Pro-Life Gays: Do They Exist?

gay movementThe simple answer to the question is yes. Gay men and women are just like anyone else, some are pro-life, some are pro-choice but it seems the overwhelming majority of them fall on the pro-choice side. For too many of them there seems to be a sort of hatred for “breeders.” And while it would easy to be tear into them, I am going to highlight a group that gets little to no attention. While I will be the first to argue Blacks and gays have little in common when it comes to “civil rights” I will say this if you are gay and pro-life you are virtually a leper in that community. So if they are the lepers, I will be Mother Theresa and share my love for these truly courageous people.

Let’s start with an organization that serves this particular community. It is called PLAGAL. It stands for Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians. It was started in 1990 in Washington DC and Minneapolis. It started out as Gays Against Abortion but later the name was changed to more accurately display the lesbian population within the group. In 2009, they issued a media release with the following statement:

plagal-heartThe Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL) is outraged that the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) would join forces with pro-abortion organizations. Abortion advocates have been losing support for abortion on demand and have targeted the LGBT community with the position that our rights are dependent on the right to abortion in order to boost support for their cause. It is a mistake to link abortion rights as being one and the same right as those of the LGBT community. 

This is what pro-choicers do. They try to make you believe your rights are somehow dependent on the slaughter of an innocent. Of course, there is no such thing as “abortion rights.” To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, you don’t have the right to do what is wrong. It  would be just as ridiculous to purport you have “carjacking rights” or “kidnapping rights.” Therefore, this illusory concept is dangerous in two ways. 1) You are killing an unborn child 2) It makes you believe you somehow have the right to kill this unborn child. Gays, on the other hand, do have rights that include all basic and civil rights afforded to everyone else. Therefore, trying to compare a non-existent right to a legitimate right is a lesson in futility.

Me at Betrayed Women's RallyThere are some people in the pro-life community that think people like PLAGAL don’t belong in the pro-life community, but they most certainly do. We may not agree on same- sex marriage or having homosexuality taught in schools. But that doesn’t mean I can’t join arms with them and work with them side by side to get abortion overturned. Abortion is too big and too important an issue to let things like pride stand in the way. I don’t think we should exclude anyone from joining our side. Our whole premise is that the unborn should be counted among the human race. That just because they are “inconvenient” doesn’t mean that they are not entitled to our love. The same goes for gay pro-lifers. As well atheistic pro-lifers, etc.

Gay pro-lifers are already are stepping out on a limb for us. They are a part of a community who devalue the pro-life movement and the people in it. Yet instead of turning tail and hiding what they believe, they stand their ground and fight for the most vulnerable. These are amazing people and they should be made to feel welcome in our community. People might argue that by allowing them we are saying we agree with homosexuality. No, that is not true, we are just accepting like all people they have their own sins, but the greater sin is abortion and for the sake of the murdered we cannot turn people away because they don’t live up to our ideals.

If we get rid of gay pro-lifers, we have to get rid of men, Black women (after all they have the most abortions, so how can we allow them in the pro-life movement) and a myriad of other people who do not live up to beliefs to what a pro-lifer is supposed to be. The great thing about the pro-life movement is its inclusivism. We are people from all walks of life, all socioeconomic statuses, we are the rich, the poor and everything in between. There is room for everyone to help save children. In fact, if you truly want to “save” these people the best way to do it is to show you genuinely care for them as fellow human beings and then share your personal testimony of Jesus Christ with them. However, the time to do that is not in the midst of a pro-life rally or event, that has to be first and foremost on your mind. But afterwards, over  a cup of coffee, you can talk to them, connect with them and if the Holy Spirit so moves you bring the Gospel into the conversation.

No one is saying reject the gospel or change your beliefs about homosexuality being a sin. However, rejecting gay pro-lifers doesn’t save babies lives and the impact you can have cannot be done if they are not there. The pro-life community believes all lives are worthy of love and compassion and that goes for gay pro-lifers as well. There is plenty of time to worry about our other disagreements later but there  is no time for disagreements among the pro-life community because each day 3,000 babies die. So the time for disagreement is over, it is time for us to fight, all of us, even the gay pro-lifers!

Blacknright Market: Contested Lives: The Abortion Debate in an American Community





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