Violent Femmes: They’re Da Bomb!



Back in the day, there was a rock band called the Violent Femmes. They released their latest album last year after a 15-year hiatus. As you can see, there isn’t a “femme” among them. That is also true of women today. The “lady” seems to be a dying breed. There are many ways I could take this article but the biggest departure from womanhood seems to be found in the rise of the female suicide bomber. If terrorism was once a “man’s game” Boko Haram seems to be changing that.

They are doing that by deploying “50 female suicide bombers according to a confession by an arrested teenage girl bomber, aiming to kill 100,000 by years end.” . This quote was taken from a 2014 article when Boko Haram was just forming. However, in the two years since its formation, it hasn’t shown any sign of backing down.

Zahra'u BabangidaThe African jihadist group, which has sworn allegiance to the Islamic State group, hasused at least 105 women and girls in suicide attacks since June 2014, the newspaper notes. Since such attacks have occurred in refugee camps—as well as army barracks, markets, houses of worship and schools—there is the possibility that humanitarian aid workers could be caught up in the violence as well.

The erasure of women on a global scale should produce an outcry from feminists everywhere but instead, they glorify such abuse of women: “On the other hand, M. Bloom argues that many of these women were just as willing and politically motivated as their male counterparts. As she writes in “Bombshells: Women and Terror,” “violence is an altruistic act, and one of the key ways in which [women] can contribute to the good of the nation” (Bloom, 8).”

An altruistic act? Good of the nation? The perversion that pours out of that paragraph is truly unfathomable. To associate good with both the killing of the woman and the innocent lives they take is the very definition of evil. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” ~Isaiah 5:20

While there might be a small amount of women who see suicide bombing as a “Power to the people” kind of thing, the vast majority are forced into it. They have been kidnapped, raped and brainwashed.

Mia BloomMia Bloom, of a Professor of the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, told Vice news that the recent epidemic of female suicide bombings in Nigeria could have been carried out by the kidnapped schoolgirls of Chibok.  Speaking as to why the girls might be acting in this way, she said “either because of brain washing, or because Boko Haram has humiliated them sexually, like with rape, so that there’s no option but to become a suicide bomber because of the honor code in place in traditional Nigerian societies”

The idea that female suicide bomber can be feminist in nature and not the total degradation of the female soul is absolutely absurd to rational people. However, modern day feminists seem to fall short of any kind of rationality. According to that same Bryn Mawr paper entitled “Feminism and  Female Suicide Bombers” as long as it is chosen using their free agency it can be a form of feminism. Since female suicide bombers often live in areas of the world where their very movements are controlled by men, being a female suicide bomber can show “discontent with the status quo.” The general idea is suicide bombing in itself is just an extreme form of political activism.

female suicide bomberSuch a notion is clearly insane and shows no bearings of lucidity. Suicide bombings are no more political activism than eating gay men was Jeffrey Dahmer’s  display of love for the gay community. While feminism started out as a peaceful movement it has gotten increasingly dark and violent over the years from abortion to euthanasia and now female suicide bombers, so it is no surprise they have not lent their voice to eradicate this problem.

In the meanwhile, while  feminists are trying to say that female suicide bombing is some golden age for women, a source of empowerment, innocent people are dying. Including women and children who didn’t consent to be killed by a suicide bomber. In the feminist deluded thinking process, the victims do not matter, only the intentions of the female suicide bomber. Boko Haram is not NOW, nor is it even Planned Parenthood with their constant killings as well. At least, Planned Parenthood keeps its killers alive. Boko Haram is about the slaughter of the innocent including the female suicide bombers.

So far in October, over 241 people have died from about 12 Boko Haram attacks. Most of the operatives on these suicide missions are young girls who are between nine to 17years of age. [Emphasis mine] Boko Haram has ramped up its strategy of using women in suicide bombing missions.

The same article  goes on to say while other jihadist organizations have used women in their suicide bombings, Boko Haram seems to use them on a much higher scale. It may not be exclusively but it is darn near close. We also need to look at the age of the suicide bombers, these are not disgruntled housewives, these are babies! Nine years old-what nine years old cares about the “imperialistic” United States and their overwhelming need to bring democracy to the world?  This is nothing more than Abortion: The Next Generation!

In conclusion, we have come to a time that destruction has become a virtue and those who perpetuate it are upheld as heroes or in this case heroines. This is not about  women’s empowerment, this about the deaths of innocent women and children. Especially those wearing the bombs.


Images sources in order of appearance:

Feature picture: Rolling Stones magazine

Teenage Female Suicide picture: Zahra’u Babangida, a 13 year-old girl arrested with explosives strapped to her body in Kano on Dec.24, 2014. (Photo: AFP) –

Mia Bloom pic:

2nd Female Suicide picture:












2 thoughts on “Violent Femmes: They’re Da Bomb!

  1. Wow. Very, very interesting article. I learned a lot. A side note, my mom, a retired LA Deputy Sheriff had a nickname among her cop peers. They called her “the Lady.” My beloved mom is no longer here; gone to soon at age 59. And I can’t begin to tell to tell you how proud I was and am — to be her daughter. I strive every day to be a lady, living with the dignity and self-respect she instilled in me. Rock on Ms. D. LOVE your posts.

  2. I am so glad you are liking my articles Lori. It was great seeing you on Saturday and you are definitely all Lady. Just posted a new one on the real gay movement. I hope you will read it and give me your thoughts on it.

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