Cecile Richards Backs Hillary Clinton

Cecile Richards picThis has to be the most bonehead thing that has taken place this whole political season and given the bluster that has come from the Trump campaign this past year that is saying something. Let’s look why this why this is so wrong on so many accounts.

  1.  It  is ILLEGAL!!! If Cecil Richards is backing Hillary Clinton on behalf of Planned Parenthood it is illegal to do so. Planned Parenthood is a 501(c)3 company. That means it is non-profit which we know is a lie but as a non-profit it is forbidden from backing candidates on any level. Because they are tax-exempt they cannot “preach from the pulpit” as it were. Now if they were a 501(c)4 Hilary Clintonthen they can back candidates and talk politically but people who donate them cannot write them off on their taxes. Therefore, the very backing of Hillary Clinton can have dire consequences for Planned Parenthood if Cecil continues to speak out on Hilary’s behalf.
  2. If she speaking out on her own behalf but not Planned Parenthood then that is just stupid. At this point, Cruella Cruella DeVilleDeVille looks like Donna Reed in comparison to Cecil Richards. People have pulled their support after the Center for Medical Progress released their videos. While she has lied and said that the videose were all fabricated and untrue. She has also tried that old line that Planned Parenthood does more than abortion and gives women services that they couldn’t get elsewhere-like mammograms. There is  a problem with that though, Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms. She is so out of touch she doesn’t even know what her own organization does. Of course, she came back later and said that Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms. She also claims health care for women will fall apart if Planned Parenthood is not funded, there is a problem with that too. There are more federally funded health clinics than they are Planned Parenthoods.


And here they are state by state:


So I guess if you are in Missippi, West Virginia or Wyoming you are screwed right because there is only one Planned Parenthood if you need a cervical exam. Planned Parenthood has all but given Southern women the finger. And DC has none but that is okay we don’t need to help the poorest, urban women in America. Oh but wait, there is about 700 other centers these women can use in the Southern states I mentioned and 54 for DC. So basically you have a woman who constantly lies. 

3.  Of course, under ordinary circumstances having two lying women having each other’s back would not be such an odd thing. However, one is running for President and the last thing you need is Broomhilda messing up your campaign with her endorsement. Seriously, what is Hillary thinking? I don’t even like the woman, nor am I going to vote for her but seriously having Cecil Richards endorse you at this time is illogical and detrimental.  This is no different then a few years ago when everyone Barack Obama endorsed didn’t get elected. Really, if you want to be President lady you are going to have to do better than a woman who is not only despised but whose very endorsement is ILLEGAL!!! Do you not pay attention?



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