Leaving the GOP

JSEThere was a question on JackSepticEye’s YouTube Channel that dealt with  a “What Would You Rather Do” scenario. The question was would you rather leave your political party or leave your religion? That was a no-brainer for me, I had already left the Democratic Party in 2000 because of their stances on issues that I felt to be of vital importance, abortion most specifically was leaving me a bitter taste in my mouth. I could no longer stomach what the Democratic Party stood for. I knew I had to choose between the Democratic Party and God and God easily won.

GOP picBecoming a Republican was not an easy call for me. After all, I had been taught that Republicans were racists. So I started looking into other parties. There was the Libertarian Party, but that was just Democrats on speed, there was the Green Party, but they seemed like they were all waiting on their mothership to return to Earth. It wouldn’t be until years later when I heard about the Constitution Party and America’s Party but by that time I had made my decision, I would join the Republican party.

prayerThough still hesitant about the whole racism thing, I decide that the Republican Party matched closely enough with what  I believed, especially my Christian faith, that I could give it try. It wasn’t going to be easy, my grandmother actually cried when my brother told her she voted for Reagan. we were Democrats through and through. Leaving the Democrats wasn’t just leaving a political party, it was leaving my family legacy. It was leaving a big part of who I was. However, it was easy in another regard, this was my decision. It wasn’t being forced on me. I was joining because that is was everyone else was doing it. I was doing it for me. I WAS A REPUBLICAN. Not my family, not my friends, just me.

It was also easDemocraticLogoy because I didn’t have psychotics telling me the country was going to fall apart if I didn’t stay a loyal Democrat and vote for their candidate. They didn’t try to politically “rape” me when I decided it was time to leave the party. My faith wasn’t called into question because I didn’t like their candidate, heck the Democratic party had no faith, that is why I was leaving. I just left without any big fuss. I was no longer a Democrat, how did that happen?

cropped-my-hottie-pic.jpgWhen I joined the Republican party, I actually felt at home. Heck, I was  a Black Republican I was special. I was one of the chosen ones. It was great, I have found people who believed in the same things I did. My party matched my faith, I could breathe again. But then something happened the Republican party stopped listening to its base. It stopped listening to people like me. I wondered, “What was the point of me leaving the Democratic Party if the Republicans weren’t going to listen to me either?”

sarah-palinThey gave us people like McCain, whose only saving grace in my book was Sarah Palin. They gave us Mitt Romney, whose only saving grace was that he was Mormon but even on that he seemed too wishy-washy and I wasn’t about to vote for a Jack Mormon, (a Jack Mormon is someone who is culturally Mormon but does not follow the religious tenets of the Church.)  Many people will contend he is indeed a devoted religious follower of the Church, but all I saw when I looked at him was a Jack Mormon.

But with Donald Trump’s emergence in the Republican party, I knew I had to leave. With McCain and Romney, I had disagreements about their policies but I never thought they were fundamentally corrupt men. I never thought if they were elected as the POTUS that my country was fundamentally doomed. Both of them had served their country and though I didn’t always agree with their decisions I didn’t think their character was so fatally flawed as to do irreparable damage to this country. I cannot say the same about Trump.

donald-trumpTrump has proved himself to be a marketer, not a President. He says he is  going to fix illegal immigration in this country. But he hasn’t said how. Oh he is going to build a wall, but Trump can’t build a wall by himself, he has to go through the pursestrings-the U.S. Congress and if Congress does not approve, no wall. He said he would force Mexico to build it, how are you going to to that without declaring war? Again, Congress has to approve. The chances of Congress declaring war with Mexico,  a country we haven’t fought in a war for over a 168 years, is relatively slim.

He has said he would send them back home and when they applied to enter the country legally, they would be welcome back. So now you have 12 million illegals who are now 12 million legal residents. It doesn’t change the social or economic problems associated with this mass immigration like schools, jobs, etc. Great so you just added 12 million people to our already faltering economy, now what?

Trump has no real plan for this country, just a bunch of talk and a bunch of supporters who believe anything he says because they have no idea how the Presidency really works. Trump has no real values and if he thinks the “Majority of Americans” want amnesty then  your whole “get rid of all the illegals” goes out the window. Donald is a businessman so if he thinks he can get “a better deal” from agreeing to the Democrats, he will. It is about him, not you, not America.

So I am leaving the party, I will find another party that is better suited to my conservative ideals and support them. After all, I am a purist and I don’t bend my morals for anyone. So goodbye Republican party, I hope you don’t Whig out.

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