America or God?: A Losing Battle

GodMy Rant

There might come in a time, in the not so distant future, where all Christians and Jews will have to choose between their patriotism and Heavenly Father. I don’t know what the other children of Heavenly Father will do at this time but I do know what I will do and I know America will lose. I will never betray Heavenly Father. While I have a tremendous amount of love and devotion for this country, it cannot come near to the soul encompassing awe and reverence I have for Heavenly Father and all the miracles he has brought into my life.

Jesus StatueIf ever my life is on the line and the only way to save it is to reject Jesus Christ, I will not do it. For all they will be doing is giving me my ultimate dream, to behold the face of Christ. To feel His embrace and know I am back home where I belong. If threatened with beatings and torture, it will not matter. For I will simply remember my Saviour too was beaten and tortured and in that moment of sorrow, our connection will be all the stronger and I will simply say, “Christ, you bared this torture to save my soul, it is now time I repay you and uplift your name as you uplifted mine with every painful stripe.” And if I lay bleeding, I will know I am going home.

My Reasoning for my Rant

While this might seem ridiculous to some, that America would ever become a police state and to have faith would become a crime, but if you take the time to time to truly look around you, you will see that is the direction we are heading. You only have to look at history.

After World War I when Germany was defeated, Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty laid out the requirements for Germany to retain its recognition as a nation state while taking away any capabilities for them to protect themselves. The Treaty of Versailles humiliated Germany, but they accepted it and became the world’s *female dog.*

Afterwards, the Weimar Constitution came into  power.  It is definitely the world’s most frightening Constitution ever written. The most frightening of all is Article 48 which gave all power of the Reichstag (Congress) to the Reich President  under a state of national emergency. This particular article is what Hitler used to grab power, throw away the constitution and declare his dictatorship. (For more on the Weimar Constitution check out: Weimar Constitution)

Barack ObamaIf you look at the position we are in, we are Germany 1933 right before Hitler gains power. Due to Obama’s ineptitude on foreign policy, as well as his extremism on social rights, we have become the laughing stock of the world. We are overrun by debt. And while illegal immigration is a legitimate issue that has to be addressed, there is an overall hatred of foreigners even if they legal or premanent residents, or even citizens. It is these things that made it possible to for Hitler to gain power and it is these things that will make it possible for someone with the same egomania to also achieve power here in America.

This whole “stick it the establishment” rhetoric that so-called conservatives are prattling on about is about to be the downfall of this country. An ideological experiment that has last over 200 years is going to be brought down by those willing to trade security for freedom, while deserving neither, to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin.

Final Conclusion and Rant

So here are my final thoughts on the matter. If it comes down to Hillary vs Donald, it won’t matter who wins because America will be all but dead. While Hillary may not throw out the Constitution like Hitler did she will make it all but irrelevant. She did it while her husband was President by protecting him from allegations of rape, she did as the Secretary of State by not protecting the Benghazi Four, and she is not going to have a new found respect for it as President. With Donald, he has demonstrated the Constitution has no real value for him. He has also shown a propensity to change his views based on popular opinion. He is pro-choice one day, pro-life the next and then back to pro-choice.  Yet his supporters make excuses for him instead of standing behind their principles.

My hottie picNeither one is a friend to religion and so it is not that difficult to believe that one day Christians will have to make a choice. Donald Trump or Jesus Christ. That is a no-brainer for me. If I should ever have to give my allegiance to Hillary Clinton or be slain that is also a no-brainer. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will win out every time. If it is my country or my Lord, I will watch America go down the pits of hell before standing against my beloved Heavenly Father. The time to make the decision who are you going to stand for is now. Not when they have a gun to your head but now! And once, you have made it, act on it accordingly but be forewarned, your decision to stand for God or country will be an eternal one.




2 thoughts on “America or God?: A Losing Battle

  1. Thank you Sylvia, I am glad you liked it. And thank you for putting me on your website, I have been getting a lot of traffic from it. I will definitely watch the video. Thanks again. Luv ya!

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