Dr. Shamsa for President

Dr. Shamsa and me at my UCLA graduationSince we running low on “natural born citizens” with any sense of morality and integrity for Presidency,  I think it is time we start looking at those who weren’t born on these shores but are 1000 percent more American than the bozos we have running, so my vote is for Dr. Kamran Shamsa  for POTUS.

I can see him laughing at the very thought of this. He is far too humble and good at what he does to ever think of running for the Presidency, but that is, unfortunately, bad news for us, especially as conservatives who could easily back him. These are the reason we could back him

  1. He is a dedicated family man. Even though he came to my graduation, he told me he would have to leave early so he could spend time with his family. That took priority above everything, as well it should, and he was not going to miss it for the world. Every time he talks about spending time with his family he lights up a like a Christmas tree. When he told me how he met his wife, his tone suddenly changed, it went from his every day, authoritative tenor, to this wistful, melodic tone as if he was talking about the most beautiful thing ever. And there is no doubt in my mind that is indeed how he sees her. Anyone who cares about his family that much will definitely care about yours. As all presidents should.

  2. Like Larry  H. Parker, he will fight for you.  When it was up for grabs whether I would get my triple bypass and my valves replaced, he spent all day on the phone and sending emails so I would. I doubt I am the only one he has done this for. Rule number one dealing with Dr. Shamsa: Don’t ever mess with his patients. He will let you know respectfully but firmly that you have messed with the wrong doctor and the wrong patient. In any way he can help you, he will. Anyone who fights for his patients like that will fight just as hard when those “patients” are the American people.

  3. People love him. If you check out how his patients rate him, he gets  overwhelmingly positive reviews. They talk about how thorough he is. They talk about how he listens to them and how their lives have improved because of him. Hmmm,  he is thorough, listens to the people and improves their lives-sounds very presidential, wouldn’t you say? Even his staff love him. You can tell when someone is agreeing with you because they genuinely mean it and when they are doing so because they are just being “nice” and probably want you to shut up. Yet, when I talk to them about him, they all seem to geuninely like him.

  4. Kamran-ShamsaFor the low information voters, who have no morals and only care about surface things-the MAN IS GORGEOUS! I mean come on look at those dimples. How could you not love those dimples? And since we don’t care about morality, truth and honor anymore and only care who’s a hottie, well look at him he has got all over Donald Trump. And even if we don’t care about morals, with him you get them anyway! Yep, so you get morality, truth and honor all wrapped up in a very appealing package. And did you see him that suit?  The man looks good, excuse me I have to go wipe up my drool.

  5. Most importantly, he is a man of faith. Now he doesn’t wear it on his sleeve. It is something personal to him. He also respectful of the faiths of others. We have discussed our faiths, I’m a Mormon and he’s not. But he never once berated or put down my faith. I am not going to tell you what his exact faith is because that is his place, not mine. But I will tell you this much it is because of his faith that he is the kind of cardiologist he is. His compassion, mercy and passion for healing can’t come from anyone but Heavenly Father himself. His faith is important to him and I know this because I have asked. He may not mention Heavenly Father with everyone he comes in contact with, but he is also not afraid to share his beliefs with those who genuinely want to know. If you want a man of God, Dr. Shamsa is your man.

For all these reasons and much more, Dr. Shamsa should be president and for all the people who are “But he was born in Iran, we can’t have an Iranian for president.” Well, my response to that is “We  have already have had a crazy Kenyan who was a socialist Muslim for president, so I think we have long stopped caring about who was born here.” And if a bunch of knuckleheads can vote for Obama, a bunch of conservatives can vote for Dr. Shamsa.

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