Liberals: It is Gays or Muslims-Pick One!

Okay liberals, I am done being nice. I am done playing your little games! I am done with your constantly defending Islam no matter what Muslims do! It is now time you took sides and  you better pick well! We are in a fight for our lives and it no longer can be ignored. Fifty people were murdered and another fifty-three were injured in Orlando on June 12th at a gay nightclub, Pulse. Ten days earlier, there was a shooting at my Alma mater, UCLA. A professor was shot and killed. What do both of these shooting have in common? Islam!

Pulse victimsBoth of the shooters were Muslim but we are supposed to pretend their religion has nothing to do with it. But how much longer can longer can we lie to ourselves? How many more gays are you going to let die because it is easier than saying the words Islamic Terror? Look at these people, these were young men who were shot down like dogs and all you can say is “Well not every Muslim is a terrorist.” Are you kidding me with this!? Does it matter? Does it matter if only 1,000 are terrorists if those 1,000 are on our shores gunning for us? Tell these fifty people that “Not every Muslim is a terrorist.” and see if that brings them back to life.

According to the Web I am the Queen of the Homophobes, so you all need to bow down to me. But if the Queen of the Homophobes is ten shades of pissed at the slaughter of gay men and women, what does that tell  you? It tells that is so inherently and utterly wrong that even a “homophobe” like me cannot abide by it. It tells you that I am so pro-life that the loss of these people turns my stomach in knots. As the Bible commands me to do, I do not rejoice in evil and this my friends is pure evil.

Here is the thing, whether I agree with their lifestyle choice is immaterial when it comes to things like this, they are first and foremost Americans. That makes them family and family can fight with each other all they want to but no one better mess with your family and you have messed with my family for far long, Muslims! I don’t care if all Muslims are not terrorists, you are a threat! Just like I don’t take kindly to the KKK or the Aryan Nation, just like I don’t take kindly to the Black Panthers or the BLM movement, just like I despise  Hamas and ISIS, I am equally done with you!

Chase Strangio

Chase Strangio-Twitter

Of course, even though it was a Muslim that pulled the trigger and pledged his allegiance to ISIS, somehow once again it is the fault of Christians. Tell me when is the last time a Christian killed 103 people, let alone 103 gay people. Yet if you listen to the ACLU, the spawn of Satan, they will tell you it is our fault! “Chase Strangio, a staff attorney with the ACLU’s LGBT and AIDS Project, claimed the social and political environment cultivated by Christian conservatives in recent months was to blame for the shooting at Pulse, a nightclub popular with Orlando’s LGBT community.”Daily Caller

Strangio’s irrational logic is because there have been 200 laws “against the LGBT” (and I can pretty much guess 199 have to do with bathroom policy and not allowing men to go into the bathroom with little girls and somehow that is wrong and against LGBT) that somehow that caused an otherwise rational Muslim with no misgivings about homosexuality to lose his mind and kill everyone in sight. Are you kidding me with this? After all, Muslims are oppressed too, they would never do anything like this. This man is defending Muslims against his own people, how deranged do you have to be? It is easy to blame Christians because we won’t behead you, he knows that. But to actually blame Muslims that would take too much courage for the likes of Chase Strangio!

Jesus Statue

Los Angeles LDS Visitors’ Center

While lying about the threat of Islam in this country, Strangio, did happen to tell the truth about Christians while not meaning to. If Christians do not like something we  make laws. We don’t gun them down, we don’t behead them, we don’t throw them off rooftops. We are civil and you may disagree with the laws and you may not want to see them passed and but they are no way the same as killing 103 people! You also have a voice and you have the right to fight them and we will never take that away from you because we don’t want it taken away from us! Besides it is what makes America great! So Strangio don’t you dare compare us civilly passing laws as the same as cold-blooded murder! You are a disgrace to gay people everywhere!


West Hollywood-Allen B.

Of course, not all gay people are taking this lying down. In California, the land of destroying our friends and embracing our enemies, people have started to wake up. The don’t tread on me symbol that was and is party of the Tea Party movement has made its way to the gay community after all this time. The picture to your right was taken in West Hollywood, which is a hop, skip and a jump away from me.  So it makes me proud that my gays are not cowering to the Muslim community and defending their lives as they have every right to. There are gay people and there are West Hollywood gays, you don’t mess with the WeHo gays!

Liberals have had their chance and they have proven they will let everyone in America die before they stand up to Muslims!  I am tired of the U.S.S Coles, the 9/11s, the Fort Hoods, the UCLAs and the Pulses! I am tired of pretending Islam is not a threat and we should all sing Kumbaya and befriend all the jihadists in the world. Gays should not have to sacrifice their lives to make the liberals happier and less fearful. Gays should not be told not to shoot back because they are killing an “oppressed person.” Gays are not the sacrificial lamb on the altar of liberalism! Liberals, if you won’t protect your royalty, I will protect my “enemy.” Because they are not really my enemy anyway, they are my brethren, they are my people, they are Americans!






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