Darryl Glenn Announces His Bid for U.S Senate


The race for the Senate has exploded in the state of Colorado. A Tea Party-backed conservative has taken the lead in the highly contested race. Darryl Glenn has Ted Cruz supporting his candidacy.

According to CNN:

Cruz described Glenn as a “constitutional conservative” who will “take on the D.C. establishment.”
“I am proud to stand with the grassroots in Colorado supporting Darryl Glenn in his campaign for the U.S. Senate,” Cruz said in a statement Friday. “He is a constitutional conservative with the experience to understand what it takes to bring back economic growth and preserve our individual liberties. I am confident he will go to Washington to fight for those values, and he won’t back down.”
His competition is the  Democratic incumbent, Michael Bennet. This is truly a David and Goliath situation where everyone is thinking that Glenn has little chance of winning because he is going against the “political giant” Michael Bennet. Of course, Michael is only a giant in terms of cash flow, not necessarily in terms of principles, especially if he is a strict adherent to the Democratic platform.


Getting financial support has been a stumbling block for Glenn. According to the Denver Post on June 8th, Green only had 50,000 dollars in support but that was before Ken Cuccinelli  “jumped in on Glenn’s behalf with $500,000 in support.” And while that is quite a jump in support, it still doesn’t come close to the 5.7 million Bennet has for his campaign.  Of course, people who think all you need is money to win an election don’t know about John Moolenaar. If anyone is proof that you can win an election even when your opponent outspends you it is John Moolenaar.

In the 2014 Congressional race for Michigan’s 4th District, Moolenaar’s opponent, Paul Mitchell (no, not the hair guy) went into debt the tune of $3 million while John Moolenaar had a total of $567,108. [John Moolenaar] And that is not including the nearly 3/4 of a million dollars he received in free advertising from PACs that were just endorsing him. John, like Glenn, was also Tea Party and had a large group of supporters backing him. That is what won him the election, not the money.
Another thing the two had in common is that they both had prominent conservative figures backing their campaigns, with Ted Cruz backing Glenn despite the suspension of his campaign, there are still enough ardent Cruz supporters that they may actually be an asset to Glenn winning the race over Bennet. While people might think that Hillary’s lead over Donald in the Presidential race means that the Democrats have more clout.
The truth is a lot of people who are in the Hillary camp are only there because they hate Trump, not because they like Hillary. However, with Cruz it is a much different story, even with his suspension his supporters still want him to re-enter the race. There is a movement to get the delegates to vote their conscience and vote for Cruz at the Republican Convention and have Cruz be the official candidate despite the 1237 required delegate votes already won by Donald Trump. This sort of dedication could only benefit Glenn in the long run if he could get Cruz supporters to become Glenn supporters.
Another drawback is that the GOP doesn’t completely endorse Glenn nor does Glenn completely support the GOP. In fact, he is “a self-described unapologetic Christian constitutional conservative who has said he doesn’t see the value in compromising with Democrats — has vowed already to oppose McConnell if the Kentucky Republican tries to keep his leadership post. And McConnell has his own issues with Glenn’s allies.” The pundits are saying because of his staunch ideology he doesn’t have the capacity to reach out to the moderates in this country.
Of course, when it comes to moderates, King had it right when he said: First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate.” And while King may have highlighted the White moderate, the truth is it is applicable to all moderates of all colors. They are the greatest stumbling block towards our freedom.
In conclusion, while the Tea Party is far from dead like its leftist rival, Occupy Wall Street, it is not inundated with money either which makes it difficult to get people that are anti-establishment like Glenn elected. However, we have seen that with enough support that should not be a total hindrance to getting elected. Glenn might surprise everyone and become the next constitutional conservative Republican Senator for the great state of Colorado. Let’s hope so.

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