Ted Cruz: The Fallback Guy?

Ted CruzEvery woman on the planet knows about the fallback guy. He is the guy you go running to when the guy you are actually dating does you wrong. He is the guy who listens to you, remembers your birthday and picks you up when you are down. He is just not the guy you are attracted to. But maybe you should be. I know for me my guy was Bobby Jindal. I loved Bobby and thought he would make a great president but he just didn’t have the numbers to build a campaign. Next was Marco Rubio. If I couldn’t have Bobby then Marco seemed like a good choice besides I was hired with his campaign so I backed him all the way. It was after Marco that I started backing Ted Cruz, my fallback guy.  But maybe it should’ve been him all along.

Ted Cruz, like all fallback guys, is stable. I knew he would always be there defending the Constitution and looking out for the American people. I always knew if all else failed, I had Ted Cruz. He was my safety net. I didn’t look around at the other candidates because I didn’t like Ted. I looked around because I did. With him in my back pocket, I felt free to seek other candidates because Ted wasn’t going anywhere.

Bobby Jindal Initially, I couldn’t turn my back on Bobby because of his stance on Planned Parenthood. He was the first Governor to block funds for Planned Parenthood. While everyone was debating whether the videos of Planned Parenthood selling fetal parts were true, Governor Jindal simply said, “Enough is enough.” and blocked their funding. When protesters showed up to the Governor’s mansion, he simply played the videos.  None of the protestors would even watch them. I had always respected Bobby Jindal but right then and there I fell in love with him. Not as a woman loves a man but as one patriot loves another.

So though I dreamed of Jindal presidency I still had Ted Cruz, waiting on the sidelines. Just waiting for me to call him when things didn’t work out for my dream man. Looking back, maybe Ted Cruz shouldn’t have been the fallback guy, maybe he should have been The One all along. Maybe he should’ve been the one I should have been bragging to all my girlfriends about. Maybe he is the one that should have made my patriotic heart go pitter patter. Like all fallback guys, while you are out there searching, he is right there in front of you. Since joining team Cruz after Rubio’s withdrawal, I have become  more emphatically impressed by the man and his convictions. While Trump and the Democrats were busy trying to tear down the GOP, Ted has been busy trying to restore it.

After all, you have to be impressed with someone who hads argued nine cases before SCOTUS. If that doesn’t send my  blood a’rushing nothing will. He is pro-life, pro traditional marriage and doesn’t believe Common Core should be mandated by the feds. Ted has shown he stands for freedom as he co-sponsored USA Freedom Act of 2014 to prohibit “the FBI from collecting daily call detail records of an individual except under the following circumstances (Sec. 101):

So after much ado I have become a fan of Ted. He has won my heart and with any luck he will win the Presidency of well. We need men like him in office and if he is your fallback guy you might want to take a deeper look at Ted, I guarantee you will like what you see and he might just turn into The One for you as well.






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