The Oreo Complex and the Law

On April 29th, 2016, outside of the Hyatt hotel in Burlingham, California where the GOP Convention took place, a massive protest was held outside. The protesters being the articulate bunch they are were seen chatting slogans like F**k the Police! and F**k the GOP!

Of course, surrounding them, making sure no one got hurt and everyone was safe was the police. Now had something gone down at the rally, had someone been hurt or worse, who would have they called? The police. Like lawyers, police are always the enemy until you need them.  Their chant against the police is nothing but childish, immature whining from a group of people who glorify “the thug life” and then have the audacity to complain when the rest of society holds them accountable for their actions.

In my previous article “The Oreo Complex: Why Blacks are Failing” I talked about how Blacks deride education in their community. But the aversion education has is nothing compared to the all-out hatred of the law in the Black community. Yet in the video above you see Hispanics waving the flag of Mexico while chanting in unison to F the police. So this pathological disdain is not limited to the Black community but it does have a deep hold on those in it.

While we do have more Black men in college than in prison thankfully, having 745,000 them behind bars is not insignificant. People like Michelle Alexander blamed conservatives for this: “Now, a new racial caste system-mass incarceration- was takin hold, as politicians of every stripe competed with each other to win the votes of the poor and woking class whites, whose economic stauts was percarious, at best and who felt threatened by racial reforms.  As had happened before, former allies of African Americans-as much as conservatives-adopted a political strategy that required them to prove how tough they could be on them, the dark-skinned pariahs.” [The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. Pg 55-56]

Of course, the blame is put at those evil White conservatives who spend every waking hour figuring out ways to take down the Black man. Personal accountability is almost unheard of in the Black community. The protesters taking over the GOP convention are but a small microcosm of the general mentality in the black community. The government is great if you are getting free money and low-income housing but they become the enemy when you are required to follow the law of the land.

As someone who has been on welfare all her life due to my 101 diseases and disorders, I know my life has been saved countless times because I had government sources to back me up. I am grateful for all the times they have been there in the past. However, I have also had my problems with the government as well but  I have never been out there saying we should get rid of the police as some kind of insane solution to the problem. There is a happy medium folks. It is called obeying the law and working within the system.

Congress_growthYet, even with all this disdain of the law, there are more Blacks in Congress than any other time in the recent past. In 2014, there were 46 Blacks elected to Congress that is a ten point jump from 2001. “For the current Congress, 35% of the nation’s black population is represented by a congressional representative who is black, the highest of any minority group.

Pew Research

So how do we reconcile this juxtaposition? You have one group like the Black Lives Matter group who has threatened:

“Dear white people if Trump wins young n****s such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.”

US Chronicle

Then, on the other hand, you have the largest group of Black in the U.S. Congress. Which means there are those of us who do not use violence to solve our problems  but seek to change the laws by working within it.Yet despite  this, too many Black people see the police as the enemy. They will put the blame on police brutality and while that is an issue that needs addressing when it arises, the overall mindset that the police are out to get all of us needs to be changed.

major-gregory-lem-barneyWe dishonor the brave people like Major Gregory E Barnes who was killed in the line of duty. He died February 11, 2016, when “Major Barney, who was not wearing a vest, was assigned to the perimeter while other officers served a warrant at an apartment. When officers knocked on the door the subject ran out of a back door and encountered Major Barney. The subject shot Major Barney four times in the torso and arm as he continued to flee. A Clayton County officer confronted and shot the subject a short distance away.”

Major Gregory E. Barney

Major Barnes put his life on the line every day and eventually paid the ultimate sacrifice. Yet for many in the Black community, he wasn’t a hero but a traitor. The heroes are the ones shouting “F” the police. How did we come to this point in time? How did we go from honoring true heroes to creating these criminal messiahs? That I don’t know. I do know that until we start honoring man’s law, we will never God’s law and if we never honor God’s law all is lost.




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