Five Things We Can Do Now

5Now that Trump has been elected President, we can continue to whine about it or we can dust ourselves off and get down to work. Trump can’t make America great again and if you think he can you are delusional. It is the people that will make America great again. It has always been the people that has made America great. From our most dedicated veterans to the people in the churches, in the schools and in every business across our nation, they are the ones who make America great. So put your wounded pride aside and let’s see what we can to make America great.

  1. If you are unhappy with both the Democrats and Republicans, look for another party. There are plenty of third parties out there, for both the Left and the Right for you to put your allegiance. Are you a Leftist who has a strong interest in the environment then the Green Party is for you. Do you care more about Health and Wellness? Then the Canary Party maybe for you. Are you a veteran? Then try the Veteran Party of America. Do you believe abortion needs to be eliminated and made illegal? Then America’s Party is for you. There are many parties out there and if you want to hear from some of them go to: Open Rebellion Radio Not only did we do debates with them there but we interviewed them about their platforms. It is a good place to get started.
  2. Volunteer at said new party or find a charity. There are always places and organizations that need your help. And while no organization will turn down your financial help, the truth is they need your time. If you can give even a hour or two a week or 3 to 4 hours a month, that will be much appreciated. So find out what you are passionate about and spend some time helping them. You are the hero they are waiting for.
  3. Jesus StatueGo back to church. Whether you are Protestant, Baptist, Catholic, Mormon or non-denominational, we will not get back to our former glory until we start putting God first. Without repenting and turning from our wicked ways, we will never see a return to our prosperity. But it is not about material gain. It is about returning to our moral code and abandoning this relativism that says there is no right or wrong that will once again make us a honorable and decent society in which to live. However, we cannot do that until we return to God once more. And if you are absolutely opposed to God, find your higher power and start there.
  4. Check out your neighborhood councils. Unless you live in a rural neighborhood (and even then you probably have some kind of council, whether it be a church council or some other) you probably have some kind of neighborhood council. This council speaks for you at your City Council level. It is important you know who is on your council and what they are advocating on your behalf. This is your opportunity to get a chance to get involved directly on what is going on in your neighborhood and change it for the better.
  5. Finally, just enjoy life. Life is too short to be consumed by politics. So enjoy your family, your friends. Hate your job, find one that you absolutely love. Read books you always wanted to. Walk on the beach with someone you love. Dance like no one is watching. All in all, find your joy and passion and express it. Most importantly, love yourself and then share that love others. You are an awesome person and so are your brothers and sisters. We are all one big family, remember that. God bless you all.



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