You’ll Have a Gay Ol’ Time: The Real Gay Movement

gay movementThe gay movement is not now nor has it ever been obtaining civil rights for gay people. In fact, it is impossible to create civil rights for gay people because their identification is bashed on behavior that is impossible to confirm. Unless you are going to go around sneaking in people’s bedrooms to see who they are sleeping with on  a consistent basis there is no way to tell someone’s true feelings. You just have to take their word for it.

Of course, civil rights cannot be on a “take their own word” basis. That is why it has always been based on immutable facts which were easily proved within a court of law. Things like ethnicity and gender are provable facts, even if the Left tries to make everyone think otherwise,  and are in no way in the same context as behavior that we choose. Things get quickly adrift when we base civil rights on feelings and behavior instead of who we are innately as human beings.

after_the_ball_coverOf course, the truth is the gay movement was never truly about equality but made into an equality argument by two men Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen who wrote the book, “After the Ball: How America Will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s.” Their book was a propaganda manual that  put forth how to turn homosexuality into something every heterosexual would defend or risk being thought of as un-American. After all, Americans live and breathe equality and freedom. We abhor anyone being treated unfairly because of something they have no control over like their skin color or their gender. And Kirk and Madsen knew if they could make homosexuality seem like something you have no control over then homosexual activists would win and they would get their civil rights.



Marshall Kirk

In fact, Kirk and Madsen made sure to associate being Black and/or a woman to being gay. “The ‘incompatible emotional response’ is directed primarily against the emotional rewards of prejudicial solidarity. All normal people feel shame when they perceive that they are not thinking, feeling, or acting like one of the pack. And, these days, all but the stupidest and most unregenerate of bigots perceive that prejudice against all other minority groups-e.g., blacks, Jews, Catholics, women, et al.–has long since ceased to be approved, let alone fashionable, and that to express such prejudices, if not to hold them, makes one decidedly not one of the pack.”

Of course, not every gay person agrees with the movement as a whole. Some of them,  hold some very dark views of the overall gay movement within this country and have no shame in sharing them.


Camilia Paglia

Camilia Paglia

“The gay activist establishment has been stupid and narrow in the way it has conducted its civil rights campaign… There is no gay leader remotely near the stature of Martin Luther King because black activism has drawn on the profound spiritual traditions of the church, to which gay political rhetoric is childishly hostile. Shrilly self-interested and doctrinaire, gay activism is completely lacking in philosophical perspective. Its sorrow became the only sorrow, its disease the only disease.” Camilla Paglia, a self-avowed lesbian and pagan.

However, if you want to look at the gay movement, you cannot just look at the modern expression of it, you have to go back to the very beginning. You also have to look in places that would repulse you to no end. I will go back to the beginning of the gay rights movement in America first and then in the next installment, I will look at the start of the gay movement in Germany in the 1800s.

To find the history of the gay rights movement you have to go to the most depraved website on the internet: NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) where all the confirmed pedophiles dwell. On the site, you will read about Harry Hay:

Harry Hay“Harry, founder in 1950 of the first American gay group to survive, the Mattachine Society, co-founder of the Gay Liberation Front, Southern California chapter in 1969, co-founder of the Radical Faeries in 1979, father of the U.S. gay movement and grandfatherly icon of gay liberation, died on October 24, 2002, at the age of ninety. Harry was a vocal and courageous supporter of NAMBLA and intergenerational sexual relationships.”

That is the truth people, the gay movement was started not some kind of equality movement for grown consenting adults but to lift up the abuse and sexualization of our children. The article goes on to say that many in the gay movement want to erase that part of his history as well as his Communist past. The most disturbing part of the article was this: “I also knew that he (Hay) had developed a philosophy of same-sex love that seemed inspired by the writings of Edward Carpenter, though with the explicit “intermediate sex”  or “third sex” baggage,  yet retaining a hint of the idea that gay men were destined to led society to a higher level of sexual freedom and social justice.”

So basically it is the gay male who is superior to the rest of humanity and we should all just to listen to what they have to say because they are going to take us to a place of enlightenment. But delusions of grandeur and narcissism is par for the course for homosexuality. Narcissism has always been the backdrop for the gay rights movement. While they may have claimed that they were just like anybody else, behind the scenes it was more of we are better than everyone else and you bow down to us….eventually.

After all, before there was Stonewall fighting for gay equality there was the Nazi party. The Nazi Party was started by a man named Ernst Rohm. While Hitler would eventually take it over, the initial starting of the party along with its beginning growth and strength does not belong to Hitler but to Rohm. Rohm was a gay man, that is certain. It is also certain that Rohm and Hitler were friends for a while until Rohm became a threat.

Ernst RohmRohm was the man who, in 1919, first made Hitler aware of his own political potential, and the two were close friends for fifteen years. During that time, Rohm rose to SA Chief of Staff, transforming the Brownshirt militia from a handful of hardened goons and embittered ex-soldiers into an effective fighting force five hundred thousand strong ­­ the instrument of Nazi terror. Hitler needed Rohm’s military skill and could rely on his personal loyalty, but he was ultimately a pragmatist. As part of a compromise with the Reichwehr (regular army) leadership, whose support he needed to become Fuhrer, Hitlerallowed Goering and Himmler to murder Rohm along with dozens of Rohm’s loyal officers.


The article then goes to say : For public relations purposes, and especially to quell the outrage felt throughout the ranks of the SA, Hitler justified his blatant power play by pointing to Rohm’s homosexuality. Hitler, of course, had known of Rohm’s homosexuality since 1919, and it became public knowledge in 1925 when Rohm appeared in court to charge a hustler with theft. All this while the Nazi Party had a virulently anti­gay policy, and many Nazis protested that Rohm was discrediting the entire Party and should be purged. Hitler, however, was quite willing to cover up for him for years ­­ until he stood in the way of larger plans. (ibid)

These two things demonstrate that gays were not about equality but about dominance. The truth of the gay movement is quite dark. So much so that those who have opposed it have died. Many gays died under Hitler but homosexuality was just the excuse he used. If he had a real objection to homosexuality he wouldn’t have been good friends with Rohm for 15 years. The fact that a known homosexual started the Brownshirts that became “500,000 strong” should give us all pause. We see the tyranny happening here again in America and if we continue to ignore it, it won’t be long until we too are in concentration camps.



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