than the man himself.  Congress wanted a resolution for Michael.  Obama sent condolences. The whole thing turned into a circus with Al Sharpton saying  to his kids at Michael’s memorial at the Staples Center that “your father wasn’t strange.” Yes, he was. Making them wear masks their whole lives is strange. Holding a baby over a balcony is strange. Sleeping with little boys is strange. To deny all that simply because the man is now dead is wrong.  It would have been better to avoid the topic altogether than to willfully lie to his children. Even if you think it will benefit them.

Next, we have a far more important death to talk about the one of Neda.Neda-freedom fighter The young woman protester in Iran who was murdered in broad daylight.  Her dying photo plastered across the internet. If anyone should have a resolution for them, it should be Neda, who sacrificed her life for the sake of freedom.  Neda has become the voice of  freedom for Iran, women in particular. Neda was killed after the elections in Iran were called into question.  Her fiance told reporters she was not politically affiliated with either side, she just wanted freedom for everyone.  Unfortunately Neda had the misfortune to die shortly before Michael Jackson and so her death got quickly tossed aside for the more sensational and weird circumstances surrounding Jackson’s demise. Though truthfully, I don’t know how much more sensational you can get than to be shot in cold blood and have it videotaped and sent to YouTube! If only Americans were as bold as Neda.  Maybe we wouldn’t have an imposter in the White House as well.

Manuel Zelaya-Honduran presidentHonduras-Obama has called the removal of President Zelaya by the Supreme Court  in his country, an illegal action. Well that is not surprising.  This is the same man who thinks our Constitution is a flawed document. This is the same man who refuses to submit his actual birth records to confirm he is eligible for the Presidency. This is a man who never met a communist he didn’t like. This is a man who has taken over GM, the banks and now is trying to take over health care in this country.  So it is no surprise he aligns himself with the likes of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and other communist dictators. There was nothing remotely illegal about the ousting of Manuel Zelaya.  Zelaya is accused of trying to revise the Honduran Constitution while still in office, he says he was only doing opinion polls. Yeah and North Korea wasn’t really testing their missiles a few months back.  They were just testing their satellite systems. And if you believe that, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

Okay so that is some of the big stories that have happened since my hiatus. I promise next time I won’t be gone so long.

Obamacide Video

This video is very powerful. It talks about how we are becoming God’s enemy. It is very true, though true hope-hope through Jesus Christ not Obama-is not all lost. We can reclaim our Christian heritage. We can reclaim our country. We can let the liberals, communists, fascists and other haters of Man’s freedom know “we will not go quietly into the night but will rage against the dying of the light!” [A paraphrase of Dylan Thomas’ “Do Not Gentle Into That Good Night”] The light is dying in this country and it is time for us to rise up and say “We will fight against your evil regime!”  At no time in American history have we had a president so bent on destroying America, so bent on dismantling our republic and replacing it with an oligarchy and removing every single liberty that our brave soldiers past and present have fought for. These are scary times but as long as we put our faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father we will come out victorious, even if our country won’t.

Bush, Reagan, Obama-Oh My!

President Bush hard at work

President Bush hard at work


President Reagan hard at work.

President Reagan hard at work.


Obama-Enough said!

Obama-Enough said!

Remind me never to go camping with Obama, but if I ever need an interior designer he will be the first one I will call.  That is if he hasn’t been struck down by the Almighty for telling Israel to take a flying leap!  And Elohim if you feel the need to take out Washington D.C.-no problem, just leave the rest of America standing. The rest of us like you and Israel!