The Consequences of the SCOTUS Decision

lots-of-babiesYesterday the SCOTUS case  WHOLE WOMAN’S HEALTH ET AL. v. HELLERSTEDT, COMMISSIONER, TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF STATE HEALTH SERVICES, ET AL  was finally decided. As typical of SCOTUS, they came down on the wrong side of history. Just like they did when they decided Plessy vs. Ferguson, Dred Scott vs. Sanford, Roe v. Wade, Doe vs. Bolton, Hodges vs. Obergefell and now this. SCOTUS has quite a history interpreting law in such a fashion that it devalues human life not upholds it. This decision is no different.

So let me tell about the inevitable consequences of the SCOTUS decision. It is going to kill women.  SCOTUS wrote in its decision: We have found nothing in Texas’ record evidence that shows that, compared to prior law (which required a “working arrangement” with a doctor with admitting privileges), the new law advanced Texas’ legitimate interest in protecting women’s health. 

I hate abortion absolutely despise it, but if you say you care about women’s health why would you not want women to have the best possible conditions to have an abortion in? Places that safe, sanitary and put the interest of the woman first. Let me tell you about some women who died because of shoddy abortionists who cared more about getting paid and not about the woman on the table.

Barbara Auerbach

Barbara was 38 years old. On December 11, 1982, she went to a New York hospital for the following procedures: an abortion and a tubal ligation. Two days later she was discharged from the hospital and four days later she started suffering from other complications. She was having back pain, vomiting and she was unable to hold her bladder. At this point, she was admitted to Princeton Medical Center. Doctors tried desperately to save her life but she died within a mere three hours of being admitted to the hospital. When the autopsy was performed it was found that she “had an obstruction in her small bowel, was caused a massive infection throughout her body.” [Real Choice]

Now as you can see all this transpired in a hospital setting. But there are many cases where woman/girl died because they arrived at the hospital too late if the hospital was called at all. The truth is a lot of the time the staff at abortion clinics are told not to call the hospital.

In part two of this video, Joy Davis who was an associate of Dr. Tommy Tucker and ran six of his clinics, talks about a time a patient of her clinic was bleeding badly and she couldn’t stop it.  Joy told Mr. Tucker (I refuse to call any person who kills children for a living-doctor) that he was needed, the patient was bleeding badly and she couldn’t stop it. She was told by him that he was busy and she just needed to fix it. She went back and tried to stop the bleeding once more. Still unable to and wanting to save the girl’s life, she called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. When Mr. Tucker found out he became upset with Joy, canceled the ambulance and told her, “We can’t send her to the hospital in that condition, they will hang us.” The ambulance was eventually called but the girl ended up dying. At that point, she went to the police.


Joy Davis

Joy continues her story. When she turned herself in for practicing without a license and gave the DA the file of Mr. Tucker’s negligence they told her they wanted more evidence and for her to keep working there, but nothing ever happened. When she finally confronted them, she was told, “Abortion is a hot button issue and we don’t want to touch it.”  So please don’t insult my intelligence, SCOTUS!


Of course, there is no record of deaths, they are covered up. “In the late 1980’s, Kevin Sherlock, an investigative reporter who specializes in public document searches, undertook an extensive review of death certificates for women of reproductive age in Los Angeles County. Looking for indications of “therapeutic misadventure,” he pulled autopsy reports and was able to find 29 abortion-related deaths in L.A. County alone between 1970 and 1987. Four of these deaths occurred during a one-year period for which the CDC reported zero abortion-related deaths for the entire state of California and only 12 deaths for the whole country.” The Cover Up of Abortion Deaths

This article was published in 2000 but let’s be honest, if Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts what is the likelihood that they are reporting deaths at their clinics?  Not very likely. To say that abortion clinics should not be held to same rigorous regulations that we hold all other surgical centers does not say you value women’s health. It says you value the Almighty Dollar more. It says that as a poor, Black woman (because let’s face it those are the women getting abortions) I do not deserve the same kind of care that a rich, White woman getting her breast enhanced does! This SCOTUS sends the wrong message to women. It is not about any “undue burden.” It is about patient safety.

If you are truly pro-choice then you should be fighting for women to receive better care not worse. The abortion industry has been getting away with injuring, maiming and killing women since 1973. Women like Angelica Duarte, a 21-year-old woman who  on November 1, 1991, was  undergoing an abortion per doctor’s orders due to health problems. She was given no care following her abortion but  was supposedly kept under “observation.” She was “rushed to the hospital  by paramedics at 7:30 that evening but she was dead on arrival.”  The spokesman for the hospital  said that she had lost 90 percent of her blood and that her uterus had perforated (something extremely common in the abortion industry.) And what did the medical board say after reviewing Angelica’s death?  “Thompson (the abortionist) did not have adequate equipment for post-operative care and revoked his license.” Angelica Duarte

So wait a minute, they didn’t have the equipment necessary to save her life?  The one that SCOTUS just said was an undue burden and unnecessary? But that is okay, SCOTUS says women don’t die because of that but what Angelica did. I am confused. Now I could go on forever and ever. I have a list of over two hundred names, so if you really need more drop me a line, I will be glad to go over my entire list with you. But as you can see SCOTUS has never been a human rights advocate and has always ruled on behalf the of the powerful, not the powerless. In fact, the current Supreme Court as it currently stands needs to go! I love the Founding Fathers but the Supreme Court is the one area of our governmental structure they got wrong! And SCOTUS continues to prove how wrong they were!




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