CPC: The Next Tea Party



My son at Tea Party rally.

In 2011, I wrote a paper called Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street. It dealt with similarities and difference between the two organizations and I presented it at a conference at the University of California, Irvine  (UCI) to a room full of students and professors. I tell you this so you know it is not with hyperbole I make such a declaration about CPC but with some authority, as limited as it may be, to my credit.

12980480_1340815029267961_1401563548_nLike the Tea Party, the enthusiasm for Conservative Push Coalition has been overwhelming. Though the website is only a month old there has been over a million hits this month alone. This sort of response in the conservative community has not been seen since 2009 when Glenn Beck spurred off the movement on his radio show. While in 2009 people were Taxed Enough Already (TEA), in 2016, people are Constantly Pissed at Congress (CPC) for their flagrant disregard of our Constitution.

The difference between CPC, the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street is that CPC is strictly grassroots. The Tea Party had Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin and others.[https://blacknright.wordpress.com/2009/03/24/a-tea-party-even-a-mormon-can-attend/]  The Occupy Wall Street movement had all the top ranking Democrats from Obama to Nancy Pelosi. [http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/pelosi-supports-occupy-wall-street-movement/story?id=14696893%5D For a movement that based its ideology on overthrowing the one percent, having the one percent endorsing your protest seems rather absurd.

preamble-main_FullHowever,  CPC has no celebrities endorsements. It was started by one man, Frank YJ, not a millionaire, not some fast-talking businessman but a citizen who saw dissension within the conservative movement and took steps to correct it. With one post on a pro-Ted Cruz Facebook page, Conservative Push Coalition was born! Everyone who works for CPC is a Constitutionalist who wishes to restore the American dream for our great nation again.  CPC is also different from the Tea Party because it is not just about fixing our  government. Our base is much broader and reaches out to everyone, young and old, Black or White, Tea Party or not.

The thing that stands out about CPC more than the Tea Party is that the site is drawing in all kinds of conservatives, not just fiscal conservatives. Whereas, the Tea Party basically told social conservatives that their ideas on abortion, gay marriage, and other social ills were not accepted within the movement CPC has demonstrated through their writers that all conservative viewpoints are welcome. It has been a long time since all conservatives could unite under one umbrella. If we are going to change America, it is going to have to come up through the grassroots. CPC is showing not only can it be done, it will be done.


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