How Open Rebellion Candidates Did

Tonight on Open Rebellion Radio we talked about the election and we also discussed how the candidates who came on our show did as well. But it is not just how our candidates fared but how the third party fared overall in this election. And the third party came out swinging.

While my prediction was wrong about one third party candidate winning a state, I wasn’t far off in the importance the third party candidates would have on the election. Third party candidates  won nearly 6 million votes. Gary Johnson won 4,087,927 votes. Jill Stein won 1,223,828 votes and McMullin won 425, 991. That brings us to a grand total of 5,741,746. Remember these are just the votes on the ballots, we are not counting write in votes which haven’t been totaled thus far.

As for the people on Open Rebellion, well the candidates on our show received 185.550 votes. It goes according:

When you add our candidates to the big three I just mentioned you wind up with 5,927,296 votes.  Nearly six million votes to say we don’t want these people to represent us. You can stick your head in a hole and pretend those six million votes didn’t have any impact but according to one news source it could have cost Hillary the election:

Similarly, Trump took Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, however, if Clinton had been able to convert half of the state’s third-party voters, she could’ve won that race too.

Trump also unexpectedly won Michigan and Wisconsin by razor-thin margins, while third-party candidates made up 4-5% of the vote in these states.

Third Party Voters

All that nonsense about a vote for a third party was a vote for Hillary and never once did it occur to those people that a vote for third party meant one less vote for Hillary.  The third party movement in this country is starting to grow substantially on the Left and the Right: Third party voting was up from 1% of the total to 7%. Third Party Margin That is rather a substantial leap in just four years.

So though most of my predictions did not come true I do believe when the write ins are counted we are see third party increase even more. Since a lot of the Open Rebellion and third party candidates were write ins we will have to wait to see how they do.  However,  according to almost half the people that could vote did not vote in the  election (43%) or about 90 million people.

Which is rather interesting, while the voting for the two parties was down  the voting for the third parties went up. Now imagine if those 90 million who didn’t vote had went third party instead, we would have our second third party president in 152 years. (Our first being Abraham Lincoln.) The truth is we may not have demolished the two party system but we did make more wobbly.


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