AudioGirl Protest Planned Parenthood


Minerva's smile


This past Saturday as part of the PP Protest campaign that took place across the nation, Audio Girl Ministries held a protest in Long Beach to stand against the abortion giant. This was their second protest since the PP protest campaign started. The number of people who attend these protests has increased in recent years. For instance, at this protest, there were around 70 people standing outside the Planned Parenthood carrying signs and saying prayers.


Sylvia Aimerito (whose interview you can see on this site) led a lot of the prayers and there were many different churches in attendance. Though most of them were Catholic. In talking to Ms. Aimerito she relayed how pleased she was with the turnout.

“I have been to rallies in the past where there were only one or two people there. The pro-life movement is definitely taking off.” Sylvia said most cheerfully. There was also a prayer said for David Daleiden, the man who set the pro-life movement ablaze with his videos of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts. David, however, has been harassed by Planned Parenthood for his videos displaying the debauchery of their business practices.

There was no violence from either side during the protest. And there seemed to be  a lot more people blowing their horns in agreement for the protesters outside. Lori Rae Martin, Sylvia’s partner in AudioGirl Ministries was out encouraging those in attendance to keep the faith and stay in the fight. When Sylvia was not leading the group in prayer she was also among the crowd sharing her hope for an end to the abortion holocaust.

Minerva at Planned Parenthood protestThe true mascot of the rally was little three-year-old, Minerva. She was out there with her father holding her sign. She was an affectionate child who gave hugs and smiles quite readily. While some people passed  by, the author of this article sat down and talked to her. She was shy but playful and the minute I sat next to her she gave me a big hug. Having Minerva out there was a reminder what the pro-life side was fighting for.

The rally lasted an hour and as it ended people said their goodbyes, took their pictures and made their way home. The good part was knowing that his wasn’t the end, AudioGirl Ministries would be out there again making their voices heard. In the meantime, it was back to work getting ultrasounds machines for crisis pregnancy centers. Back to preparing for their Rosary and Mass for Life on May 1st at St. Cornelius Catholic Church5500 E. Wardlow in Long Beach along with other upcoming events. 

If you want to know more about AudioGirl Ministries read the interview on this website ( and check out their events at:


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